Teachers Day 2022 Essay | Essay on Teachers Day 2022 For Students

The teachers are the real fountain head of a nation. They build up a stronger, safe and secure nation. The teacher is an important pillar of a successful nation.

The following essay sums up the role, value and importance of teachers in nation building with quotes, images & examples for children & students.

Essay on Teachers Day;  Value, Role & Importance of Teachers in Our Life

Teachers are the most important part of society. They are called the real fortune makers for a student. Remembering the dedicated services and efforts of teachers every year teachers day is celebrated throughout the world on different dates.

To honor their teachers Americans celebrate teachers day on 5th October while in China it is celebrated on 10th of September and in India it is celebrated on 5th of September annually. The world’s teachers day is celebrated on 5th of October.

In India national teachers day is observed on 5th of September every year. All Indians in the appreciation of their teachers arrange different activities. Specially students present their sincere wishes and prayers to their teachers and organize singing competitions, dance competitions, drama and mimicry of their loving teachers to feel them proud.

Students present cards, flowers and special gifts to their favorite teachers to show their love, affection and respect to teachers. They prepare little speeches in honor of their teachers. A reunion is arranged in various schools to make teachers feel important.

On this day teachers are given different awards for their excellent performance and work for the academic future of students.

The Role of Teachers in Our Life

Teachers are the divine gift, their efforts help brighten the future of new generation. They shapes the minds and goals of students and help bring growth in the nation. The future of all nations is the hands of the teachers.

They are the torchbearers and holy spirits which work with dedication to make young generation prosper. We owe everything to the teachers who are the building blocks of success of our kids.

Without education and good teachers a nation can’t move in the right direction. Education opens the eyes and teachers encourage help achieve what they visualize and see.

Importance of a Teacher

A teacher is indeed the most respected person of society and for a student because they render selfless services and unconditional efforts to help guide students. The bright future and success of new generation is in the hands of teachers.

In a student’s life a teacher reserves a place above than the parents. Parents only give birth and take care of their children while teachers make their future. Only teachers make children successful in their life. A good teacher can take children to unlimited heights of success in life.

Teaching is a prophetic profession. Teachers disperse the knowledge which is the most precious thing ever found. Knowledge shows us right path and enables us to differentiate between right and wrong.

Teachers are the source of inspiration and guidance to students. It is rightly said that “ The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires”. Teachers inspire students with their diligence, hard work and dedication.


Teachers day is celebrated in order to say and present warm and cordial thanks to the respected teachers and to pay tribute to those famed and well known teachers who served their whole life for the future of students and country. The aim of this day is to convey a message that every teacher is important.

All teachers are worthy and deserve respect. We can not return the knowledge that we have accumulated and gained from our teachers, none can return the bestowed blessings of teacher in a day or even in ages but we certainly can pay our gratitude to them by celebrating teachers day.

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