Essay on Road Safety | 10 Lines & More Sentences for Students

Road safety means for keep ourselves safe from any possible road accidents while we walk around the road. The road safety rules teach us how to behave or act when we want to cross the road or when we are driving in our vehicle. The following short essay and Paragraph discusses in detail Road safety, its importance and benefits of following rules for children and students.

Essay on Road Safety | Road Safety Rules, Essays For Students

Road safety is defined as the carefulness to avoid accidents and injuries while driving. Due to carelessness potential hazards on road can happen which can cause deaths.  Essay on Road Safety For Children & Students

Most of the road accidents occur due to ignoring the road signs which provide information to drivers. Sometimes drivers use mobile phones which divert their attention and they meet a sudden accident which proves to be fatal to life and financial loss is exerted.

It is very necessary to keep in view the road safety rules before starting any journey, drivers must follow rules strictly to save their life and lives of others.

Importance of Road Safety For our Life

All types of vehicles such as buses, trucks, motorcycles, motor cars, cycles and all modes of public transports have to adopt strict road safety measures to avoid road accidents.

Many precious lives are lost in rampant accidents, if road safety rules will be applied the mortality rate on roads will decrease. The important factors behind road accidents are excessive speed, rash and careless driving, sudden overtaking, driving on wrong side of road, drunk driving, drowsiness, using mobile phones and ignorance of road signs.

In winter season fog and mist also affected driving and cause accidents. It has been observed that poor maintenance of vehicles also result accidents. If road safety rules will be adopted many lives will be saved and pedestrians and cyclists will also feel secured on road.

Road Safety Rules

The important road safety rules are enlisted as under.

1. The pedestrians must walk on the left side of road to avoid accident or injury on road.

2. One who drives he must drive slow specially while crossing the public places.

3. It is very important to follow road junctions and be careful enough while driving busy roads.

4. All who drive bikes must wear helmet because in case if he meet any accident brain injury is avoided.

5. Drivers must drive within prescribed limits of speed shown on sign boards of roads.

6. A driver must know and understand all safety rules of road before he start driving. A person without driving license must avoid to drive.

7. Parents must educate their children about road safety rules and teach them how to cross road. Parents must hold the hand of their child while crossing the road.


Road safety rules are very necessary to avoid accidents and to save one’s own life and life of others. Without road safety there will be chaos on the roads.

10 Lines & More Sentences On Road Safety For Students

Road safety is the line of defense while you are travelling on the road. Here are my 10 lines and more sentences regarding traffic rules 

  1. Due to the increasing number of vehicles and road accidents, it’s important to adopt road safety. 
  2. Road accidents and injuries are the major cause of death or disabilities these days. 
  3. In our daily life while traveling on the road we must have knowledge of road safety. 
  4. Road safety rules should be really taught from the school levels. 
  5. Life is quite precious. We need to safeguard it by following few important safety rules, as I mention here; 
  6. While walking on the road, be on the right side, on footpaths, to avoid danger. 
  7. Every driver while driving must be on left side on road, 
  8. Unnecessary overtaking should be discouraged. 
  9. Everyone one in the vehicle should wear a seat belt properly. 
  10. Mobile phone use must be discouraged while driving. 
  11. Everyone should drive within the prescribed speed limit. 
  12. The bikers must wear proper helmets before riding bikes. 
  13. Everyone should follow and understand road signs, traffic rules etc. 
  14. A proper awareness should be spread throughout the country regarding the traffic rules.


The road safety is therefore the prime part of our life. It’s unfortunately, that major number of deaths and serious injuries still take place due to improper following of road safety rules. There is urgent need of hour to educate and aware all people regarding the importance of road safety in life.

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