Essay On Car For Students | 10 Lines & More Sentences

The car is an important and very beautiful part of our daily life. We use for multiple purposes. Read, Essay on Car for children & students, few lines, 10 lines & more sentences on car, car sentences for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5th class students.

Essay On Car, 10 Lines & Short Essay On Car For Children

A car is a means of transport which has four wheels, windows and ac. It has five comfortable seats on which people can easily go from one place to another. It needs diesel, petrol or CNG to move.

History of Cars

A car which is used as a means of transport has come a long way. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot from France was the first person to invent automobile which had three wheels in 1769. It was heavy in size and slow in speed. However, the biggest disadvantage of using steam was that it required water to be brought to a boil in order to start a car.

In 1876, Nikolaus Otto from Germany developed gasoline engine which was more reliable than other types. After this, people started taking interest in cars and they developed factories for production of cars.In 1896, Henry Ford made his first automobile. Several companies were also established during this time.

By 21st century, there was so much innovation in cars production. The most successful cars were called ‘hybrid’. Now, they are most preferred because they run on gasoline and electric power.

Now there is so much advancement in cars and they offer so many amazing features. The manufacturers have installed more safety gadgets like seat belts and air bags to ensure complete safety. They are also trying to improve the materials used in the production of cars to prevent the risk of damage in car crash. With the advancement of technology, government is making plans to shift to electric cars because petrol and diesel are affecting our environment badly.

10 Lines Essay On Cars For Children & Students

Essay on Cars, 10 Lines on car for children

Types of Cars

There are three different types of cars; sedans, coupes and convertibles.

1. Sedan Cars

Sedan is a four-door, large and comfortable car which is meant for groups of people. It can hold five passengers comfortably. It also has an enclosed trunk for luggage or other items.

2. Coupes Cars

Coupes usually have just two doors and it is driven by single adults. Front doors have to be used because rear seats are difficult to access. It is not as economical as sedans but definitely a good-looking car.

3. Convertible Cars

It is a pleasurable car with high-performance engines. It also has a removable top which can be used to enjoy beautiful weather.

Short Essay on Car for Class 1 Students

The invention of cars has made transportation easier. Before cars, it was difficult for people to move from one place to another because their mode of transportation was on animal carts which was very slow. Now people can easily move around in less time.

Now, cars have completely replaced other means of transportation. They are faster than bicycles or buses.

On public transport, there are greater chances that a person will get late for his office because a public transport has to pick people from different stops. But now, with the invention of this technology,there is no need to worry about leaving early to catch a bus to reach workplace.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cars Essay For Students

Having a car is very beneficial especially in case of any emergency. One can easily reach hospital on time and save life of his dear one.

Now, we do not have to rely on anybody else for taking us to our destination. Because of cars, we can go wherever we want.

Moreover, it allows a person to explore more place and go for long drives with friends on a pleasant day.There are comfortable seats and options to turn on ac or heater in every car which gives us opportunity to enjoy every season.

Despite having so many advantages, there are disadvantages of cars too. The excessive usage of cars can cause negative impact on environment. The emission of harmful gases from cars into the atmosphere has caused an increase in global warming.

People do not take care of themselves; they usually use phone while driving or increase the speed of car to look cool in front of their friends which results in severe accidents. There are huge traffic jams on roads due to which people get late for work.


No doubt,the invention of cars has greatly improved our modern life but one must be attentive while driving. One should make correct use of car and avoid rash driving.

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