Essay on Apple | My Favorite Fruit Apple 10 Lines & More Sentences

While eating apple, I thought, a moments, for its precious benefits. Apple is really wonderful, delicious and tasty fruit. I have tried to write Essay and Paragraph on Apple; 10 sentences about apple, 5 sentences and more lines on apple for kindergarten children.

These all, essay, short note and paragraph on apple tree is very helpful for students.

Essay on Apple | My Favorite Fruit Apple Essay, 10 Lines & More Sentences

An apple is a very sweet and delicious fruit. It is that kind of fruit which everyone likes to eat.Unlike some fruits, apples are easily available to everyone in every corner.

It is a common fruit that is consumed all over the world.It is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The nutritional importance of this fruit can be assumed from this phrase.

Essay on Apple

It means that eating an apple everyday ensure a healthy lifestyle, a life that is free of sickness. Many doctors suggest their patients to eat apples on regular basis.

Apples are very useful and a good source of vitamin. It is a pome fruit which means that has a core of several small seeds surrounded by a tough membrane.

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Importance of Apple Essay

Apples are available in variety of sizes. It is found in different colors including green, red and yellow. Green apples are also known as raw apples.

They usually grow in winters and mostly in hilly areas like Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Kashmir produces around 80% of total production of apples in India. Some of the best varieties of apple found in India are Opal apple, gala apple and cameo apple.

Apples are enriched in proteins, iron and calcium. As soon as we cut an apple and leave it for some time then we will find its layers getting brown which is a clear sign that it is enriched in iron.

They are also a good source of fibers and antioxidants. The best time to eat an apple is in the morning, when stomach is empty.

We can eat it as a whole except its seeds and the big middle part. We can eat apple as raw in general or we can made it into varieties like apple pie, apple cake or apple sauce.

There are small seeds inside apple and we can also grow apple trees in our garden with these seeds. However, the trees need proper distance because they are big in size.

If treated properly, an apple tree can bear fruits for a time period of thirty years. Apples are very juicy but the seeds are poisonous.

It is very easy to chew an apple or extract its juice. Its jam is also very tasty and now apple jams are easily available in market. It is very easy to prepare this jam at home too. It is not very pricey and everyone can easily afford it.

10 Lines & More Sentences on Apple

There are so many benefits of apples:

  1. Apples contain soluble fiber which lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  2. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects also help to prevent cancer.
  3. Apple skin can help to regulate immune system.
  4. Eating apple on daily basis helps to remove toxins from body.
  5. Apples are rich in calcium which makes our teeth stronger. They reduce tooth decay decreasing the level of bacteria.
  6. It is also good for diabetic patients because it controls calories in our food.
  7. Apples have tendency to slow down signs of aging and reduce risk of many diseases.
  8. One medium apple can fill up for 100 calories so it is clear that apples help with the weight loss.
  9. Apples help to prevent lung disease.
  10. Apples maintain healthy balance and relieve liver.
  11. Apple juice also helps to prevent the decline of neurotransmitters that are involved in memory process.
  12. It also helps in relieving joint pain.

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An apple is a healthy and tasty fruit. If one wants to eat healthy food then apples are an excellent choice. We should also develop a habit of eating apple daily to live a healthy life.

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