Essay on Wildlife | Importance, Threats & Wildlife Protection

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Essay on Wildlife | Threats to Wildlife & How to Protect Wildlife


Wildlife includes all animals and plants which are not domesticated or tamed. It can be found in all ecosystems including deserts, forests and rain forests.It includes those animals or plants that are untouched by human factors and live in their natural habitat.

What is Wildlife

We should feel proud that India is the country which has 2000 species of birds that is three times greater than the amount of birds in whole America. Birds like Indian horn bill, eagle, himalyan monal, peacock, sarus crane are also found here.

Essay on Wildlife For students

There are different families of cat like Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard and clouded leopard. There is also a variety of mammals in India like monkeys, Himalayan musk deer, Indian rhinoceros, Indian elephant, Himalayan blue sheep, sloth bear, wolves and snakes.

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Some wild animals have also become a symbol of their countries. For example, Bengal tiger represents Bangladesh, Panda represents China, Kangaroo represents Australia, Kiwi represents New Zealand, Elephant represents India and Bald eagle represents United States.

Importance of Wildlife

We can understand the importance of wildlife by this that even if one species of wildlife gets extinct then this will cause disturbance in whole food chain.

Wildlife maintains a balance in ecosystem.For example, trees consume carbon dioxide from atmosphere and supply us fresh oxygen.

The wild birds help to control the increasing population of insects. They also keep the environment clean by engulfing the dead bodies animals.

Wildlife is our national wealth and this world would be unattractive without them. From economical point of view, it also plays an important role in increasing tourism in any country which causes great benefits on country’s economy. Our tigers, black buck, elephants, wild deer, bear and lions attract so many foreign tourists.

Many medicines like aspirin, morphine and penicillin are derived from different animal species. These medicines have proved to be helpful in prevention of many heart diseases and neurological problems.

Even the smallest species of animals play an important role in the process of pollination. Many insects and animals contribute in transferring pollen from one flower to another.

The reduction in the number of these species means that there will also be a reduction in the process of pollination and growth of crops.

Threats to Wildlife

Unfortunately, there are some people who hunt these animals for their personal gain. Due to greed of these people, many species of animals are going towards extinction.

Till now, more than 200 species have become extinct because of this greed. Wild animals are being hunted for their teeth, bones, skin and meat. This is causing a disturbance in balance of nature and ecosystem.

Deforestation is another cause of wildlife extinction. People are destroying the natural habitat of these animals by cutting down trees for the purpose of building dams, highways and towns.

Forest fires, shortage of food and global warming are some of the other reasons that are also contributing to the extinction of many rare species.

Wildlife Conservation/Protection

There are so many beautiful creatures on this Earth that are created by God. The best thing that we can do is to protect these small creatures from extinction. Government should take essential measures to prevent our wildlife.

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It is also important to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife so that people can understand that how lucky we are to have such rare and precious wild species in our country.


Wildlife is important for the beauty, economy, ecology and survival f nature. We need to understand that wildlife is equally important like any human life.

It is an important part of our national heritage. If essential steps are not taken then wildlife will be completely wiped out from this land. Therefore, it is our duty to preserve wildlife for our future generation.

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