Essay on United We Stand Divided Fall [ Explained with Examples ]

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Essay on United We Stand Divided Fall, For Children & Students


It is famous old saying. It means that one need to work with harmony with other individuals for success. It is impossible to achieve success without proper unity in masses. It basically emphasizes the importance of strength of unity and togetherness.

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In order to be successful in any field, we need help of other people. People work together to achieve their goals on large scale. Team work is very important factor. It is always encouraged at all levels.

United we stand divided we fall essay for students

United efforts yield more productive and effective results than individual work. It is difficult for person to achieve big tasks alone. They always need some suggestion or help of their team members. It makes work easier and saves time.

Importance of Unity

We all know man is social animal. He cannot live alone. In past, man used to live alone. It was very difficult for him to spend life all alone. He used to spent more energy on finding food and saving himself from wild animals.

Moreover, there was grave danger to their lives in living separately. Soon, man understood that there was safety in living united. It enabled them to fight with troubles and calamities together.

Divided people hardly make success. In fact they are prone to number of problems. On the other hand, united people live in harmony. They get better chance to exploit their opportunity.

This society is based on system that runs through harmony and combine efforts. Divided people are always in trouble and they hardly achieve their goals in their lives.

Unity For Nation building

This phrase has vast importance for a nation. There is hidden the secret of success of a nation. Nation can never be successful without harmony and unity of his individual. Every individual has to work together for development.

It is only way to be successful nation in the world. Nations are not built by single individual. There is always number of people who are working for its development. The ultimate success of a nation depends upon hard work and dedication of every individual of it.

We all have seen a lot of examples in history. Divided nations are easily destroyed by foreign attack. A country can face all the dangers and problems if it is united. It can easily cope with all problems easily.

Divided nations hardly make success and are easy target of foreign invaders. We all need to be united for success of our nation.

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It is only way to make our way in this world. One should not only support other countryman but also help them in every difficult situation. It will create perfect harmony among the people.


This phrase clearly explains the well accepted fact of our life. Unity is strength and being divided leaves us to problems and troubles.

We all need to understand this fact and work together for success of our country. It is very important to give up all cynical ways that leads to division of state.

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