Essay on Artificial Intelligence | Benefits & Threats of AI to mankind

Is the artificial intelligence is a threat to mankind? Is it boon or bane or will artificial intelligence and robotics will change our entire way of life? These are the most frequently asked questions every here and there!

Artificial intelligence is the burning issue of today’s world. In schools, colleges, in universities and in industry and everywhere we often here benefits, potential,advantages, disadvantages & threats of AI to mankind!

For this, for every exam like upsc, css, ppsc, schools, college or universities level students, we have managed to write a brief essay on topic AI, with outlines, with argumentative and persuasive opinion, essay on AI for students.

This short & long essay is covered in 100,200,250, 1000 words, in pdf, essay on topic threats, benefits and potential of AI for future human beings.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence | Benefits, Uses & Abuses of AI For mankind


We are surrounded by computers. If we look at our entire life, then we will find that everything that we use on daily basis contains computers like cars, ATMs, phones, TVs etc. In short, it is impossible to think of our life without the role of computers in it.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with creating those computer systems that have abilities to work like human beings. It is the most innovative accomplishment of science to make the lives of human beings easier.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Life

These programs were firstly written in 1951 on mark 1 computer of university of Manchester. These programs were draught-playing program and chess-playing program.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way. Nowadays, it is getting more and more attention because it offers technology which can actually work like human beings.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence For Students

There are robot computers which can do controlling, planning, reasoning and even problem solving. They have the power to judge the situations, think about an effective outcome and take decisions.

Artificial intelligence has brought revolutions in the lives of mankind. It has made our life much easier by providing solution to our every problem.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Life

Following are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in life

AI uses in Journalism

Nowadays, AI can produce articles and products that are better than human beings. All we have to do is feed the information into the systems and through AI, we can get well organized reports and articles.

AI uses in Business

AI is also doing an effective job in business field. It has saved a lot of time by introducing chat-bots. These chat-bots give immediate response to the customers like they are customers services representatives. This is done by robotic automation of human business task.

Uses of AI in Education

AI is doing a great job in educational field too. It is providing help to students in the areas where they need help in their studies.

Moreover, there are AI tutors available which help the students according to their fields and subjects efficiently which saves a lot of time.

AI Uses in Flights & Aviation

AI is also involved in the field of air transport by planning their routes and planning their flight charts of landings and take offs. It is responsible for quick check of airplane that every component is working properly. In this way, AI is giving a comfortable journey experience to human beings.

AI Uses in Gaming Industry

In gaming industry, AI plays an important role to provide us hours of entertainment and fun. The programmers design the game which recognizes their own patterns to improve algorithms.

They design the games in such a way that even if a person has no one to play with him then bot is always present in the game to play as a second player.

Uses of AI in Banking

In online banking, AI is involved in managing online transactions and also analysis of credit card system. It provides security to users by tracking down suspicious transactions and reporting them to the regulators.

Uses of AI in Medical

AI is doing great in medical field. It has made the life of doctors and patients easier through its advancement. There are algorithms which are used for detection and identification of various diseases.

An algorithm called DLAD is used to analyze the chest radio-graphs and detect the growth of abnormal cells like cancer. There is another algorithm called LYNA which detects breast cancer tumor.

These two algorithms are working very effectively and their results are 99 percent accurate and it helps the doctors to diagnose the patients easily.


AI is a very effective and efficient technology which is helping human beings in every field of life. It has brought a revolution in our life. Human civilization will flourish as long as we use artificial intelligence for right purposes.

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