Essay on Practice Makes a Man Perfect [ Explanation & Examples ]

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Practice Makes a man Perfect Essay For Students

Practice makes a man perfect is famous proverb. It tells us importance of continuous practice to get your desire goals. We need knowledge and practice to fulfill our dreams in our lives.

Essay on Practice makes a man perfect

It is the best known habit of a successful man that leads to ultimate success. Practicing is very important for success. One can not reach perfection with out practicing.

Skills of a man are improved and gain perfection by practicing. Practicing things whole heartedly leads man to success.

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It is well established fact of a man life. There are thousands of examples when we see practice leads to perfection.

Practice Brings Success

Man can achieve wonders by just focusing on his dreams. Continuous practice is a key to success. All the people achieve their goals by hard work. We all know, God has imparted man with a lot of skills but it is responsibility of man to furnish his skills.

These skills can only be polished and furnished by practice. All the famous athletes of the world has gained perfections and improved their skills by continuous practice.

As famous athlete Usain Bolt said “skill is only developed by hours and hours of work. easy is not an option.” Hard work is only way to reach the pinnacle of success. One can acquire his impossible goals just by burning the mid night oil.

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All the great people have left this message for us. The achievement of success is impossible without dedication and hard work.

Role in nation building

Future of a nation belongs to its youth. Youth is nation builder. It is very important for youth to understand the importance of continuous efforts for their dreams. Short cut can never lead to long lasting success.

To be successful in true sense, we need to practice our skills every day. Man is rarely born with silver spoon in his mouth. We all need to work hard to polish our God gifted capabilities to master our skills.

Nation can only make success if its individual to understand the worth of hard work. No body can perform well by just getting the knowledge of that particular thing. One need practice to master his skills to gain perfection.

We can covert our best knowledge into action just by practicing it daily. It is secret of success of a nation. Practice is one such activity that increases will power of a individual and leads a man towards the road of success.


Practicing is very good habit and very crucial for success. It is very important to develop this habit from childhood. Teachers should highlight its importance to their students so that they develop this habit.

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It is also responsibility of parents to teach their kids the true meaning of success in life. It is well accepted fact that practice imparts perfection.

It helps us to do impossible things in life. We should make it our habit for leading a successful life and to develop our country and nation.

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