Essay On Rome Was not Built in a Day [ Explained with Examples ]

Rome was not built in a day; This maxim relates to perseverance, endurance, struggles and consistency in life.

The following written short and long essay on topic Rome was not built in a day, explains with story, examples, quotes, images, amplification etc, the importance of consistency and struggles in life.

This Essay and Paragraph is quite helpful for children and students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9th and 10th level students.

Essay on Rome Was not Built in a Day | Short & Long (100,200,300,500 words) Essay for Students


Rome is the beautiful city of Italy. It is one the most glorified and mesmerizing cities of the world. Rome is symbol of firm determination and hard work of its people. This proverb explains the valor, patience and hard work of its dwellers for years.

Meaning of Quote

Rome was not built in a day has a message of continuous efforts to achieve the goal. Rome is an historical city. It has always attracted the people by its development and beauty. These great heights of success require labor of years.

This phrase elaborates the formula of success in man`s life. We all have dreams in our lives. These goals are not achieved over night.

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One has to burn mid night oil every day to reach his destination. One needs a lot of hard work and determination to reach his goal.

Value & Importance in Life with Examples

We all want success in our lives. People really work their best to achieve their cherished goals. It is worth mentioning that way to success is never easy. One has to face a lot of challenges in the way to reach destination.

These hurdles can only be overcome by firm determination. One has to work hard and then wait for his reward. It is very important to be patient. One should bear all the calamities man fully.

It is certain that he will be rewarded one day. Most of the people lose their heart too early. They get pessimist and stop putting their efforts into their work. This attitude will never lead to success.

One should not be impatient for success. It is very important to be optimistic on your way. One should be motivated all the way to success. It is only way to achieve your goals in your life. One cannot think of success just by planning.

We need to act upon our plans. It is very important to be determined. The will power of a person plays key role in achieving success.

Struggles, Consistency and Patience

We have dreams and certain goals in our lives. These dreams may seem impossible at times. There are many hurdles in its way. Only way to cope with all difficulties is to do hard work continuously and be patient.

We need firm determination to achieve our goal. It is only way to turn your dream into reality. There are many examples in past which motivate us to achieve the success. They remain honest and loyal to their goal.

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They stick to their dream and embrace the success. Success is not matter of days. In fact, one has to give his entire life to achieve the pinnacle of success.


This phrase elaborates the hard work, determination and patience as major elements of success. No one can imagine the successful life without it. We all need to be loyal and honest to our goals.

Continuous and determined efforts will definitely lead to success. In a nut shell, just believe in yourself and never get tired of hard work. Success is certain.

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