Essay on Happiness & its benefits in Life For Students

Happiness is the peaceful state of mind. As discussed in the following essay & Paragraph for children and students, the happiness is concerned with a host of factors in life. It offers a healthy life benefits.

The following essays & Paragraph on happiness will help children and students in writing a wonderful essay on happiness and how to be in life.

Essay on Happiness, Benefits & How to Gain Happiness in Life

The positive feelings or emotions that make one feel happy is called happiness. The state of mind in which one feel optimistic.

Happiness is called as the key to success and prosperity. It gives the true purpose to living.

Essay on Happiness & its benefits in life for children & Students

Happiness and joy are two different things, joy is the permanent state of mind while happiness is felt on some events in life.

Happiness is opposite of sadness.Simply it is defined as the satisfaction of mind means a sense of complete satisfaction is called happiness.

It is widely believed that one who get enormous success in any professional or academic field experiences real happiness.

Secondly happiness is often experienced when one meets with family members after long time, the reunion with near relatives, with own children, with wife or parents makes one taste the true happiness.

Thirdly happiness is observed on the face of one who enjoys celebrating his hobby or favorite event on weekends, monthly or annually.

How to achieve Happiness in Life

Happiness is something which is achieved by performing certain deeds. Achievement of happiness differs from person to person, some feel happiness by performing one deed while some by performing another deed or action.

The happiness can be achieved in following ways

1. It is an axiomatic truth that one feel very happy by helping a needy, poor and weak person. The true sense of happiness begins where our desires end. Helping someone selflessly makes one experience true happiness.

2. Living a content life also showers happiness. Greediness and wolfish rapacity eats happiness as fire eats wood.

3. To experience happiness one need to shun materialistic pursuit because often people in pursuit of mundane desires remain devoid of happiness.

4. One has to remain positive minded always to achieve happiness, as negativity of mind is enemy to happiness.

5. Present is the best time, one must stay focused on current events of life instead of remembering past or visualizing future. Only plan for future, learn lesson from past and work in present to lead a happy life.

6. Some people waste their precious time on cudgeling their mind on terrible events of past, come out of past and move on and on to be get your desired goal in life. One who stops worrying about past lives a happy life.

7. Thankfulness is sister of happiness, always thank God for everything that you have or you possess. There is none who is not bestowed tremendously by God.  God is the great just, whatever he has given you be thankful to him of all that has been given, you will always feel happy.

8. Always establish contact with those who bear positivity of mind. Company of good people also makes one feel happy.

9. One must always set a day’s work and do it with heart and soul, at the end of day just take a look at what you have done not at what you couldn’t do, in this way you always feel happy.

10. Happiness doesn’t lie outside, it is something which reside in you inside, don’t search it in worldly pleasures, search it in your inner soul.

Never feel dejected or disappointed looking at the luxuries of world, even if you are deprived of many things, forget it all, just look what you have and utilize your possessions you will ever feel happy.

11. The sorrow can never sink you in if you practice to be happy at every walk of life.

12. Remember it is something which you can’t buy with money, if it had been so, many renowned celebrities of world wouldn’t had committed suicide. It is something which come from within. Practice to be happy whether you succeed to achieve something or miserably fail to achieve something.

13. Give time to yourself because it is you who can create happiness within you.

14. Always try to be good with others, specially establish good relations with your friends and family members because relations are a supportive network which never let you feel sad or unhappy.


Life is not a bed of roses, it is both bed of roses and bed of thorns, both happiness and misery go hand in hand in life. Life is a battlefield, one has to face many challenges in life.

Only those enjoy and experience perennial happiness who remain optimistic and hope better in life ahead.

It is very easy to earn happiness, all those acts which gives you inner peace like helping a needy or supporting weak and helpless one makes you feel very happy.

Short Essay on Real Happiness For Children & Students

True happiness is enjoying your company and living in peace and harmony with your body, soul and mind.

Happiness basically comes from the peaceful state of mind. It is condition when you are satisfied with your life. It is least related to materialism and depends only on your level of satisfaction with life.

Real happiness arises from internal goodness. Happiness is state when you are contented with your life and instead of grudges and complaints against Allah Almighty, you are satisfied.

Failures and losses are part of life. Some life events are doomed to be thus we should bear all these losses with extreme patience. We should not allow the disasters of our life to ruin our happiness.

Happiness demands to eradicate all the negative attitudes from your life. We should be optimistic throughout our life and does not lose hope.

Positivity is a key to happiness. We should always treat others with positive attitude and respect. It is very important for every person to face all the problems man fully. True happiness lies in strength of a person and perceptive of a person towards life.

If a person sees brighter side of life, he will always remain hopeful. Finding true happiness is a worthy goal of life. Positive and loving relationship with family and friends adds happiness to your life.

These people bring comfort and support we need the most in our life. One can attain happiness by being human and do something for betterment of humanity.

Helping the poor or needy person gives you true happiness and internal satisfaction. Sacrificing your things for others and making their life comfortable by your little effort adds a lot to your life.

Real happiness is not difficult to attain if a man lower his needs and be happy with whatever he has.

How to live a happy life Essay For Students

We all want happiness in our lives. All his life man strives for quality and happiness of his life. Everyone wants to spend a life free of all worries and cares.

In order to live a happy life it is very important for us to be contented with every life. One should set his goals in life and put his all efforts to make them true.

Happy life demands a hard work for your dreams. One should not blindly run after worldly things. It ruins your happiness and leads to depressed life.

Happy life is a contented life in which man is satisfied and complacent. He always thinks positive and remains optimistic in every situation.

He never puts other’s down or betrays them. Being good to others is a key of happy life. Sacrificing your things and helping your fellow beings in nasty conditions  make your life happy in true sense.

Happy life is poised and balanced life. It is  a life in which man manages his time in a better way. Happy life is not deprived of problems and worries.

There are a lot of problems but person tackle them in a beautiful way by bearing loss. He does not grudges over his fate and accept the harsh realities of life.

One must have clear distinction of what can be saved or where one must not use his energy and time.  It is very important for man to be truthful and honest for happy life.

He should never betray others and be fair in his dealings. A happy life is lead by person having healthy habits of food and sound sleep.

Health counts a lot in happiness of life. In short, one should spread love and kindness to spend happy life and should have strong faith in Almighty.

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