Essay on Water Scarcity | Water Crisis, Causes & Solution For Students.

The water scarcity is the Global problem. There is strong need for water conservation, as the problem of water crisis and needed solutions, have increased multi- fold in our present world.

In order to understand water crisis better, read here well written essay on topic water scarcity, water crisis & its solution, water conservation etc. These essay are written briefly, in short simple words, in pdf, 50,100,150,200,250,300 plus words essay on water scarcity for children & students.

Essay on Water Scarcity | Water Crisis Essay | Causes & Solutions of Water Crisis Essay For Students

Water scarcity means shortage of water. Water is something without which we cannot survive. Unfortunately, water scarcity is a huge issue in variety of areas of this world.

Water scarcity occurs due to two conditions; physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity. Physical water scarcity means that the natural water resources are not sufficient to meet the demand of country. Economic water scarcity means poor management to satisfy water demand in areas.

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Causes of Water Scarcity

There are so many reasons which are leading this country towards water scarcity. These things are:

  • Water overuse is the biggest cause of water scarcity. There are so many people who keep the tap open while brushing or washing face even when there is no need to let the water keep running for so long.
  • When the temperature becomes warmer, the water in ponds, lakes and rivers evaporates quickly which results in rapid drying up of water.
  • Natural disasters like floods also lead to water scarcity. They destroy important public infrastructure.
  • Water pollution is another cause of water scarcity. An oil spill or presence of chemical in water can make it unfit for consumption.

Effects of Water Scarcity

Population is increasing day by day. Resources are not enough for such a large population. Moreover, people do not care about these resources. Our lands are barren due to water scarcity.

There is low rate of crops yielding and death of livestock. This is also leading to shortage of food. This is affecting economy of our country. When there is no access to water then it portrays a bad image of the country.

People who are fortunate enough to get safe and non-toxic water at home do not realize the importance of water. There are many people living in villages and desserts who are not fortunate like these people.

These people who do not have access to clean water and even if they do, the water is so impure. In the areas, where clean water is not available, people suffer from many infectious diseases. This also affects the productivity of workers by causing water-borne diseases. These poor people travel to miles just to get clean water.

When there is water scarcity, people start to store water before that which increases the risk of water contamination. The storage of water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes which leads to many infectious diseases.

Because of water scarcity, many animals are getting extinct or dying because of excessive thirst. Plants do not get enough water to grow and reproduce which is a threat to biodiversity.

Moreover, because of water scarcity, it is difficult for people to keep their houses clean, take bath or do laundry. The irony is that some people do not even want to change their condition. All they do is sit and complain about how government is not making more dams.

Essay on Water Scarcity, water crisis essay for students

Solution; How to Prevent Water Scarcity

We can follow some steps to prevent water scarcity which include:

  • Raising awareness about saving water is very important.
  • Advance technology should be used to conserve water.
  • Cities should have good sewage system. In absence of proper sanitation system, the area becomes home to many infectious diseases.
  • We should avoid opening tap for longer duration while brushing or washing face.
  • We should avoid taking bath in shower. It is better to use a bucket.


Water scarcity is not just limited to one country. It is a threat to whole world. All living things need water to survive, that is why, this problem should concern everyone.

When population grows but water resources shrink then a country faces a great number of challenges. Therefore, we should use water carefully to avoid water scarcity.

2. Water Crisis Essay | Causes & Effects of Water Crisis Essay For Children & Students

Water is the most important element which supports life on this planet. It is a universal solvent which makes it an important resource on this plant.

Unfortunately, the reckless way of using water is leading to shortage of water in different areas. All of us are aware that life is not possible on this planet without water. This is where we need to understand the importance of saving water.

Importance of Water

We depend on water for our survival. It is not just important for human beings but for whole ecosystem. We also use water for many purposes like cultivating, cooking, washing, cleaning, drinking, showering and laundering. It is also used in industries, mining and textiles. Moreover, it is also used to generate electricity.

It also plays an important role in the field of agriculture. Without agriculture, we would have nothing to eat. When there is proper source of water then crops grow so wealthy.

We can understand the importance of water by this that a person can live without food for some days but he cannot even survive for two days without water. 70% of our body is made up of water which helps our body to function efficiently. It refreshes our body by providing all the essential nutrients to our cells. It removes all harmful toxins from our body.

Effects of Water Crisis

Every day we are getting closer to a dry end but people are still not realizing the importance of water. There are so many areas in our country where water facility is not available. People living there do not have clean water to drink. They drink dirty water due to which they get sick. They travel a distance of miles just to get water.

Causes of Water Crisis

Now a days, with the increase of population, water usage is also increasing. People are still not aware about how important it is to conserve water. They have a habit of opening taps for so long while brushing or washing face.

This results in too much loss of water. This is such a bad habit which should be avoided. Because of all these reasons it is very important to save water for our future generation.

Steps for Water Conservation

We do not have to make huge and unsettling efforts to conserve water. We just need to make some small changes in our daily life activities. There are so many steps which we can follow to save water:

  • We should stop taking showers for bath. In this way 200 or 250 liters of water is wasted. The best way to save water in this case is by using a bucket.
  • We should turn the tap off while brushing or washing face.
  • We should use rainwater for watering our garden or lawn.
  • It is very important to spread awareness about conservation of water.
  • It is very easy to use soapy water again for doing laundry. Therefore, instead of pouring water again and again, we should reuse water used in laundry.
  • If we need to wash fruits and vegetables then we can put them in a pot filled with water instead of leaving or washing them under running water.
  • It is important to check pipes for water leakage because even a small leakage can waste at least 40 gallons of water per day.

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There are a lot of people on this planet who search daily just for a drop of water. They even travel to distant locations just to get some water for their families.

We should learn the importance of water from them and understand that how important it is to conserve water. We should conserve water as much as we can to leave these resources for our future generation too.

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