Essay On Doctors | Role & Importance of Doctors in our Life For Students

The Doctor is an essential element of our society. It is a noble profession. The following long & short essay and paragraph on Doctor, his life, role and importance in our lives, is quite helpful for children & students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10th level students.

Essay on Doctors For Students

The Doctor has a noble profession. A doctor’s duty is to treat and cure sick people. In this profession one must have an intention of serving humanity.

This is one of the professions which earn too much respect in society. Unlike many other professions, a doctor treats people belonging to different religions, castes and creeds. Essay on doctors

He never discriminates among his patients nor ever he lets patient feel their religion, caste or creed. He does the pure service of whole mankind. This field is very vast. For different diseases there are different doctors.

Those who treat physical ailments are called physicians while the one who treat mental disease are called psychiatrist. On the other hand, one who cures our teeth is called a dentist, one who does surgeries is called a surgeon and the one who diagnose heart problems is called a cardiologist and so on. There are numerous diseases and  for each there is a specialized doctor.

The Life of a Doctor

A doctor lives a routinely life. He wakes up early in the morning and goes to clinic or hospital and works there while the day long and returns home at evening.

Sometimes a doctor renders his duty at night. Whenever, there is an emergency or any patient is admitted at hospital at night doctor leaves his bed and goes there to treat or provide first aid to the patients.

One can say that a doctor’s life is very hard. It is not bed of roses it is a bed of thorns because one being a doctor can not let his patients suffer or feel uncomfortable. Whether it is day or late night a doctor stand active over his patient and tries his level best to provide relief and comfort to his subjects.

They never get irritated over sick despite having suck hectic routine. A good doctor is he who serves and treats a patient regardless of his or her urgent works.

The Doctors are good friends of sick and ill. They speak with patients politely and humbly. A doctor always tries to keep his patient comfortable and relaxed. He always wears a smile on his face and behave very softly with his patients.

Ten reasons why Doctors are Important for us.

1. Doctors are very necessary, they are next to God for sick and ill people.

2. There are several diseases. Only doctors fight against those diseases and treat infected people.

3. It is a doctor who saves many lives. If there had not been doctors many people had died because of diseases and ailments.

4. Only a doctor can understand the disease or any pain that is caused in human body and they prescribe medicines to alleviate our suffering.

5. They spend their whole life in studying and understanding the diseases caused in humans. Only they have proper skills and treatments to save lives.

6. Doctors not only treat us when we are sick or ill. They advise and suggest productive ways to stay healthy and strong.

7. Only doctors have knowledge of medicines. One can not eat a tablet without consulting a doctor.

8. Their years of practice enable them to diagnose a patient and execute treatment. Without doctors there will be no cure nor treatment.

9. One who is sick or ill can know the worth of a doctor. It is he who gives a new life to the dying.

10. Many epidemic, contagious and deadly diseases are cured and controlled by doctors. They play an important role to give us a healthy society.

Essay on My Dream Job Doctor For Children & Students

Everyone has this question in their mind that what they want to become in future. Having a dream job actually helps to have a goal in life.

The idea comes either from someone in family or a role model. I aim to achieve several things in life too including going to best university, graduating with good grades and then getting my dream job.

My Dream Job Essay

Everyone has a dream job in his mind including me. My dream job is to become an efficient doctor one day. I find this job to be most appealing because it includes treating and helping people without any greed. Since my childhood, I wanted to become a doctor.

When I was a kid, I had a doctor set gifted by my mom. I used to play with it all the time and pretend to be a doctor. My grandfather was a doctor too.

My mom tells me so many stories about him, the way he used to treat his patients with kindness. My grandfather was so humble that he would treat patients free of cost too if they had no money. He is a source of inspiration for me. I want to become a doctor like him.When I visited village to meet my aunt, I saw how people suffer there because of lack of health care facilities.

This thing also motivated me to choose medical profession because there is no better service than service for mankind.I want to be that hero who tries to save everybody from danger and harm. At first, I did not quite understand what doctors essentially do. As I grew up, I began to understand what it means to be a doctor and that strengthened my wish to become a doctor even more.

Doctors are selfless and brilliant in their work. They inspire me the most. The fact that doctors save lives without caring about their own self is another reason why I want to become a doctor. I believe that being a doctor is a very noble profession. He gives hope to sick.

I want to serve my country this way. I have decided to choose pre-medical in future. I know that I will be selected into the best university only if I get good grades. I will study so hard to get good grades.

After university, I will open my own clinic and treat patients with care. I will treat those patients free of cost who do not have enough money. On weekends, I will set free medical camps for everyone in villages. I will not rest until I attend my patients with full attention. I will devote my life for this cause.

I know that there are some doctors who just want to make money. Even their consultation fee is very high.

They do not pay attention towards their patients. When I become a doctor, I will make sure not to do these mistakes. I will fulfill my duties with full devotion.Being a doctor might be hard but I will work very hard to achieve my goals.

I know that it is a full time job and doctors have no time for themselves but at the same time, they save a life which is a big thing. Everyone respects doctors. I also want to help people and save lives. For me, there will be no better feeling than seeing my patients healthy and happy.


I know that that being a doctor is an amazing feeling. I look forward to the days when I grow big enough to become a renowned doctor.

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