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The Trees are a precious asset to life. They play an important role in our life. Read here Best selected essays on Save Trees, importance, value, meaning and message with quotes and examples for students.

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Save Trees |  Essays, Speeches & Paragraphs Save Trees | Save Trees Save Life, Meaning, Value & Importance

Trees are the natural air filters. They provide, in essence, the life to us by refining the air around us. In addition to that, they add the beauty to our environment. The world is meaningless, dull and dusty without the presence of lush green trees. The following write ups, discuss the value & importance of trees in our life

1. Essay on Save Trees; Meaning & Importance for our Life

The Green Trees are the asset of this mother earth. Trees are a blessing. They are an important asset for our world. Saving trees is as save life, save our country and our mother earth. Unfortunately, with the rapid progress in Industry and technology the green trees are vanishing.

Selected Essay on Save Trees, Their Meaning & Importance for LifeTrees are our life because they provide us fresh and oxygenated air and consume carbon dioxide which is harmful gas. Trees purify and beautify our environment. Trees provide protection, shadow food, shelter and food. Trees are the home of wildlife.

Trees control air pollution. To save life and environment we should save trees and plant new trees because trees nourish life on earth in many ways. Trees not only maintain the ecological balance but also supply medicines that prevent us form diseases. Trees give us timber to make furniture.

Apart from it there are several other benefits of trees so it is very important to save trees. They are the most precious gift of nature. We humans are destroying and cutting down trees to make roads and to establish industries. In the name of progress we humans are mercilessly cutting down our lives.

Deforestation can lead to disasters that we are unable to bear. Instead of planting new trees we are cutting down trees to develop and to make development.

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We should launch a tree saving awareness campaign in our surroundings to aware people about their importance. We should encourage people to participate heavily in such types of events. We should not engage in trees cutting rather oppose it strongly. Specially in the polluted areas we should plant new trees so that we get pure air.

Nowadays our mother earth is subject to air, water and soil pollution. This is the result of deforestation and cutting down of trees because trees play a vital role in preserving the earth’s hydro-logical cycle. Trees also maintain the water table level. Trees are our food source and all herbivores depend on trees for food. It means trees are very important to our lives.

We must make every effort to save trees and grow more trees to Save our life and the lives animals. If we will save trees we will save all life forms on earth. Trees in no way are less than God to us because provide us oxygen to breathe and help control the environmental temperature. Trees are the source of airborne oxygen and carbon dioxide utilization. We can not live without oxygen.

Cutting down of trees has increased earth’s temperature and has caused climate change that adversely affects our life and the life of all living organisms. We must save trees to Save our planet.In order to save trees we must avoid the waste of paper and try to recycle the paper. Paper is made from trees, if we will save paper we will save trees.

The world is facing a threat due to global warming and pollution. Therefore, it is essential responsibility upon us to go green in order to save earth, air, nature, our environment, life on mother earth and save humanity from total extinction.

We need to adopt some serious measures to protect trees, stop cutting trees, planting more trees and run go green campaigns. Save Trees so that trees may save you.


Trees contribute a lot to our environment and to our life. Trees provide oxygen which is the most essential ingredient of life, they improve quality of air, can help in climate amelioration, help to conserve water, preserve soil and support wildlife. Apart from it trees have a wide variety of practical and commercial uses.

Tress are both beautiful and majestic. Trees are our treasure. There fore we must save trees for the sake of our own life and for the life of our planet. Cutting trees is equal to our own life. It is impossible to imagine life without trees.

2. Ten Points/Ways How We Can Save Trees?

1. Always buy and use recycled products to save trees.

2. In order to save trees we have to minimize the use of paper or recycle it. Switching to digital technology is also a way to save paper or trees.

3. If we cut a single tree necessarily or we are unable to save a tree,we must Plant two trees in exchange.

4. No tree must be cut down for any commercial activity.

5. We should start different programs to spread general awareness among people to save trees.

6. We must stand United to stop the deforestation. All who cut trees they must be punished.

7. Saving trees  only will not suffice. We must promote reforestation.

8. Individually we all must start to plant new trees in our surroundings.

9. Deforestation has caused climate change, global warming and pollution. In order to control these issues we have to plant trees as much as possible.

10. All unnecessary constructions that require cutting down of trees and those who cut they should be heavily fined.

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3. Save Trees Save Earth Essay For Children & Students

Earth is the natural habitat of all living organisms.  The Earth is our mother and is the only planet which provide all basic necessities of life.

Trees are the beauty of the earth. The presence of trees enhances the span of life of earth. Thereby, the environment of earth is founded on the trees. Trees are not only the ornamentation of the environment of earth but they also help maintain the balance of the earth’s atmosphere.

The earth is facing many threats. Among them all, most of the threats are caused due to cutting down of trees. The deforestation has destroyed atmosphere of earth. All living forms on earth need air to breathe in order to stay alive.

Trees absorb harmful gases present in atmosphere and release oxygen which is the source of survival of all animals and humans on earth. The presence of harmful and toxic gases in environment is increasing due to lack of trees.  Only trees can purify the environment and help maintain the balance of ecosystem. While ecosystem is disturbed because of deforestation.

Apart from it soil erosion is caused by mass deforestation. The soil erosion causes infertility of soil and production of crops is reduced. Due to deforestation the ozone layer of the is depleted. The ultraviolet rays of sun reach the surface of earth directly. Those rays are very harmful for living beings on earth.

