Essays on Drug Addiction | Causes & Impacts of Drug Addiction in Youth

Drug addiction is the curse. It eats out the very fabric of our society. The following essay discusses the drug addiction with its underlying causes, its impacts and possible solutions for our youth. The essay is in simple language with easy to understand way. It would surely help primary, high school and college level students.

Drug addiction Essay; Major Causes, Impacts & Possible Solution

Drug addiction is a bad habit, when one become habitual of drugs he or she uses it get desired outcome. Drug addicted lose their respect in the society, even they are cut off from their family and spoil their life.Essay on Drug Addiction, causes & Impacts

Drugs are very dangerous for health, addiction of drugs destroys the health.

Habitual drug users spend lot of money on buying drugs and they spend their accumulated wealth on drugs and when they become bankrupt they adopt illegal means of earning money.

The drugs which cause addiction are cocaine, meth, Marijuana, crack and heroin. All types of narcotics are fatal.

Causes of drug Addiction

The consumption of drugs often is observed when an individual specially youngster fail to cope up with personal problems.

Sometimes family issues are give birth to addiction of drugs. The youth throughout the world is vulnerable to drugs, mostly youngsters chose drugs to satiate their desires. Lack of self confidence is the root cause of addiction of drugs.

Due to pressure and excessive stress man often chose drugs and tries to lessen his or her stress by sing drugs. The high level stress compels an individual to use drugs. The social and personal pressure often result in smoking and drinking. It means when an individual start feeling isolated or is ignored in society he or she develop habit of using drugs.

The lack of parental involvement in child’s activities is also a cause of drug addiction in youngsters. Those who are emotionally weak they become drug addict. The availability and exposure of drugs is also a cause of addiction. An individual living in an area where drugs are available and people consume drugs there that individual will also develop habit of consuming drugs.

Effects of drug Addiction on Youth

The addiction of drugs leave adverse effects on the mind and body of an addict. It is a type of brain disease, regular consumption of drugs disrupts the proper functioning of brain.

The uncontrollable desire to consume drugs become worse day by day ultimately an addict find it impossible to control the intake of drugs.

A regular user of drug loses the efficiency of working. One who is drug addict can’t fulfill his or her responsibilities in good manner. The personal health of an individual is entirely lost when he or she become a drug addict. One who consumes more drugs often experiences anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache, sweating, insomnia etc.

The repeated and regular use of drugs leave psychological effects on an individual too. Many physical and mental disorders appear in an individual who uses drugs on regular basis.

Many respiratory diseases, heart attack, lung cancer, kidney failure, liver problems and brain damage are often caused of intake of drugs in excess. The immune system of man is badly affected because of drugs.

Solutions; How to Control Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is very hard to quit, those who are addicted they must be treated tenderly to quit bad habit. One who consumes more drugs he or she must be informed of ill effects of drugs. It is necessary to keep drugs off so that one who is not indulged in it remain far from it.

Though addiction of drugs is very difficult to prevent but there are some steps that can be taken to help stop consumption of drugs.

All individuals who are suffering from mental disorders or are victim of depression and stress must be taken to psychiatrist so that their mental illness is cured and they become able to quit drugs.

People must learn to deal with pressure and stress, the best way to get rid of stress is to handle it properly not to take drugs. There is ignorance among people, they are not known of the risk factors of addiction of drugs, they don’t know the abuse of drugs.


Drug addiction is one the gravest issues that our youths are facing these days. It brings a lot of problems in our lives. Therefore, every possible effort must be made in order to contain this issue forever.

Paragraph On Drug Addiction | Short & Long Paragraphs On Drug Addiction, Causes & Impacts

Any substance consumed by a person which is harmful to his health is called a drug. When one consume these dangerous substances regularly is called an addiction.

Users are mostly addicted in alcohol, cocaine, heroin, nicotine, opioid, painkillers etc. All these drugs are very harmful for physical and mental health. Drugs affect the mental cognition of a user, an addict can’t take good decisions nor he can retain information.

Signs of a drug Addict

The most vivid signs of a drug addict are red eyes, increased heart rate, anxiety, depression, paranoia and inactivity. Their memory power reduces, they feel difficulty in remembering something.

A drug addict can’t work properly without injecting it, he lack to properly coordinate with others. Due to drug addiction, the user become victim of erratic sleep patterns.

Apart from it a drug addict become happy and sad quickly. Sometimes they lose their consciousness, they are not aware of their surroundings and they forget their very existence.

Why Addiction of Drugs is Caused?

Drug addiction is mainly caused to feel happier, when an individual faces loss in life or fails to get something. He feel dejected, sad and unhappy.

In order to overcome this condition the individual start using drugs to feel happy because drugs contain a chemical called dopamine which induces happiness in the consumer and he feel happy. Slowly and gradually he become addicted and doesn’t feel happy until and unless he doesn’t consume the drug.

Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is very harmful, it not only destroy health but also leave many negatively influences on the psyche of the user.

Mostly drug addicts engage in reckless activities like gambling, stealing, adultery etc. Because of these activities they lose their respect and lose many relationships. Due to addiction of drugs many problems in personal and public relationships are created.

Their personality is badly affected by the excessive consumption of drugs, they stop caring of their hygiene. In both conditions while injecting any drug or without injecting it, a drug addict can’t communicate properly nor can Converse with anyone soundly.

It is observed that as the addiction increases the user lose interest in doing all activities which he loved to do. The addiction of drugs is fatal, it is a life-threatening act because it can kill a person.

All fatal and deadly diseases like kidney failure, lung diseases, heart diseases, brain damage, respiratory problems etc are caused by addiction of drugs.

A drug consumer feel difficulty in breathing, he feel lazy and inactive all the time and can’t perform any work in good way. Memory loss and speech problems affect the user’s personality.

Above all, the users of drugs become moody, hyperactive and victim of hallucinations.


Drug addiction is fatal, we must take steps to control addiction of drugs. Behavioral counseling is the most effective way to treat this disease, it is very important to have counseling with the user and motivate him to quit it before it takes his or her life.

Only the family members and friends can do this, if you find your loved ones addicted make a behavioral counseling with them and motivate them to quit it. Family members and friends can encourage them and can help them to get rid of bad addiction.

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