Speech on Plastic Pollution [ Ocean Pollution, 1,2 Minutes Speech ]

Read a well written speech on plastic pollution for students. The  speech is quite helpful for children and students. This speech is quite helpful for children and students as it describes meaning of plastic pollution, how it pollutes our environment, ocean etc, and how we can address the issue of plastic pollution to save our environment.

Speech on Plastic Pollution For Children and Students

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to all of you! My name is Akanksha Gaur, and I will be your host today for Clean Delhi, Green Delhi. As you are aware, our school is taking part in this cleanliness drive and is trying to create awareness among people about it so that we all contribute to its success.

However, this may not be enough since I still feel there is a significant source of pollution in our surroundings that, if not tackled, will prevent our mission from being completed. And, that is plastic pollution! Plastic production and consumption are on the rise globally for more than 50 years. In spite of our government’s ban on their use and even more so due to the world’s population growth.

It is also becoming more difficult to dispose of garbage. However, in our day-to-day lives, we prefer to use disposable products like water bottles and soda cans; the accumulation of these products has resulted in the increase of plastic pollution across the globe.

In addition to being toxic, plastic products cause much damage to our environment in the form of air, water, and land pollution. It is easy to understand plastic pollution when plastic waste is strewn everywhere, such as on the roads, lanes, waterways, etc.

As a result, it negatively impacts our living environment and causes great harm to wildlife, plants, as well as human population. Though plastic is a great material indeed, we shouldn’t forget that it contains such dangerous chemicals that are unable to degrade in nature and cause irreversible damage to the living beings.

Two Minutes Speech on Plastic Pollution

Dear Members and all the loving children – Warm Good Evening to all of you!

Thank you very much for making it to the society clubhouse at such short notice, and I wish that you enjoy your stay. It is for the purpose of informing you of the visit of the municipality authorities to our society today, who carefully inspected our surroundings. It is likely that the authorities will be making similar surprise visits in neighboring countries as well. Basically, they are encouraging people to keep their surroundings clean and green. Another reason for banning plastic completely is that plastic pollution contributes to the environmental degradation of our planet.

Today is World Environment Day, which has the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Every one of us is urged to act and prepare tactically to face this grave environment challenge we face. As this year’s host of World Environment Day, we selected the theme to convey how beneficial changes can be made in our day-to-day lives, where the excessive burden of plastic pollution can be eliminated from our immediate surroundings, natural sights, wildlife, and from our very own activities.

Plastic is a useful material, but we have become far too dependent on its use, which has far-reaching consequences. Each minute, one million plastic bottles are bought globally, and every year we use up to 5 trillion plastic bags. As a whole, about fifty percent of the plastic in circulation has only one use.

One third of the plastic packaging escapes the collection system, clogging our city roads and polluting our environment. Over 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year, choking coral reefs and endangering aquatic life. It takes about 1,000 years for plastic found in the oceans to break down completely. Plastic can complete 4 orbits around the globe within one year.

In addition to contaminating our water supply, plastic has also been linked to water body contamination.  The chemicals in plastic make it toxic and disrupt hormonal balance, which causes serious harm to the body. In addition to metals, dioxins, and pesticides, plastics are also magnets for other contaminants.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that we completely give up plastic and save our environment from pollution. Encourage others to switch to eco-friendly products and say no to plastics as well, especially your children.

This is all I have to say, thank you!

Speech on Ocean Pollution For Students

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

My name is Avenka Sharma from Standard-XII (C). I am here today to talk about some very important issues that are currently making headlines in the media, namely the impact of plastic pollution. Over the past decade, plastic has been found to severely affect our lives and health. Several incidents have brought plastic into the spotlight, bringing the issue on a global scale.

Therefore, through my speech, I would like to again draw your attention to this grave concern so that we start taking our environment seriously and do everything we can to preserve it. Plastic is an amazing material that is being used daily for a variety of purposes, but it also pollutes our environment greatly. Without a doubt, plastics are the most toxic waste that sea-goers and mariners discard in the sea. Due to its inability to decompose, plastic is toxic to nature. In view of the plastic waste that is dumped along the road or by water bodies, the site appears foul and filthy.

A careless disposal of plastic can lead to negative consequences. In spite of the fact that a plastic bag may seem like a tempting jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder such as the sea turtle, plastic is not indigestible. Those animals which consume it can suffocate, have obstructions in their intestines, or even get infected.

Plastic bags can also clog a cooling system on an outboard engine. A discarded or lost monofilament fishing line can damage propellers, lower engine units, destroy oil seals, and even reduce to an entangled web for seabirds, fish, and animals such as seals. Most plastic pollution these days comes from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When blood or other food ingredients are stored in the above-noted plastic containers, the soluble chemicals slowly decompose, causing death from cancer by way of cancer, as well as causing other dermatological issues.

As well as destroying the animals’ respiratory systems, polyvinyl chloride also destroys their fertility. Mixing it with water can even cause paralysis, skin irritation, and bone damage.

Plastic is frequently used because it is readily available, affordable, and able to last for a long time. Due to these characteristics, plastics are highly convenient and a huge source of pollution. Unfortunately, this is what makes them so popular. As plastic is cheap, it is being used more and more and is being dumped more often, which causes great harm to our environment. In big cities, urbanization has also contributed to plastic pollution in concentrated form.

I want to conclude by saying that plastic is not a problem, but its excessive use can create problems, so we should discourage ourselves from using it excessively as well as encourage others not to throw it carelessly about. I will conclude my speech with these remarks. Everyone, thank you so much!


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