Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees | Importance of Planting Trees

Trees are very beneficial for our life. For this, we have written an essay on benefits of planting trees for children and students. The essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees | Importance of Tree Planting Essay For Children & Students

Trees and plants make the earth worth living. Without trees, we could not imagine life on the planet. It is important to plant trees because they provide oxygen to life and absorb carbon dioxide from animals. The trees we have around us provide not only oxygen but also fruit, wood, fibre, rubber, a refuge for animals, and protection from pests like bees and butterflies. Therefore, we need to grow plants to ensure the future of successive generation.

Trees Boost Health

Trees offer a number of health benefits, but this is the most significant one. Trees boost our health in numerous ways. Here is a brief look at how they impact our health positively:

1. Reduce the Effect of Pollution

Trees reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as other toxic gases emanating from vehicles and industries. So planting more trees helps reduce pollution. Planting more trees results in less pollution. Furthermore, trees reduce air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution as well. An environment without pollution is definitely more healthy.

2. Provide Medicines

Some trees and plants such as white pine, silver birch, and aloe vera are known for their medicinal properties. There are trees whose barks are medicinal, while others are known for their leaves and fruits. These trees can yield a variety of medicines to prevent and treat various illnesses. With the increasing demand for such medicines, it is important to grow more such trees.

3. Burst Stress

We can be rejuvenated instantly by spending time under a tree or sitting in the grass under a green tree.There is a relaxing effect on our senses and a burst of stress from the sound of the birds chirping, the rustle of the leaves in the wind, and the smell of the leaves and flowers on the trees. In addition, hugging trees is also said to provide stress relief, leading to a reduction in the physical and mental symptoms of stress.

4. Offer Natural Healing

A natural healing property of leafy trees, gushing streams, and green valleys is that they offer fresh air to breathe, as well as a calming effect on the human spirit. For this reason, hill stations are recommended as a recovery destination for people suffering from illnesses. In addition, it is said that those who remain in touch with nature are more likely to suffer from diseases. Their healing time is also faster than that of those who remain shut in artificial urban environments.

Trees: Essential for Our All Round Development

Plants and trees are essential for a person’s overall development. If a place does not have trees, it appears sad, while a place surrounded by trees becomes vibrant and attractive as a place to live or visit. We need trees to keep fit physically, but trees also benefit our minds. Trees are calming to our minds and this calmness will help us be more patient. Someone with patience can take better decisions and cope with various situations.


We should plant more trees to make this world a better place to live. We should encourage others to do the same.

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