Essay on Say No to Plastic | 10 Lines & Short Essay for Children

Plastic use is very harmful for our environment. There is strong need we should leave plastic. Say No to Plastic should be our national preference. In order to popularize the concept of plastic free society we needed to take strong measures.

The following short & long essay on Say no to Plastics, Plastic use, importance, importance in our daily life etc. This essay is helpful for children & students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th level students in 100,120,150,200,300 plus words short & long essay for students.

Essay on Say No to Plastic | Plastic Ban, 10 Lines & More Sentences For Students

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material which cannot be decomposed. Unfortunately, now it has become an essential and constant element in our lives.

Essay on Say no to Plastic

The irony is that even after knowing the harmful effects of plastic, people are using it on regular basis. It is a threat to living things and environment.

Therefore, essential steps should be taken to reduce its consumption and lessen its harmful impacts on environment.

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Effects of Plastics on Environment

Now a days, we are surrounded with plastic. It is used to pack or cover everything. Though it seems easy to carry items in a plastic bag but throwing plastic in garbage after its usage is extremely harmful as it is non-degradable.

Every type or quality of plastic is injurious to health. The chemicals used in plastic are resistant to degradation, that is why, it is difficult to get rid of it. Even if we burn it, then it will release harmful chemical particles in air which can cause air pollution.

Main disadvantage of plastic is that it cannot be decomposed. It can neither melt in water nor decompose in soil, that is why a plastic bottle or bag can remain in a land for hundreds of years.

The plastic that has been in environment for all these years converts into micro plastics. These micro-plastics are consumed by animals.

These animals are consumed by larger animals and through consumption of these animals, the particles enter the bodies of human beings. This increases the risk of cancer in humans.

Plastic is also the main reason of soil infertility. Since its non-degradable so it mixes with soil and does not allow water to pass through. Moreover, plastic is also a threat to marine life.

Our oceans are filled with plastic junk which is affecting marine life dangerously. Marine animals consume this plastic and it gets stuck in their throat. Moreover, the consumption of plastic is also affecting the physiological structure of these animals.

People also heat food in microwave in plastic boxes which causes release of harmful toxins which get mixed in food. When they eat this food, it increases their risk of getting many diseases like cardiac problems, cancer and asthma.

Unfortunately, people are okay with this situation. They do not care as long as their houses are clean. They throw wrappers and plastic bags on streets for sweepers to clean their mess.

If sweepers lack somewhere in their duty then all people do is sit and complain about how government is not making the city clean. Due to this irresponsible behavior, drains get filled with junked plastic and get clogged.

Steps; How to Stop Plastic Use

Plastic pollution is extremely dangerous for environment. Therefore, it is high time to take this issue seriously and take essential steps to fight against it. Following are some ways to replace the use of plastic:

  • Instead of plastic bags, we should promote the use of paper bags. We can also put a basket in our car into which we can fill our shopped items. These paper bags are so easy to make at home.
  • It is our moral duty that if we find any plastic litter in our streets then we should throw it in the dustbins so that it does not get eaten by stray animals.
  • Public awareness is very important to educate the people about the harmful effects of plastic.
    Government should also take strict actions to ban the production and use of plastic bags.


This is our country and it is our responsibility to take care of the mess which is a threat to this country. If we prevent the use of plastic in our daily life like a responsible person then there will less junk floating in our country.

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