Essay on Moral Values | Importance of Moral Values & Ethics in Life

Moral values are the base of a strong, civilized ans strong nation. Strong moral values and ethics are very much important in life. As, in the following best written essay on moral values, we have mentioned; importance, of moral values, 10 lines on moral values, moral values in education, in social life, etc.

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Essay on Moral Values For Children & Students


Moral values means set of principles and rules which guide a person to differentiate between right and wrong.

Essay on Moral Values

Some of the great moral values include honesty, freedom, charity, courage, respect, care, sincerity and justice. A person’s character is mostly determined by the moral values that he possess.

Meaning of Moral Values

Moral values means personal believes of an individual about what is right and what is wrong. When we face dilemmas or problems then the decisions we make show what moral values we hold.

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Sometimes, people face certain situations that it becomes difficult for them to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate answers. Moral values are something that set a standard for a person to understand what action is right and what is wrong.

Our moral values have been set by our religion. There are certain rules set by every religion according to which a believer should live.

We also get moral values from the cultures or traditions of our society and also from the laws defined by government.

Importance of Moral Values in Life

The way a person prioritizes moral values depends on his up bringing. Parents have the responsibility to teach good manners and values to their children since childhood so that they develop these habits in their later life too.

When a person lives by moral values since childhood, then these values become a part of his life. These values help him to live a righteous life that does not include any wrong act. He can get peace of mind when we he is good in his actions.

When we meet someone in real life, the first thing that they observe is our moral values. When we are confronted with certain situations or circumstances then the decisions, we make during this time shows what values we have learned.

If we do not have moral values, we will not be able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. If we have moral values then we will have confidence to deal with any situation calmly and confidently.

Loss of moral values means loss of individual’s personality. Without moral values, he will be of no worth. He must learn to treat others with same values with which he wishes to be treated.A person who lacks moral values is not respected by anyone.

People always give respect to that person who maintains his moral values. They avoid the company of that person who is not good in his manners. On the other hand, a person who knows his moral values is respected by everyone.These values are the key to make a good bond with people.

Moral values play an important role in the progress of a country. People who are honest, loyal, hardworking and disciplined always work with more dedication for the progress of their country.

They are an asset to this society because they are strong enough to deal with any tough situation because they believe in patience.

These moral values define the way a person lives. If a person knows his moral values and then he will get guidance to make a foundation of his life.

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These values will keep him away from distractions and negativity. The positive feelings will encourage him to make his own choices and get the privilege to alter his life for a better future.


It is very important to impart importance of moral values in children so that they can become a better citizen.

If we want a society that is free from crimes, lies and dishonesty then we should learn the practice the moral values that are preached by our religion.

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