Paragraphs on Traffic Jam | Traffic Problems, Causes, Impacts

The traffic jam is one of worst issue being faced all across the world in big cities. The following Short essay & Paragraph discusses the traffic Jam, its underlying causes and possible ways how to solve traffic Jam issues. The essay is equally beneficial for children & Students of primary, high school & College level students.

Paragraph on Traffic Jam; Causes, Impacts & Solution

A heavy rush of vehicles on roads specially near bus stops, railway crossing, schools and colleges during morning and noon time and near big markets and malls is called traffic jam. It has become common problem in our day to day life.

Paragraph on Traffic Jam for Children and Students

In urban areas where there are plenty of vehicles, there this issue is getting worse day by day. The number of vehicles in cities is increasing which result in traffic jams.

The crowd of vehicles at one place where movement become impossible is also known as traffic jam.

Causes of Traffic Jam

The number of vehicles has increased due to increase in population. Two to three decades before there had been little population and there was little traffic jam.

As the population has increased it has increased many issues and traffic jam is one of them. As compared to increasing population there are no proper facilities provided which cause traffic jam.

Second cause of traffic jam can be the narrow roads. The roads are nit spacious enough to accommodate traffic. Lack of spacious roads is also a cause of traffic jam in big cities of the world. Where there roads are not developed there traffic jam become common.

Thirdly, the traffic jam is caused due to violation of law in the country. People violate traffic laws which cause traffic jam. It is often caused by overtaking vehicles when one driver tries to overtake another which result in traffic jam. All vehicles stop and become a crowd or traffic. Hundreds of vehicles become still for hours.  The mixed traffic on the road is also a big cause of traffic jams on road.

Impacts of Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is very serious issue in big cities. As the time is the most precious commodity. Due to traffic jam much of the precious time is wasted in traffic jams.

Not only time is killed but when work force is on the way to their work, they lose little time in traffic jam. It makes people tired people who hardly help manage their works. Much of the precious time go unproductive.

The most negative impact of traffic jam is loss of lives. The dying and deceased patients in ambulances lose their life because they hardly reach hospitals. Before reaching hospitals they die from pain and suffering in ambulance when there is heavy traffic jam. Not only ambulances but fire bridges also stuck up in crowd and don’t reach on time to extinguish fire.

It leaves psychological effects on men and causes exhaustion and fatigue. Much of the personal and professional loss is caused by traffic jams. When there is traffic jam extra amount of oil is used uselessly and with burning of fuels the air become polluted. The emission of green house gases into air result in global warming.

Place where there is crowed of vehicles, there incessant blow of horns cause Noise pollution. Sometimes minor accidents are caused in the crowd of vehicles, small touch up or bump in cars is made in traffic jams.

Solutions; How to Prevent Traffic Jam?

The most effective solution of traffic jam is to have wide and spacious roads which comfortably accommodate vehicles. There must be well planned spacious roads in big cities where there is too much population or excessive number of vehicles.

It is the crying need of time to enforce strict traffic laws and to operate sufficient traffic police on roads who should punish the perpetrators.

Those who break traffic laws must be treated severely so that people fear to violate the laws of traffic on road. Where there is frequent traffic jam there the traffic system need improvement. The traffic control system must be developed.

The government must improve the infrastructure and develop roads which are not developed and provide all basic facilities to masses so that traffic jam can be avoided. Traffic jam can be more avoided by adopting mode of public transport.

Those who don’t have motor driving license shouldn’t be allowed to drive and all who wish to own any vehicle, the registration of vehicles must be made mandatory.


Traffic Jam is the real issue of concern in our lives. Therefore, for a proper redressal of this issue we need to take serious measures, as discussed above, to stop traffic jam issues.

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