Essay on My School Picnic [ 10 Lines Short Essay & More Sentences ]

The first school picnic is a wonderful experience in every student’s life. Read the following written essay on topic my school picnic for children and students. The essay explores the points, importance of school picnic for students.

My School Picnic Essay For Students

When I was in standard 3rd, my school organized a picnic to Kamla Nehru Zoo, which is located near Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad. My father and I went to the nearby store a day before the picnic to buy snacks. I was very excited about the picnic. The packets of chips and cookies, soy sticks and chewing gum I bought were tasty.

My School Picnic to Zoo:  On this one occasion, I probably packed my things up the previous night, obviously so that I wasn’t late for the picnic. In the morning I made a conference call with my friends. We talked about how excited we all were for our picnic. We decided when we would catch up the next day.

Even though I couldn’t sleep until late at night, I got to school at 7am, half an hour before reporting time. The team was divided into pairs based on roll numbers, and I was paired up with Manan, whose number was right next to mine. After traveling the road for a couple of hours singing, dancing and playing, we arrived at the zoo. After receiving ice cream when we arrived, we were eager to see the animals.

To begin with, we checked out the bird section, which had many diverse and beautiful species of birds. Some of the birds we saw include kingfishers, toucans, albatrosses and hornbills. Toucans have a distinctive black and yellow colouration, and kingfishers have bright colors. We also saw deer, hippopotamuses, foxes, wolves, alligators, crocodiles, wild asses, yellow python snakes, bears, and many more. But our favorite ones were still there, so we visited them after lunch.

Finally, after lunch, it was time to see the fastest animal in the world, the cheetah, as well as the national animal, the tiger and the king of the jungle, the lion. We also saw jaguars and leopards. The teachers decided to take us to Kankaria Lake after we were finished at the zoo around 3 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful place.

It was almost 5 when we finished the train ride, so it was time for everyone to leave for home. After counting the number of students, we found out one kid had been missing from class. However, after 10 minutes of searching, the teachers finally found Hussain, the lost student.

Conclusion:  These small things might seem insignificant today, but when I remember back, I realize how much they meant to me when I was younger.

My School Picnic Essay for Class 4,5,6

I’ve always loved going to amusement parks for a day out. I was pleased to learn that the school picnic for this year would be held at Essel World. Because it was our tenth grade year, it meant so much to us. It may have been our last year together. I will be in a different stream from my friends next year. As we bid goodbye, we hoped we would have many happy memories to carry around.

Picnic Experiences at Amusement Park:  Whenever I have a picnic, I always have a sleepless night. My dreams of how amazing picnic would be always kept me up late before picnic. We played dumb charades and truth and dare to kill time during the long walk from school to the amusement park.

 Buses dropped us off at a place where we had to board a boat to get to the amusement park. Our boat provided a great view of the Shot-N-Drop ride. There was a lot of shouting from people enjoying the ride, and it was thrilling to be on the boat. We had to make the most of our day, as it may be our last one with our people. Our team jumped into the park as soon as possible to get the most out of it.

Even though I can’t remember all the rides we had been on, I still remember going from side to side on the ride named thunder. I remember the thrill and fear I felt when we were falling during Shot-N-Drop. I remember the goose bumps we got when Top-Spin whirled us around. We laughed stupidly when our cars ran into other cars. Our memories will never forget that moment when we finally reached the end of Alibaba’s mirror maze, turning to the tingling sensation when that cold water splashed upon us when we finally made it out.

Our memories will always include the happiness found in the simplest things in life: laughing when we played pranks on our fellow classmates, observing their momentary anger after being pranked, seeing their tired but happy faces as the day ends and many more such tingling moments.

Conclusion:  I and all of us will always treasure the memories of this day. It would be wonderful if I could relive that moment with those people again, but I still wish it could be done.

Short Essay on My School Picnic 150 words

When the school picnic for this year was announced in class on the first day after first term exams, it was the first day after first term examinations. After that, everyone was elated. A picnic was planned for the forest of Jambugdhoda at Vananchal resort this year. My group and I have never had a problem with permission from our parents, so the announcement was no problem for us.

It was a cold winter morning, and the school bus left at seven o’clock in the morning. As we played fun games with classmates on the way to the resort, the almost two-hour journey felt like a matter of minutes. We all arrived at the resort around 9 a.m. and were given welcome drinks. After that, we went on a nature walk and saw a variety of trees and birds. The picnic’s most exciting part came after the nature walk.

Definitely! There was time at the pool, but unfortunately it couldn’t last the entire day. When you’re at the pool, no matter how long you’re there, you can never get enough time. We enjoyed lunch, then some fun activities such as zip-lining and rappelling. We didn’t even notice that the day was over since it passed so quickly. I will always cherish this day.

10 Lines & More Sentences on My School Picnic

  1. Like every year School Picnic, our School organized a Picnic to water Park this year. 
  2. Out of fun and excitement everyone looked happy  
  3. The class was divided into groups of ten students each, with a group leader or captain. 
  4. At 10 am, we arrived at our destination and had 30 minutes to collect our swimsuits, take a shower, and get ready for the real fun
  5. There were many water rides at the Water Park, including the lazy river, Amazon, free fall, loophole, etc.
  6. Lunch was delicious Punjabi food with gulab jamun for dessert. 
  7. After that, there was an artificial waterfall and a wave pool.
  8.  Our tour ended at 5pm, and we reached our school by 8pm.
  9. We were all exhausted by the end of the day so I don’t remember much of the return trip. 
  10. Our legs were hurt because we had climbed a lot of steps to proceed on the slides. 
  11. Everyone on the bus was asleep because they were so exhausted.
  12. It was a day well spent and a wonderful part of my school memories.


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