Essay on Life a Student | Goals & Challenges of Students Life Essay

writing about student life requires you to write thoroughly, i.e writing the stress, expectations, struggles, challenges and aspirations of a student.

In addition to that, you must note down what makes a student the ideal student making his school life, more memorable and enjoyable

Essay on Life of a Student | The Student Life Essay For Children & Student


Student life is one of most important period of man’s life. It gives you amazing experiences and beautiful memories. A student learns a lot of things about life.

It is not just a academic period in fact it is grooming period. It makes you understand true meaning of life. We learn from our surrounding.

It is period that characterizes our personality in life. Students are foundation of success of a nation. They are most important part in building future.

Students play important role in nation building. They are future of our country. Teachers play important role in life of a student.

They make him responsible and a man of good moral character. Student life is no doubt a period of immaturity but it is very important for students to understand significant of this period.

This period actually decides their future. Student should be focused on his goals in life. He should work hard to live his dreams. It is not that he should be a book worm.

Instead, it is important for every student to spend some time in grounds to keep them selves fit and healthy. They should be dedicated towards their purpose during their student life.

Importance of Student Life

It is very crucial for every student to value this life. He should not waste his time in any useless activities. It is also responsibility of parents to keep eye on company so that they may not go astray.

Teachers should also encourage their pupils to stay motivated during their lives. Teacher and parent should pay keen attention to moral values and ethics of student.

They should be taught to bring best out of them. Every student should be patriotic and eager to do something for betterment of his nation and country.

There is also a very important role of students in society. They can bring important change in society. Students should act wisely and ethically in society.

Goals and Challenges of Student’s Life

During student life, students learn manners, disciple and positive attitude to become a valuable person of society.

It builds regularity, obedience, patience and many qualities. They learn the difference between good and bad things. They learn to respect each other.

Student life builds a man’s character. It makes a student ready to cope with coming challenges of world. They learn a lot about life during this period.

Student life is a period when people are young and have a lot of energy. Teachers and parents guide them to use his high spirits for betterment of nation.

They can carve their ways for bright future. One can utilize his time in many ways to polish their qualities. Students often take part in many healthy social activities.

These activities prove very useful in long run. They provide them a chance to learn leadership qualities. Students play a major role during Pakistan moment. They were standing by their leader all the time.


In a nut shell, student life is very critical period and it is crucial for every student to give his all energy to this life by working with zeal and zest.

They should act upon advice of their parent and teachers to gain their goals and aims in life. Student life is for acquiring knowledge to the level best and then using this knowledge for betterment of country.

It is very important for every student to be loyal for his country. He should learn how to be a true patriot so that he might play his positive role for success of his motherland.

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