Essay on Save Water Save Life | Quotes & Examples for Students

The water is the essence of life. It is beyond any doubt that to save water is to save life. Read Following best essays and paragraphs on topic Save water save life its importance with quotes and examples for Ukg kids, class 1, primary, high school and college level students. The essays include on following topics

Save Water Essays & Paragraphs| Save Water Save Life | Importance of Save Water For Children & Students

Save water is the critical need of the times today. Everyone should have the awareness regarding the value and importance of water in our lives. In that way, the following composition of Essays, speeches & Paragraphs have been written for children & Students.

1. Essay on Save Water Save Life For Students

Water is the essential ingredient of life. There is no life without water. Water is not only important for humans but entire ecosystem need water, all animals and plants need water to live.

As we know that 71% of the land is covered with water.97% of which is covered by oceans,only 3% of water is in use for drinking and other purposes. This transparent commodity is life. We totally depend on water for various purposes. With the increase in population, the consumption of water has also increased.

Water is used in industries for cooling and cleaning purposes. In the generation of thermal power, water is used. All recreational activities are impossible without water.

Essay on Save Water Save Life | Quotes & Examples for Students

All wildlife and aquatic organisms need water to live. Water is used for many household purposes like washing, cooking and cleaning etc. The volume of the human body is two-thirds water.

It means that water is essential component of life and is vital for sustenance. It helps the body’s digestive function and regulates body’s temperature. Water is known as the elixir of life. Therefore water conservation is necessary to save life. It is rightly said that “ A drop of water is Worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man”.

Every drop counts. Every drop of water matters. Don’t waste even a drop of water you will be finished for a drop of water. It is our responsibility to save water and reduce the consumption of water.

Ten ways How to Save Water for Kids

  1. Check taps,faucets and if there is any leakage consult a plumber and mend pipes.
  2. Install a low-flow shower head. Low-flow shower heads are a great way to save water.
  3. Wash your car in water efficient way. Save water while washing car or any vehicle.
  4. Turn off the faucet while washing dishes. Save water while soaping and scrubbing dishes and plates. Don’t let the faucet running.
  5. Turn the faucet or tap off while you brush your teeth. Make this habit because it is the easiest way to save water.
  6. Take a shorter shower. Try to use less water while taking shower.
  7. Fix dripping taps at home, school and offices.
  8. Water your garden with a water can rather than a hosepipe. Water is wasted watering plants with hose pipe.
  9. Turn off all the taps properly after using. Close taps tightly.
  10. Do not waste water by sprinkling on streets. It’s a wastage of water.
  11. Promote the water conservation programs to spread awareness among people


Water is life and we can not imagine life without water. Conservation of water is akin to save life. All living organisms on this planet need water for survival. If we will not save water our future generations will face scarcity of water and will become very difficult to survive.

2. Save Water Save Life Essay in 150+ words

The Water is undoubtedly an essential ingredient of life. It is the only source of survival of living beings on earth. Nowadays the world is facing the water crisis. There is an acute shortage of pure, fresh drinking water throughout the world.

On the surface of the earth the fresh drinking water is available in limited quantity. If this limited amount of water will be misused, wasted and polluted all life forms of earth will face scarcity of water.  Even a drop won’t be left to drink. Unfortunately, mankind has forgotten the importance of this precious gift of God.  It is estimated by writers and scientists that the last world War would be fought on waters!

Water is being lost rapidly from the surface of earth. All water bodies are unfortunately full of pollution The industrialization and urbanization has badly polluted water. All the waste material and toxic substances are drained and thrown into water bodies which have affected the aquatic life and animals. Consequently, humans are facing shortage of clean and pure water.

The existence of all living organisms is dependent on water.  If water will be lost, life will be lost. The current state of world reveals that saving even a single drop of water is a rewarded act.

It is our responsibility to save water. The best way to save water is to stop polluting it. Extra wastage of water must be reduced and water must be recycled and reused. We must spread awareness among people about the importance of water so that they stop wasting this precious gift.

3. Ten Lines &  More Sentences  on Save Water Save Life in English

1. Water is life, it is the main constituent of life.

2. On this plant earth the concept of life is with the presence of water only.

3. The continuity of life is based on water because without water all animals die and life will cease to exist.

4. Water is the priceless gift of God, that we use for several purposes.

5. All the crops are grown and cultivated with the help of water, all agricultural activities run on water.

6. Wasting water is a sinful act because it absence of water will cause many problems to all living beings on earth.

7. Saving water is tantamount to saving life, because it is the only thing that all living organisms need to reproduce.

8. Water pollution is on the rise, men and animals are facing many water borne diseases.

9. The scarcity of this precious resource has made humans and other living organisms suffer to an unimaginable extent.

10. The fertile lands are getting barren and are unable to produce crops because of shortage of water.

11. Water can be conserved and saved by recycling and reusing it. It is high time to stop wastage of water.

12. Water cycle is disturbed, water help maintain the ecological balance, the evaporated water condenses to form clouds and brings rain.

13. The shortage and wastage of water is mainly caused by wanton activities of men and lack of knowledge.

14. The increasing pollution is a big threat to water, because if population will increase the consumption of water and wastage of water will increase.

15. Let’s stand United to stop water pollution and to stop wastage of pure drinking water.

16. Tight the leaking pipes and taps, turn off water pipes while brushing, use little water while bathing.

4. 5 Lines on Save Water in English

1. It is water which all living forms need to drink to stay alive.

2. After air, the second most important thing for life is water.

3. All animals, plants, trees and humans need water for their survival.

4. It is used for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning and irrigating lands.

5. To save a drop of water is charity, little drops of water makes mighty oceans.

5. Short Essay on Importance of Water

Water is the most important natural resource of life. All living organisms on earth need water to continue their existence. The water plays an important role in the life of a human.

It is used for drinking, washing and cooking purposes. All our activities and needs are fulfilled with the supply of water. A healthy human body need water.  It is very necessary for every adult person to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day. For the hydration of body intake of water is very necessary.

Biologically,  water is very important because it is water which regulates the temperature of body. Apart from that it  helps sustain our  immune system. In addition to it, the water  purifies skin in the form of sweating and help get rid of waste material from body in the form of urine. It detoxify the toxins in kidney and helps in the digestion of food.

Apart from it our routinely life is entirely based on water. The fruits and vegetables that we consume are produced with the help of water. All foods that we eat and everything that we eat is cooked with the help of water. Without water we can’t cook delicious foods that we eat to stay healthy and work energetically. All the animals and birds need water to stay alive.

The beautiful garden that pleases our eyes and relaxes our mind and green trees which beautify our environment grow with the help of water. Indeed the water is very important ingredient of life. There will be no life without water. One can not imagine a life without a single drop of  water.

Water is the boon for us granted by God, we must use it carefully. It’s not wrong to say that saving water is tantamount to saving life. So save water, save life.

Note: The above given essays are related to the following topics. It is an acknowledged fact that if we save water we save ourselves, our life, community, society and the future world. The following essays and paragraphs are on the topic save water save life.

These detailed essays, are simple, easy to understand, short and long with questions, objectives, headings, quotes, best lines and dialogues on save water and its importance in our life. The students can find chitra, nibadh or natak on topic like save water ke bare main, new notes, new pic etc.

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