Earth has become a ball of hot and dangerous gases.  In the absence of trees and forests the temperature of earth has increased and will continue to increase further. They are the  trees that  can reduce the temperature of earth to  reduce global warming. It is very necessary to save trees  not only to save earth but all other forms of life on earth. The ecosystem can be saved by saving trees and by planting new trees.

It is believed that trees are the lungs of the earth. If lungs of a man will fail, man will die. Likewise if trees will be cut and destroyed the earth will surely die. Trees are known as the dustbin of the waste of the earth. If there will be no dustbin, the waste will increase.

Nowadays the world is facing climate change and global warming which are mainly caused due to the pollution and waste released into the atmosphere. Among those waste and harmful gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and Sulphur that has damaged the environment of earth.

The air pollution is mainly caused by lack of trees. Man in the search of progress and development has cleared away trees and established industries and factories that has caused air pollution. Due to air pollution the survival of all animals and humans look bleak on earth.

It is duty of every individual to save trees and to encourage and advise others in the neighborhood to save and plant new trees to beautify the earth.


It is imperative to save trees to help reduce the level of harmful gases in environment and boost the life of earth. The government must take strict notice to the deforestation and stop cutting down of trees uselessly to save Earth. Those who cut down even a single tree without any purpose must be charged with fine. They must be punished so that trees can be saved. The Government must enact and enforce laws to help saving trees to save the humanity.

4. Paragraph on Save Trees For Students

Trees are beauty of the environment. They make our surroundings green and beautiful. The greenery is pleasant to eyes. Trees are the producers. They produce their food with the help of sunlight, water and air and provide food and oxygen to all living organisms on earth.

Not only humans but all animals breathe oxygen to live, which is provided by trees. They provide us oxygen and take in the harmful gases present in environment and purify the air. The purity of air is therefore the with trees only. The forests and trees are the lungs of our land. They purify the polluted air and provide us fresh air full of oxygen.

The beauty of our environment is with trees. Since they are the basic source of our survival therefore, must save trees and plant new trees to beautify our environment in order to make our survival possible on earth. Unfortunately, the trees are reduced to an unimaginable extent. A very little number trees are left on the surface of the earth.

Therefore planting new trees is a big contribution to the generations to come. All environmentalists believe that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now. Since last three to four decades men have been cutting down trees to prosper and attain progress and development. The unending materialistic pursuit of men has made all living organisms suffer on earth.

There is a Welsh proverb that “ A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible “. Man is ignorant enough to understand the value and importance of a tree. A tree can create an orchard that in turn, can give birth to thousand trees.

Cutting down a single tree is like to cut an orchard. The act of cutting a single tree is equal to an act of cutting a whole forest. As all religions of the world preach that killing a human is equal to killing whole of humanity.

Like wise we must be very careful to trees because they are living and can reproduce and can give birth to thousands of trees that we need to make a heaven on earth. Trees provide us everything that we need. It is obligatory upon us to save them. Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Therefore we need to stop plucking flowers because they are the reproductive part of a plant.

They are the flowers that make the world colorful and produce seeds in order to give birth to a new baby plant.  Thereby, the wisdom lies in saving trees to save the earth and ultimately save save humanity.

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5. Speech on Save Trees For Children & Students

Good Morning to all! It is an established truth that the trees are the beauty of our environment. They are the source of our survival. No organism can survive even a single moment on this planet earth without trees.

They are the trees that  provide the oxygen that we need to breathe. The existence of life on earth is possible when there are enough trees on the surface of earth. Unfortunately, the human activities has been causing the death of  of trees on earth.  The deforestation has become very common among people.

Though in the search of progress and development mankind has cleared away forests and erected buildings, roads for transportation etc but unfortunately he has severely destroyed the shelter of wild life. Most of the species of animals and birds have become extinct. The habitat of some very rare species have been destroyed.

The presence of different species of animals and birds are the real beauty of our environment. If they disappear, the beauty of our mother earth is rendered colorless and barren. The trees not only provide us oxygen which we breathe but also they provide us wood which we use for varying purposes.

In addition to that, they provide us the shelter and shade.  Apart from that a lot of medicines are made from trees. They are of immense value for humans and animals. Trees balance the natural ecosystem of our mother earth. They purify air and help maintain the balance of environment and regulate the temperature of earth. All the problems that we are facing have emerged due to lack of trees.

The most critical issues of the world like climate change and global warming are mainly caused due to deforestation. Moreover, the lack of trees causes soil erosion which leaves the adverse affects the productivity of our agricultural land.

I believe that trees are the sons of mother who not only serve and facilitate us but demand nothing in return. Most of the things that we use in our daily life like fruits, vegetables, medicines, furniture, rubber etc are the product of trees.

Trees are considered as the green gold of our earth. They purify our air and provide us oxygen. Unfortunately this  green gold of earth is reduced which has resulted in air pollution and other problems.

Due to the air pollution we are suffering from several respiratory diseases. Not only humans but all animals are also facing problems due to loss of trees. The world is facing pollution. Of that, the  air pollution is caused by trees.  In order to combat these issues we need to plant trees and save trees.

It is  the high time that we stop deforestation and start to campaigns for afforestation all around the globe.  It is necessary to make earth green in order to get rid of climate change, global warming, air pollution noise pollution etc.

Lastly I would like to call your attention to that point that the unnecessary cutting down of trees is a heinous act. Those who cut trees uselessly must be treated strictly. Those who don’t know the value and importance of trees, must be taught to realize the importance of trees for us.  We must teach and spread awareness regarding the value and importance of trees for our mother earth.

The current condition of world makes one believe that the trees are life. Saving the trees is akin to saving the life on earth. Let’s save trees and stop deforestation to promote life on earth.

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