Essay on Deforestation For Students | Causes & Effects of Cutting Trees

A detailed essay and Paragraph on deforestation causes, effects and possible solutions with quotes and images for children and students of primary, High school and college level students in English

Essay on Deforestation; Causes, Impacts & Solution

Deforestation means to cut down or burn trees in forests or on land and to use land of trees for other purposes. In general it include the removal of rain forest, pastures and cropland from the surface of earth, annually thousands of trees are cut down for several other purposes. Deforestation has destroyed the natural ecosystem. Essay on Deforestation For students

Causes of Deforestation

There are many causes of deforestation, the main causes behind it are urbanization, industrialization, globalization, climate change and overpopulation.

In rural areas till today people cut down trees and use as firewood. Due to overgrowth and increasing population the forests and trees being cut and woodland has been used for growing crops to fulfill the needs of overpopulation.

The demand of food and shelter from forests have increased due to over population which leave negative impacts on forests. Large areas of forests are cleared away for the sake of construction purpose and for establishing factories and industries.

All factories and industries emit large amount of carbon dioxide which affect forests and trees.Due to climate change acid rains destroy crops and forests. Water scarcity, pollution and host of other problems have increased day by day.

Impacts of Deforestation

Deforestation is very dangerous for environment, hence trees absorb carbon present in atmosphere, excess of carbon in environment cause global warming. When we cut down trees we not only stop the supply of oxygen into environment but when trees are burned down excessive amount of carbon stored within trees is added to our environment which is very harmful gas.

Only trees can help reduce the level of greenhouse effect. Absence of trees in environment has caused global warming which is a immediate threat to ecosystem.

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Trees purify and cleanse the impurities of air and provide oxygen which is basic source of survival of all living forms on earth. Unfortunately due to lack of trees and forests our air is entirely polluted, the level of oxygen in air has decreased significantly.

Due to burning of wood of forests too much carbon is released into environment which is a harmful gas and contribute more in greenhouse effect. Trees anchor and support soil, due to deforestation the soil is eroded away in monsoon season. The nutrients of soil are washed away due to heavy rains which make soil incapable of producing quality crops. Infertility of soil is caused by deforestation.

The biodiversity is badly affected, many animals and plants have become extinct due to deforestation. Many species of birds, animals and plants seem vulnerable, if it continues to exist both flora and fauna will undergo an unfavorable change.

The abnormal floods and droughts are caused by deforestation, without trees the normal flow of water is disrupted which bring abnormal floods.

Solution; Ways to Stop deforestation

The number of trees on the surface of earth have decreased to an unimaginable extent, we all must plant new trees to Save our environment. We should enforce afforestation and spread awareness among people to stop burning forests and cutting trees.

The reverse the whole process of deforestation, the authorities concerned must formulate and enact new laws fight against perpetrators who have mercilessly bared land and have destroyed forests. Government must help protect the sanctuaries of wildlife.

The Plantation of new trees in cities and rural areas is the call of the hour because our air is miserably polluted which has caused many respiratory diseases and disorders. The forests are not provided proper water, there is need of water management so that all trees get water and grow well.

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Use less paper at home, school and offices. Paper is produced from trees, don’t waste paper, save paper to save trees. Recycle and reduce the use of wooden products. Practice co-forestry products and save trees of your surroundings. Use sustainable wood products to help save trees.

Support all organizations which are fighting to save trees and forests. Let’s stand United in order to stop deforestation and educate our new generations to save trees.


Trees are the beauty of our mother earth. We should pull along all the resources to stop deforestation and make our earth a greener place to live upon

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