Essay on Money Can’t Buy happiness [ Explained with Examples ]

While, many think that money can bring all the things in life but truly speaking you may have all material things but money can not bring you real love and happiness.

Though many might argue for advantages and disadvantages of money, as everyone has got a different opinion about it.

The following essay we have explored with reasons why money can’t buy happiness, reasons, for and against. This short, simple and easy essay explains it all in easy, narrative and argumentative way that how  money  can not buy real happiness.

Essay on Money Can not Buy Real Happiness For Students


Money can’t buy happiness. Money can be a tool to buy things that brings temporary pleasure but it can’t buy permanent happiness. Happiness depicts the reflection of one’s soul, it depends upon the inner state of mind.

Essay on money can't buy happiness for students

It derives its route from internal satisfaction & contentment that can not be bought with money.
Materialism has nothing to with Happiness:

People have made the concept that having money can solve their all problems and this will lead them to live a happy life.

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But it’s probably not the fact. Having money doesn’t make you happy. Money can buy the basic necessities of life.

It may be needed to buy food, clothes, car, groceries & all other things that are required to lead a better life style. But these basic necessities are not the measure of happiness.

Wearing branded clothes, having a prestigious home & a wide car does not enriches a person with real happiness. It gives a temporary pleasure that can be faded away leaving not even a single foot step behind.

If happiness was something to be bought by money then all the rich would be the happiest & the poor would be the miserable ones having the sorrowful & saddest heart. But that’s not the case. Often poor people are seemed to have a happy life.

And there are many billionaires who are miserable & having therapy sessions.Many millionaires,stars & celebrities committing suicide to escape from their depressed, lunatic & stressed life.People are under the illusion that by making more money, they will be more happier.

But, money begs more money. It just increases our greed. In a pursuit to have more money we tend not to invest in building affectionate relationships & having a quality time with our family. Man is s social animal.

He wants to be loved. He wants to be cared. He needs friendship, he needs attention and lovable relationships to live a happy life.

These aspects of life have nothing to do with material things. Happiness can not be bought by money & material things.

Happiness is the inner state of Mind

Happiness is the inner state of mind. It comes from internal satisfaction & contentment. It has nothing to do with one’s bank balance. Happiness is being surrounded by loved ones, having affectionate relationships, having awesome friends and having a caring family.

Happiness is hidden in such little things. Money can’t buy friendship. Friends & family are not products that can be bought by money. Money can not fix broken relationships. Not everything can be fixed by money.

Happiness is the reflection of inner state of mind. If a person has half glass empty mind without wealth, he may remains the same after he gets a lot of money. Money can not change the state of mind.

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Happiness is enjoying our own company, living in peace and harmony with our own soul, and in love with ourselves.For being truly happy, we don not need money & material things.


Money is a physical entity which can buy measurable things. But happiness, being abstract in nature, can not be bought with money. Money can buy medicines but not health , it can buy beds but not sleep.

Similarly, it can buy the tools which may bring happiness but not happiness itself. Happiness is inner state of mind in which we can be no matter what circumstances life throws at us.

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