Essay on Environmental Issues For Children & Students

The environment is our home. It shelters us, gives us all the resources that are necessary for living. Unfortunately, the environment is facing the issues like pollution, climate change, floods, diseases, disasters etc. These all are issues are interlinked and are the by product of environmental degradation.

The following short and long essay on topic environmental issues, causes, effects and necessary steps for environmental protection, is helpful for children and students.

Essay on Environmental Issues | Causes, Effects & Efforts for Environmental Protection – Short & Long Essay For Students


Our earth is our home. It is our responsibility to keep our environment neat and clean. We live and breathe in our environment.

Essay on Environmental Issues For Students

Our environment is continuously at risk due to human activities. We have deteriorated our environment a lot and if we continue to harm it, our environment will no longer possible to support life on earth.

Pollution is the major environmental issue causing massive damage to our environment. Moreover, ozone depletion and global warming are also major problems.

Environmental issues are matter of great concern for whole world. This matter is discussed on all forums.

Impacts of Human Activities On Environment

Humans are polluting their environment. Our environment is now at risk due to human activities. Humans use fossil fuels like coal, oil or gas for basic needs of life.

Burning of fossil fuels release carbon mono oxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These gases deteriorate our environment.

Increase amount of carbon dioxide in our environment causes global warming. Global warming is reason of melting ice caps and thus increasing sea levels and cause floods.

Smoke emitted from vehicles contains oxides of carbon and sulpher. These oxides mix with rain water and fall to earth as acid rain.

Acid rain destroys plants, animals and buildings. The major risk to environment by humans is deforestation. Humans cut trees for habitat and timber.

Trees save our environment from pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and they cause rain by evaporation.

They destroy the habitat of number of animals and disturb our ecosystem.  In modern era, industrial development is very important part of it.

Industries play significant role in polluting our environment. They release their toxic wastes directly into atmosphere. This proves very dreadful for our environment.

Moreover, industries release their used water into water bodies and cause water pollution. Water pollution is major risk to aquatic life.

Humans have made number of devices for comfortable life style but these devices are harmful for our environment. We use ACs and refrigerator at our homes.

They emit pollutants like CFCs. CFCs is major cause of ozone depletion. Ozone depletion causes UV rays to enter the environment. These rays cause number of diseases in humans and animals.

Use of plastic bags is also increasing the pollutants in our environment. The rate of pollution is very high in developing country.

Steps how to Save Environment Essay

Steps for protection

It is highly important that we take steps to save environment.  Government should make strict laws for protection of environment

We must not allow Industries to let their waste into the environment. We should plant more and more tress to save our environment.

Plants protect our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide of the environment and converting it into useful compounds.

Government should prohibit the cutting of plants and should punish those who are involved in illegal deforestation. It is also very important conserve energy and to use the resources of the earth wisely.

Apart from that, the alternative and environment friendly resources are needed to be utilized. It is important to use public transport rather than personal transport to reduce pollution due to vehicles.


We should also use lead free petrol and replace plastic bags by cotton bags. Recycling of waste plays major role in reducing pollution.

It should be practiced on large scale for protection of environment. It is very important to create awareness among public about these issues.

Protection of environment is only possible when every single person play his role for it. Electronic and print media should create awareness in this regard and every person should try to keep his environment clean and green.

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