Essay on Junk Food & Its Harmful Effects For Children & Students

The Junk Food is quite dangerous for health. Unfortunately, its harmful impacts are being ignored far and wide. That’s why we have been witnessing major health disorders around.

The following essays on topic Junk Food discusses the harmful impacts of Junk food and stresses the importance of having natural organic food for healthy life.

Essay on Junk Food & Its Harmful Effects on Our Health 

Junk food is defined as the food which is harmful to our health, all foods which are unimportant to our body are called junk foods. The foods which have very little nutritional value are called junk foods. Junk food lack Fiber, contains more sugary or salty components and are highly saturated in fats.Essay on Junk Food & its Impacts For Students

The consumption of junk foods is increasing because they are tasty to eat and easy to cook. All fast foods like pizza, noodles, burgers, French fries and chips are junk foods.

Junk food contains low level of nutrients and dietary fibers which are very essential for good health. The best substitute of junk food is leafy green vegetables and fruits.

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Impacts of Junk Food on Our Health

Our new generation is addicted of eating junk foods which destroy their health. The research and study shows that junk food leaves negative impacts on our health.

Parents must discourage their kids to consume fast foods because these junk foods leave ill effects on their health. The most deadly impact of junk food is overweight or obesity. The high concentration of fats and sugars makes man obese which is very dangerous for health.

Though these foods taste good but contain no nutrients. Along with obesity it also cause kidney failure, diabetes and high blood pressure. Obesity is the cause of imbalance in hormones of body and gives birth to many chronic diseases.

One who consumes more fast foods he or she become victim of nutritional deficiencies which result in cardiovascular diseases because junk food contain more cholesterol and fat which cause disorder in heart and circulation of blood. It clogs in arteries and cause heart attack. Oily junk foods are enemy of your heart.

Junk foods contain high level of carbohydrates which for the time being satiate your hunger but it makes man inactive and lazy. Avoid eating junk food because it affects your health bit by bit and weakens your activity.

It is digested very hardly, much of energy of body is used in the digestion of fast foods. Level of oxygen is reduced when one eats junk food, due to reduction of oxygen level in body our brain start functioning poorly. Excess of fast foods damage liver and kidneys too, both are vital organs of body.

Junk foods contain zero amount of fiber which disturbs stomach, affects digestive system and cause constipation which is root cause of several other diseases.

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Junk food doesn’t posses required level of energy, all fried packed food available in market are unhealthy. There is excess of sodium, sugar and fat components in fast food which leave negative impacts on our health.

Many diseases are caused by poor nutrition like diabetes, obesity, kidney failure etc, junk food posses no useful nutrient. Intake of junk food is slow poison which sooner or later affect our health.

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