Essay on Postman | 10 Lines, Short Essay & Paragraph for Students

A comprehensive essay on Postman, his life, duties & responsibilities, short & long essay for children & students. The essay is written in simple easy words, outline, heading, introduction & conclusion and covers detailed areas; 100,200,500 words essay for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th level students in English.

Essay on Postman | Duties, Role & Responsibilities, Short & Long Essay For Students

A postman is a government worker who is responsible for delivering letters, money orders and parcels from door to door. All bags containing letters and parcels arrive at a post office after which they are arranged and handed over to a postman who is responsible for delivering these parcels at his designated location.

Life of a Postman

The job of a postman is very tough. He has to report to his office early in the morning where an area is assigned to him to deliver letters. It is his responsibility to deliver all letters to his designated location no matter how bad the weather is.


He has to work in scorching heat of summers and harsh chills of winters just to fulfill his duty with honesty. Sometimes, he has to pass through muddy areas or rough roads just to serve us.

He works from day to evening and even late if all the letters have not been delivered. He remains punctual in his duty by delivering letters and money orders at our door step. Sometimes, he has to work late at night too just to deliver us telegrams.

His duty gets overburdened on festivals or special occasions where he has to work even after his official hours just to deliver us our special parcels.

Unfortunately, some people are not nice to a postman. They behave rudely with him which is not a good thing. He is held responsible in case of any missing money orders.

As a result of this, he often loses his job or a part of money is deducted from his salary. Moreover, government does not pay these people well. Even after fulfilling duty with punctuality and discipline, a postman does not get an increase in his salary. When a postman does not get paid enough, it gets difficult for him to fulfill the needs of his family.

Even after all these miseries, a postman always carries a smile on his face. He behaves well with everyone. He does not get offended because of working for hours. No matter what time of the day it is or how tired he is, we will always find him smiling whenever we open our door for him to receive our parcels.

Importance of a Postman

There was a time when people used to send messages through pigeons. However, with the passage of time, this thing was replaced by a postman. A postman wears a khaki uniform and a khaki hat. He carries a bag with him which is full of letters and parcels.

A postman is as important to this society as any other important member like a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or a policeman. He helps people to stay in touch by delivering their letters or documents to each other.

He makes sure that a parcel reaches the right person without any delay or damage. In this world of modern technology, a postman is still considered as the most trustworthy person to send personal and professional information.

What we can do help Postman?

We should understand that a postman tries his best to deliver us our parcels on time. He performs his duty with full devotion.

If he gets late and does not deliver us our parcels on time then instead of scolding him, we should understand his condition and stay nice to him. We can also help him by giving him tips that will help him to get some essential things for his family.


A postman deserves all praise and love because of his hard work. We should be nice and thankful to him for working so hard for us.

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