Essay on Plastic Pollution | Short & Easy Essay For Students

Read the following best written essay on topic plastic pollution for students.  The essay explains the dangerous impacts of plastic pollution and the ways to address it. This short and long essay is quite helpful for children and students

Essay on Plastic Pollution | Causes & Effects 

As plastic pollution has become a major concern for the environment in recent times, it will likely worsen in the coming years. Many factors contribute to this type of pollution, as do the adverse effects.

Causes of Plastic Pollution

1. Economical and Easy to Use: One of the most widely used materials for constructing containers, bags, furniture, and many other things is plastic. Plastic is economical to manufacture and can be easily molded into various forms. As a result, the use of plastic goods has increased plastic waste, which is a cause of plastic pollution.

2. Non-Biodegradable:  In an effort to reduce plastic waste, which is increasing by the day, we are using less and less soil and water. The chemicals remain in the environment indefinitely, adding to air, water and land pollution.

3. Plastic Breaks but Doesn’t Dissolve:  Bags, bottles, and other items made from plastic break down into tiny particles, which make their way into the soil and enter the water, causing plastic pollution.

Effects of Plastic Pollution

The following are examples of how plastic pollution affects life on earth and the environment:

1. Pollutes Water:  Plastic waste enters our rivers, oceans, and seas, polluting them. This water is then delivered to our homes and workplaces. Even after filtering, the water will never return to its pure form, and thus has adverse effects on our health.

2. Pollutes Land:  Many plastic bags and other small plastic particles are dumped in landfills. Wind carries them from one place to another, damaging major areas. The particles of plastic leak harmful chemicals into the soil, causing it to lose its quality. This negatively affects the growth of plants. The waste on the land also breeds mosquitoes and other insects that carry a variety of serious diseases.

3. Harms Marine Life:  The marine creatures mistake plastic bags and other plastic litter that end up in rivers and seas for food and often gulp them down and become sick.

4. Harms Animals:  Plastic bags, food items, and other items found in the garbage are commonly eaten by animals. They often bleed to death when plastic bags snag on their intestines. The substances cause a variety of serious diseases as well.


The issue of plastic pollution is of grave concern. It is on the rise because of human negligence. We must enforce strict regulations to stop it.

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Short Essay on Plastic Pollution

The environmental pollution caused by plastic is due to the accumulation of waste plastic materials. The plastic we use is not biodegradable. There is no way to dispose of it in the soil or water and its effect is worse when burned. It is therefore difficult to dispose of it. It pollutes the air, water, and land for hundreds of years. A number of animals, birds, and marine creatures die each year due to plastic pollution. It is harmful to humans, animals, and plants.

Markets are filled with plastic plates, bags, spoons, glasses, etc., which are economical and convenient to use. People like to use these disposable utensils during parties and gatherings because they eliminate the hassle of clearing and washing the utensils later. Simply collect them and dispose of them. They are unaware that the waste they create cannot be disposed of easily and continues to harm the environment.

Plastics are not just used for utensils and carry bags, but also for furniture and a variety of other items world-wide. I think it’s long past time we realized how damaging plastic pollution is and decided to do our part to bring it down.

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