Essay on Environmental Protection For Students

Environmental Protection is the need of today. The following essay is written on topic environmental pollution. It explains the importance of environment, causes and impacts of environmental pollution to our earth. The essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay on Environmental Protection For Students

Life on Earth depends on a healthy environment. There are visible signs that it is deteriorating. Yet, there has been no noticeable change in our lifestyle to prevent the condition from getting worse than it is now. Putting a strain on the environment through things like working in factories, commuting in fuel-powered cars, and using air conditioners has become an essential part of our everyday lives. The amount of energy we use is essential and cannot be replaced. Following is a reality check of how we contribute significantly to environmental degradation despite knowing how important it is to protect the environment & wildlife


Humans are overpopulating many parts of our planet. This means there are more demands and less supply. The result is an imbalance in the ecosystem, and the habitats of birds and animals are destroyed, thus threatening human survival. Also, this leads to an increase in fossil fuel consumption and its harmful effects on the environment.

Population growth leads to more waste, so supplies must be provided at a faster rate. As a result, air and water become polluted. The pollution issue is so bad that to date, 2.4 billion people live in areas without clean, drinkable water. As a result of human activity, irreplaceable resources such as water, soil and the air are constantly being polluted. This process takes millions of years to complete. The human race is not only responsible for air, water and soil pollution, but also noise, light and radiation pollution.

Global Warming

The major reason for this is the increased level of CO2, which is caused by the increasing burning of fossil fuels. Over the past 400 years, CO2 levels have surpassed all records. This has led to a rise in earth’s temperature, which has led to the melting of glaciers and a rise in ocean levels.

Non-Veg Diet:

Humans have a long digestive system like that of herbivores, but a majority of the population still consumes non-vegan food. One kilo of wheat is required to raise a chicken, but one kilo can satisfy the hunger of two people. Therefore, a non-vegetarian diet is really costly to the environment.


In order to build roads and houses, land must be cleared for deforestation. This destroys the habitats of wild animals and birds. The carbon dioxide level rises because no trees are available to absorb the gas, causing global warming.

Excess Usage of Useless Commodities:

We use luxury commodities like leather shoes, belts, jackets and belts made from animals’ skins for vanity’s sake without considering the impact on the animals. Because of this, animals suffer, while we adorn decorative items made from their nails and tusks.


Human activities are in charge of destroying the environment and eradicating humanity, so we know how to do that. We must acknowledge and understand the importance of protecting our environment and take action.

Short Essay on Need For Environmental Protection

In the last several decades, humanity has systematically degraded the resources and environment of the mother earth in the name of technological development. While we are on the way to increasing our standard of living unknowingly, we are hampering it further. As a society, we have come so far that we no longer need to debate about better living, we can now just live.

Nature has an amazing ability to revive itself when subjected to changes made by natural and manmade factors, but it too has a saturation point, and perhaps we have crossed that already. We have damaged it beyond repair. In addition to deforestation, we have impregnated the water resources with hazardous wastes to the point that they cannot purify the water further on their own. The soil has degraded to a point where it is no longer cultivable. There are too many problems to count, and a perfect solution has yet to be found.

It is already too late and we have gone too far. We won’t have tomorrow to repent if we don’t start working now. It is no longer just about protecting the environment, but about preventing us from getting into more danger. Now is the time to make amends with nature in order to extend the time we can live on Earth for few more centuries.

Therefore, it is amply clear from the facts above that the survival of humanity lies in the fact that we collectively contribute to the cause of protecting our environment. It is a collective issue that needs to be addressed from a developed country to the developing or underdeveloped one. The highly developed countries should not remain in illusion that the environment is purely an underdeveloped world issue! No, together we can survive, if we collectively work to nip this issue in bud.

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