Essay on Plastic Bags | Effects of Plastic Bags Essay For Students

Plastic bags are dangerous for the environment. Read the following essay on topic plastic bags and harmful impacts of plastic on environment. The essay describes effects of plastic bags on our environment, human health & possible ways how to reduce the impacts of plastic bags in life. This short & long essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned?

The use of plastic bags contributes significantly to environmental pollution. Due to the fact that plastic is not biodegradable, plastic bags remain in the environment for hundreds of years, polluting it greatly. Before plastic bags destroy our planet completely, we need to ban them.

Countries Where Plastic is Banned

Various countries around the world have either banned plastic bags or imposed levies on them to restrict their use. Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Malaysia, Bangladesh, England, France, Germany, Hawaii, New York, Italy, Scotland, Rhode Island, and Maine are just some of those. Plastic bag usage has been significantly reduced by these measures. Even though these measures have failed to solve the problem completely, they have attempted to do so. Many of these countries have black markets for plastic bags, and these toxins are being distributed illegally.

Why Plastic bags be banned?

Different countries have come up with strict measures to limit the use of plastic bags for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • There is a huge problem with plastic waste polluting the land and water.
  • As well as on land, plastic bags now pose a threat to aquatic and terrestrial animals.
  • When plastic bags are used, the chemicals released into the soil make the soil infertile.
  • There is a negative impact on human health associated with plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags lead to drainage problems.

Public Support 

Even though the Indian government has prohibited the use of plastic bags in many states, people are still seen carrying them. Plastic bags are provided to shoppers for a few days every now and then, but they are soon returned since the government does nothing to curb their production and distribution. Now is the time for everyone to contribute to making this ban a success.

Our responsibility as educated members of society is to stop the use of plastic bags, and to encourage others to do the same. The following are ways we can support the government in this direction:

Keep a Limit on Use

We have become so accustomed to using plastic bags that it is difficult to stop using them altogether all of a sudden. Our success in this mission depends on how persistent we are in reminding ourselves about the damage done by plastic bags to our environment and keeping a close eye on how many of them are being used. With time, we will become accustomed to not using these bags.

Seek Alternatives

Plastic bags can be replaced with many eco-friendly options. We can use reusable jute or cloth bags at the market instead of plastic bags to carry grocery items.


Before discarding plastic bags at home, we should reuse them as much as possible.

Spread Awareness

As well as advertisements and hoardings, word-of-mouth is also an effective way of spreading awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags. Housekeepers, car cleaners, and kids in the society can be educated about the environmental issues caused by plastic bags and encouraged to stop using them.


Most often, plastic bags are overlooked and underestimated for the problems they cause. These small, convenient to carry bags are not considered for the long run as people use them everyday without any thought for the results. Due to their convenience these bags are used constantly despite the fact that they are unfriendly to the environment and threaten life on earth.

Essay on Plastic Bags For Students

When it comes to carrying groceries, plastic bags are the most commonly used bags. Nevertheless, these bags are one of the worst types of bags to use because they harm the environment greatly.

They break into small pieces over time, but they cannot be disposed of since they are not biodegradable. These pollutants remain in the environment for years and contribute to land, air and water pollution.

Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags on Plants

Plants and trees are an integral part of our environment. They provide life-giving oxygen and are crucial to life on our planet. Sadly, we human beings are ruining God’s beautiful creations. Plastic bags, among other things, are causing havoc among plants.

Land pollution by plastic bags, which contain toxic chemicals, is a growing problem today. Plastic bags pollute the soil with harmful chemicals. Plant growth is hindered as a result. Due to their light weight, these are carried by the wind to different places and affect the agricultural land as well. The soil is becoming less fertile because of the deterioration of its quality. Their presence interferes with plant growth and damages seed sown in the ground.

Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags on Animals and Humans

The environment is likely to deteriorate if food production, trees, and other plants are hindered. As a result, animals and humans may suffer. As a result of plastic bag pollution, humans and animals are directly and indirectly affected.

The bags can cause the digestive tract to be severely damaged and lead to different illnesses in animals that openly eat them. Plastic floating in the air and water is eaten by birds, fish and other marine animals, and causes various diseases in them. If humans consume these creatures with illnesses, they are likely to suffer serious illness.

Further, marine animals even swallow plastic bags as they are and die as a result. Plastic bags are responsible for killing thousands of innocent animals every year.


It is vital that the government ban the use of plastic bags in order to protect our environment, as well as for us to stop using these bags as responsible citizens. In fact, the government should prohibit the manufacture of these bags so that they do not circulate in the market.

Essay on harmful Impacts of Plastic Bags 

We often carry our goods in plastic bags because they are convenient. Modern day life is not complete without them. Our experience is that the shopkeepers will often tell us that these bags are banned and that we must either bring our own bag or buy a cloth bag from them in order to carry our goods. Rather than putting a ban on these bags for our own good, the government has banned them.

Why Say NO to Plastic Bags?

Here are the reasons why we should switch away from plastic bags:

1.  Plastic is the major Cause of Land Pollution

Plastic bags do not decompose. In general, these are not good for use because they produce a lot of waste. When it comes to disposing of these bags, they present a challenge. In addition to contributing to land pollution, they break down into tiny pieces and remain in the environment for thousands of years.

2. It adds to Water Pollution

Bags made of plastic are incredibly light. These bags are carelessly littered. Wind easily blows these into water bodies. Furthermore, the majority of the packaged food in our country is packaged in plastic. Picnickers and campers throw spent plastic bags into the oceans and rivers, which impairs the water quality.

3. It affects Plant Growth

Plastic bags contain chemicals that contaminate the soil. As a result, they prevent the growth of plants and make soil infertile. This is interfering with our country’s largest occupation, agriculture.

3. It causes serious Illness in Animals

Food and packaging are indistinguishable to animals. When they see garbage bins, they often gulp it all up. Bags of plastic get stuck in animals’ digestive systems. When swallowed as is, they can even get stuck in the throat and choke. In addition, little bits of plastic that they consume from the garbage get accumulated in their body and eventually cause serious health problems.

4. It Causes Climate Change

Polypropylene, a fabric material made from petroleum and natural gas, is used in most plastic bags. The extraction of these fuels creates greenhouse gases that lead to global warming; both are non-renewable fossil fuels.

How to Say NO to Plastic Bags?

It should not be so difficult to say no to plastic bags, despite the fact that they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Even though plastic bags have been banned in many states of India, people continue to use them since they are still available on the market.

To prevent these from being used, strict measures must be taken by the government. As a matter of fact, we should all take responsibility for ceasing to use these things. Only if each of us sincerely stops using plastic bags can the ban on these be implemented.


Many studies have been done highlighting the harmful impact of plastic bags. As we all know, they harm the environment. By stopping their use, we can make our environment safer for everyone to live in.

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