Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure [ With Examples & Explanation ]

It is indeed well said that Prevention is ways better than cure!. Prevention is the way that mean to avoid diseases rather than inviting diseases. The proverb or maxim tells us to be more aware and well informed regarding avoiding diseases. Often in school exams, or for other events, like ielts, muet, debates or speeches competitions, one of repeatedly asked essay is on this topic. In school children are asked to write a paragraph, short note, speech or essay in points on topic prevention is better than cure, in 100,150,300 words for students.

For this thing in mind, we have written a well argumentative, comprehensive essay with points, quotes, outline on topic prevention is way better than cure, for children & students.

Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure Essay For Children & Students

All of us have been listening to this old saying since childhood that “Prevention is better than cure”. Prevention and cure are two different words. Prevention means to stop a mishap from happening while cure means to relieve the symptoms of any condition. However, when combined together, the meaning of this phrase is taking precautionary measures to avoid any problem that might cause trouble in the future.

Prevention is better than cure essay

Why Prevention is Better than Cure!

Prevention means to take essential steps to correct any problem that might increase in future. The meaning of this proverb is that if a person tries to resolve the issue rather than allowing it to increase then he can prevent the intense consequences of the problem.

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For example, if we are worried about our future then we should start saving some money to secure our future. If we start saving then we will not have to rely on anyone in future.

ln practical life, if a person faces challenges or experiences in his life then these marks stay with him for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is important that he should be well aware about his surroundings so that he becomes strong enough to face all these challenges.

When it comes to health, if a person sees any symptom of the disease then he should consult a doctor immediately. If he gets his condition diagnosed at right time and then get treatment for it then there are high chances that he can prevent the complications of disease.

However, if he neglects the disease and goes to doctor after the disease is more exposed then it will cause a threat to his life. That is why, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than buying expensive medicines and treatments to cure illness.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet play an important role in this. They make us immune to many diseases. By doing this, we will not have to undergo the pain of medical treatment which can leave its effects for the rest of life too.

If there are problems in a relationship then it is better to sort out the issues as soon as possible rather than allowing them to build up and create tension among families.

Resolving the issue at later stage cannot overcome the distance created in hearts of family members during such a long time. In student life, if a student neglects his studies throughout the year and tries to learn whole course before exams in just one night then he will not be able to complete it.

However, if he studies on daily basis then he will not have to face any burden on last day and he will be able to succeed in his exams.

It is the responsibility of a country to maintain good relations with other countries. If there are clashes between countries then this can lead to many worse situations like wars or attack.

These wars can lead to destruction on a larger scale which can badly affect the lives of people. However, maintaining a good bond with neighboring countries can prevent these situations.

Through all these examples, we can understand the importance of the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” in our lives.


No one is perfect in this world. We all make mistakes in life. However, we can avoid many complications by taking preventive measures before it is too late. It is better to work and take precautions now instead of trying hard to fix the damage later.

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Following the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” can actually help us to avoid many misfortunes in life as early as possible.

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