Save Water Slogans | Big List of Slogans, Quotes, Posters [Updated 2021]

Save water is the critical call of today. Its a precious resource that is very important for our life. Read here a big list of Save water slogans that are catchy, creative, best, simple, small, short, shout, slogans that rhyme, fancy, funny and future slogans.

In addition to that, we have also covered save water slogans in English, save water save life slogans, save water slogans posters with quotes, drawing images and pictures.

Save Water Slogans | Big List, Catchy, Beautiful, Short, Inspiring Quotes & Slogans on Save Water

Save water is akin to save life. The life is very well connected to the existence of water. Had there been no water, the life would have been simply impossible to imagine on this planet earth.

Since, the water is a limited resource. Therefore, there lies an essential need to save and preserve water for the survival and safety of living beings on this planet earth.

Save Water Slogans in English

1. Let’s give the gift of water to our next generation.

2. Save Water, save yourself

3. Save water, the rest of world is in your hands.

4. No Water No Life

5. Behold! there lies a thin line between using water and wasting water.

6. Water is gift, use it but never abuse

7. Water is the Gift of Nature, Protect it and Preserve it

Save Water slogans, quotes, Images,

8. Even a single drop of water is precious than all the wealth of world.

9. Richness can never buy you the water.

10. Save water, save your soul and save yourself.

11. The life begins with water and the absence of it would end it.

12. Think well, think fast and think with right manner, that’s save water.

13. Do a favor to your kids, save water, stay longer.

14. The purest medicine, the best elixir of life, is the single drop of clean water.

15. Stay smart, run smarter, save water and stay stronger.

16. Water fills beauty to the world, never strangulate it with your own hands.

17. The water feeds our mother earth, conserve it, don’t starve your mother.

18. Water water water! Save it before its gone

19. Behold! the water is limited, Use it wisely for it ends with your water waste.

20. The water traveled across thousand of galaxies and planet but preferred to stay on our mother earth only! Its a gift, use it but respect it.

Save Water Save Life Slogans

22. The wealth of entire world is of no value before a single drop of pure drinking water

23. Save water, stay smarter.

24. We can live without everything in this world Save water!

25. The water conservation is a sure remedy to mental hydration.

26. When we all save a few drops of water at least each, we save rivers and oceans of water that ultimately translates to saving a whole new life on our mother earth.

Save Water Save Life Slogans

29. The water scarcity would bring the filthy wars ahead. Save water, Save life and Push away the wars.

30. The earth is ways beautiful, don’t rob its beauty by wasting water.

31. The water brings the inner beauty of mother earth by sucking it out. It brings the undisclosed treasure out of rib of mother earth. It is the elixir of life that needs to critically saved.

32. Know the worth of water before the wells go dry and the water flies.

33. Preserve water as it your profound obligation regardless of your status or occupation.

34. The natures cries, whenever we waste a single drop of water. Save water save nature.

35. Water is the life. Don’t commit suicide by wasting away the water.

36. A tiny drop of water is a sea to an ant. Preserve it to preserve the nature.

37. The water is vulnerable to our recklessness. Ensure every drop of water is counted.

38. Enough of our Precious Water has already been Lost! There isn’t much ahead. Save it before all is gone.

39. Make your small acts count to save water. Live longer, live healthier, Save water.

40. It is the water that relieves the stress and heaviness. Be it a tear from your eyes or rain drop from the sky.

Save Water Slogans With Posters & Images

41. Save it when it rains, Use it for more gains.

42. The water is the truth. It is reflection of light, happiness and the life on earth.

43. Save water, save sons and save daughters.

44. Stop! Stop wasting a single drop of water.

45. Save water, prevent scarcity, push away poverty and embrace prosperity.

46. Water conservation is the last and only option left for us to get a healthy, smart and progressive life on earth.

47. If we don’t save what is left! we shall repent over when it is lost.

Save Water Slogans, Posters & Images

48. The sweeter are those minds that save water, be it a single drop

49. Save water, even a drop a day. You shall have the floods of it to feed your future.

50. The water is the Primary thing, everything else is of secondary Value

Save Water Slogans that Rhyme

51. Water is the daughter of mother earth. Letting her go, would end up its flow. Stay wise, think twice, save water save life.

