Essay on Forests | Benefits, Uses & Importance of Forests

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Essay on Forests, Importance & Uses of Forests Essay For Students


The area of land that is covered with trees is called a forest. It includes a variety of trees, shrubs, plants and support various life forms. A forest is considered as one of the major natural resources of any country.

Types of Forests

There are many types of forests including; tropical forest, rainforest, redwood, mangrove forests, deciduous forests, evergreen forests, etc.

Essay on Forests for children & students

But broadly, there are three general types of forest that include: temperate, tropical, and boreal. Temperate Forests are mostly present in eastern North America and Eurasia.

Tropical Forests are found near Asia, southeast and central America. Boreal forests are found near Siberia, North America and scandavia.

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The largest and biggest forest in the world is called The Amazon. It has the area of 7,000,000, 5,500,000 km2 of which is covered by the rainforests.

It contains the area of 9 countries that are: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Importance of Forests

Forests play an important role for living things on earth by inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. They have a huge impact on environment and weather. Thus, forests play an important role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The forests are magical, mysterious and enchanted. Its wildlife is the beauty of forest. Forests are the natural habitat of many species like birds, insects and animals, both herbivorous and carnivorous.

They provide them food and shelter to live as the soil present in the forest is fertile enough to make it a living place for insects.

Many trees, herbs and shrubs are found in forest which are of many uses like they are used in fuel and making of Industrial raw material and timber.

Softwoods are used for making paper pulp and hardwoods are used for making furniture or ceilings etc.Its wood gives production of paper and the rubber extracted from the trees is also used in many industrial things.

They also give many economic benefits to human beings like medications. They provide many herbs that are used for many medicinal purposes and help in the prevention of chronic diseases. Moreover, forests provide many products for human beings too like oil, wax, spices and gum etc.

Forests play a vital role in controlling heavy floods by absorbing all the rain water through their roots which helps to prevents soil erosion.

The roots of the trees absorb rainwater through the process of transpiration after which water is released in the form of water vapors. This increased content of water vapors in the atmosphere regulate the water cycle.

They also prevent global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This exchange of gases balances the atmosphere and helps in prevention of global warming.

Forests absorb loud sounds and vehicle’s noises thus preventing noise and air pollution. They also prevent dust from windstorms and reduce air pollution.That is why the land that is covered with large area of forest is a pollution free area.


Forests provide many benefits for human beings. Unfortunately, people are cutting these trees down without thinking about the future consequences.

By deforestation global warming will be increased as a result of which, the ozone layer will also be depleted. It will cause a negative effect on Earth by raising its atmospheric temperature.

As responsible human beings, we should take essential measures to prevent deforestation. We need to understand that if we need a clean and healthy environment then we need to plant more trees.

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Every human being should realize the importance of plantation of trees. Unfortunately, some people only cut trees for their personal benefits which should be taken under consideration by every government and these activities should be banned.


There is the time in today we recognize the power of forest and wildlife. All humans as well animals get livelihood resources from forests.

Trees are also living things that need care and attention.We should plant more trees to leave a healthy and clean environment for our future generation.

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