Time is Money Essay For College Students [ Examples & Explanation ]

Time is certainly more valuable than money. Wealth can never be the substitute of time. As explained in following short and long essay on topic time is money, for children & students, the time is very precious.

This essay explains meaning of proverb, value and importance of time, in relation to time is money, for children and students.

Essay on Time is Money | Meaning, Value & Importance ( 100, 200, 300,500 words) Essay For Students


Time is money is a famous proverb. It is used to highlight the importance of time. Time is very precious and valuable. It should be spent consciously in a right way. Productive and efficient use of time will lead us to taste the sweetness of success.

It will lead us to achieve our goals in life. We can earn wealth and prosperity by the organized use of time. Those who understand the value of time will be rewarded. On the other side, those who underestimate the value of time have to lick the dust of life.

Importance of Time

Time is money is a famous proverb used by Benjamin Franklin in his essay entitled “Advice to young tradesman”. This phrase is used to show the importance of time. Time is very precious and priceless. It should be utilized productively.

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Time is very important because it is finite. We are provided with limited time in our life. We do not know what is going to happen in next hours of our life. Time is very cruel & flexible. Once it is gone, it never comes back. Therefore we should utilize it wisely.

We should not waste our time in useless activities. Every single moment of life should be used meaningfully. Time and tide waits for none. Just the tides are flowing continuously in their enchanted pace so as the time.

In the modern era, money has become the most important factor of every one’s life. But time is even more important than money. With the better use of time, we can earn money. But we can’t buy time with money.

Money once spend can be achieved later by making more efforts. But once time is gone, no power on this earth can be used to go back in that hours of life. Therefore, we should respect the time more than anything on this planet.

We should develop proper time management skills in our personalities. Even nature through its every phenomenal aspect teaches us to respect and utilize the time in a right way.

Change of day and night, arrival of different seasons, rise and fall of sun, rotation of earth around the sun, all are showing the regularity and correct use of time. All they show is nothing but effective use of time in order to prevent chaos.

Successes & Failures in Life

Success and Failure of an individual depend on how he/she utilizes his/her precious time. Effective use of time will lead us touch the height of success. On the other hand, waste of time will result in our failure.

All the remarkable achievements that are made by famous personalities in history are due to their organized and better use of their time. Every one is provided with equal hours in their life. All have 24 hours in a day and 60 seconds in a minute.

The difference is how we use and manage these hours. A student who has to prepare for his exams is well aware of the importance of time. He knows that if he will study and work hard, he will secure good marks.

If he will waste his time in useless activities, he will be bound to fail. Students, scientists, professionals, industrialists, all individuals have to work hard. All of them can achieve success in their respective spheres of life by efficient utilization of time.

If we waste time, time will waste us. Time spares none. A rich can become poor if he continues to waste his time. A poor can be converted into a rich buy the proper use of time.


Time is money is an well-organized and proven fact. Efficient utilization and better management of time can enrich us with abundance of wealth and flourishing life. On the other extreme, waste of time will waste our life.

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