52.  If You Save a Buck, I salute you with best of Luck

53.  Learning to think beyond the sink saves you to get ended in a wink.

54.  Clear the water, to get steer up to the future. Do this dear, have no fear in the near.

55.  Save it today, tomorrow you will get a best pay.

56.  Take the Good care, before the planet goes bare.

57.  Make Shorter your showers to enjoy the water powers.

58.  Save the water, save the future before it dismisses into the air.

59.  Save water think is the best thing to enjoy life with all things.

60. Water scarcity is the frailty of humanity.

Simple Shout & Creative Save Water Slogans

61.  Save water to Get Saved in Later.

62.  Water is the best master and Life saver.

63.  Waste not the drop.

64.  Water wasting is disallowed.

Save Water Slognas, Simple, Shout, Creative

65.  Water conservation symbolizes the life preservation.

66.  Save the sigh, Save the Green. Save Water and Stay Clean.

67.  Save the water sail the future. Waste the water fail the future.

Beautiful Small & Catchy Save Water Slogans

68. Water is the Love of Life.

69. Waste the water & bite the future

70.  Make the right, Save water and Stay bright.

71.  Saving water is making life easier.

72. Water wasting is life wasting.

73. Save water is habit of beautiful Minds.

74. Water safety is the best remedy to make life easy.

75. Water conservation is an art of intelligent people.

76. The beautiful People never waste the water.

77. Save water & Live Forever.

Save Trees Save Water Slogans

78. There are two daughters of mother earth, the water and the Tree. It is obligation on us being the sons of soil to Save water and Save Trees to have the lives Free.

79. Save water and Protect Trees, Enjoy the Life and Walk Free

80. Keep it. Don’t Cut It. Plant it & Preserve it. Deforestation is the death of life.

81. Save trees Save Future. Greenery is the best gift for future generation.

82. The Future belongs to those who plant trees, protect environment and conserve water.

Best Creative Slogans on Save Water

83. Save water, avoid the strife.

84. If you wanna get rich, save water quick.

85. Water is the certificate of our survival.

86. Waste water die faster!

87. Water conservation is the habit of highly successful people.

Few Save Rain Water Slogans

88. A drop of rainwater harvested is like the crop created.

89. Save the water from rain to live a life of no pain.

90. The rain drops are free gift to collect for the best use

Save rain water slogans

91. Save the rain water and secure your future generation.

92. The rain, do come again, to quench our thirst and pain.

Save Ground Water Slogans

93. The ground water is the natural gift of God. It is obligatory upon us to Save it.

94. The ground water is limited. Save every drop and don’t waste it away

95. The wisdom lies in efficient utilization of ground water

96. Stop the Might. Save the Ground water that is the only right.

More New & Nice Save Water Slogans

97. Water is the best medicine that cures all the diseases instantly.

98. Water is a nice gift. Save it to get fit.

99. Give the gift of water.

100.I am lucky, I have no worry no shrink. I have the water to drink

Drinking Water Slogans

101. A drop saved today, makes an ocean tomorrow.

102. drop of drinking water is dearest to the wealth of worlds.

103. Save the water to drink so that tomorrow we may not stink.

Save water slogans, stop water pollution slogans,

104. See! some drops of water bring the lives to sing

105. Safe drinking water, we have got it luckily, save it, serve it, but don’t ever waste it.

Save Every Drop of Water Slogans

106. A drop of water is the life.

107. Every drop counts and every drop has a meaning.

108. Save a drop of water to save the oceans of it for tomorrow.

108. Save a drop and Save a life.

109 Save every drop of water and get yourself counted for bringing the better future world of tomorrow.


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