Essay on Time & Tide Waits for None [ with Meaning & Explanation ]

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Time & Tide Waits for None Essay For Students


“ Time and tides wait for none” is an English proverb. It is a phrase that illustrates the importance of time and tides in life. Both the things have a special place in the life of a person and it does not wait for anyone.

A person who takes advantage of time, time comes to him and whoever does not value time, time leaves him behind and goes ahead. Time is a great wealth.

The only person who can gain respect in the world is the one who takes advantage of time, values it and does not waste it. We should not waste time.Whether a person is rich or poor, time tramples on those who do not value time.

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On the contrary, a person who can perform his tasks and duties on time , he can spend his whole life happily. The speed of time is so fast that no fast object in the world can catch it.

Meaning of Time & Tide Waits for None

The nature offers us thousands of examples showing that everything in the world is occurring according to a schedule or at a time. For example, we see how the earth revolves around its axis and the sun on a regular basis.

Crops grow and ripen on time according to their particular seasons. If their time is disrupted, the world will starve to death. The same is true for human beings and nations.

A person who does not value time dies in humiliation. No one can succeed in life without giving respect to time. A nation or a person that does not seize time and opportunity is left behind in the world.

Explanation in today’s Time

People who learn to walk with time constantly change themselves but they don’t know how to stop time and often man gets lost in the pursuit of time.

We may have heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise in which the rabbit loses its dispersal due to a few moments of sleep and the tortoise wins the betas it moves with the flow of time despite its slow speed.

But this is not the time of “slow and steady wins the race” it is a modern era that is going very fast at that moment

. We can only succeed in this age when we will move step by step with time wherever our pace falters or when our speed does not match with time, time leaves us behind and we will be far behind.


Many people do not understand the importance of time. Then, when time goes out of his hand , they sit back and regret it. Time is a flowing river that I think is a futile idea to close it. No one has been able to stop time and no one will be able to stop it.

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I know it’s hard to keep up with the times, but we can try to be successful. Nowadays people do not value time at all.

A country whose people do not value time can never develop into a successful nation. May God help us all to be punctual and understand its importance and value.

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