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Speeches on Save Water | Save Water & its Importance | How to Stop Water Waste

Save water is the call everywhere. The water that we use is depleting very quickly. The current pace of our water waste we shall be quickly out of water. Therefore, its strongly imperative to speak for stopping water waste to ensure the survival of human life on this planet earth.

1. Best Speech on Save Water & its importance in our life

The water is one of most precious yet less cared subject today. It is the water that makes every living thing to sustain and grow. It is the water that has been behind the progress and development of mankind till today. We need water for every single day and for every single purpose in our life.

Since, it is easily available a natural gift, therefore, a less care is given to the water. But! the clock is ticking. We may soon go out of water, if we misuse it recklessly. Truly it is said that:

You don’t miss the water, till the Well runs dry

Water is a pure gift of nature. We are extremely thankful to the nature for blessing us the most precious element of our life.

Best Speeches on Save water, its importance and need for the future

The water that we use, comes to us through various sources. But broadly speaking there are two main sources of water; Surface water and the ground water. The former source of water can be had from rivers, lakes, springs, glaciers, rains etc whereas, the later source of water comes to from underground. We excavate ground water via wells, hand pumps, tube wells etc.

Water is a sacred natural gift. It adds life to the earth, beauty to the nature and breaths life into the humans. With sufficient amount of water available the earth gives a beautiful green look. The life and the entire development of this world is basically dependent on water. Without having sufficient amount of water, the world that we are having today, is impossible to imagine.

God has been truly kind to our earth. Our earth is the only planet that has been blessed with the sufficient amount of water. More than 70% of our earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is available in forms of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, fountains, springs, glaciers, rains, etc. But, it is the point to note that of a 100% available to earth, there is 3% or more water is drinkable and usable for us. The rest 97% water is salty non usable water.

Water is the spirit of life. Mankind is entirely dependent on water for thousand of his purposes. Water is need of every single house, family or community. The water is needed to drink, cook, wash clothes, have bath or for multiple household purposes. Without the proper amount of water, the life sucks entirely.

In the world of today, there are the tall talks of economic growth and development. But, looking minutely at the base of fact, it is apparent that without the availability of water, the human growth and development dies. Water is needed for irrigation to grow food for human and cultivate other crops for everyday value.

The agriculture is our primary economy. It helps grow the products and raw material for our secondary economy like industry and other sectors. For an effective irrigation, the water is needed. The water is useful for our Industry as well. In fact a few portion of our water resources is used by industry itself.

In industry the water is used for multiple purposes in making, filtering, and processing of many goods and products. The water is energy. It is used for hydroelectricity generation. In that, water is a cheap source of energy.

One would think that oceans has a no purpose with so huge amount of water without a value. But it is not the fact as always. The oceans are a great assets in today’s world. They facilitate easy navigation between the countries and continents.

They are the source of living of thousands of water creature that lives in the depth of oceans. In addition to that, oceans are the treasure house of natural resources like natural oil and gas. Therefore, it is an apparent fact that the water is all behind the survival, security, progress and development of entire humanity. Water is precious resource that makes life so easier and enjoyable.

For that, it is highly needed to take care of water as a precious source. There is strong need to cultivate water conversations habits and methods at individual and collective level. Only then, we can ensure the happy and prosperous life on this planet earth.

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2. Save Water Speech for Children & Students

Respected all! Today I have been blessed with an opportunity to talk about save water. I feel extremely thankful to entire management here for giving him such an honor.

Water is the soul of life. It is the base of our survival, safety, progress and development. It is a sacred, natural and easily available thing. But, do we care something about water? Aren’t we reckless and overuse water? Can we all imagine what would be our life without sufficient water? In fact we can’t live without water. Though we all acknowledge the fact yet we all misuse it mindlessly without caring till the water is out!

Respected all here! We all know the fact that behind all the progress and prosperity of mankind in all spheres of life, water is an essential entity. The point that we all need to discuss today is water conservation. We are not to talk  about the use and importance of water rather we need to talk about the misuse and overuse of water.

Dear all! as you know all that out of 100% water available on earth around 97% is salty oceans’ water. Out of the rest 3%, two percent is in form of glaciers and polar ice caps and only 1 percent of water is available to drink! Considering the huge growth in world’s population and water needs, this water will soon go dry provided enough measures are taken to conserve water.

It is quite disheartening to note that we misuse water more than we need to use for our multiple purpose. The water is misused in households, industries and even in agriculture field. The water conservation should be collective habit and national slogan. Therefore, before talking about water save steps let me list out the areas where we are misusing water

  • In houses for daily routine works
  • In Schools, hospitals and offices
  • In agriculture with old techniques and water overuse habits.
  • In Industry.
  • At recreational parks, restaurants, Malls etc.

Dear all! as we mentioned here the places  where we misuse water in daily life. It is, however, a point to note that how we can properly manage the use of water in our daily life routines. Here are some ways that can work both at individual and collective level.

1. To save water at household level, we can conserve water by preventing water leakages in our taps, hand pumps, water tanks etc. All the family members should be on one single commitment to minimize water wastage as best as possible.

2. We should educate our Children and community members about the importance of water conservation at schools, colleges, offices etc.

3. We can effectively use social media and internet for broadly covering the water issues and its safety and preservation methods.  In addition to that we can raise awareness about it via TV, newspapers, billboards, posters, etc.

4. At the community level various seminars and public gatherings should be organized to raise the issue of water saving.

5. We have outdated agricultural methods and technology. They use heavy water for no value. Therefore, water efficient technology and modern methods should be promoted among the farmers and land owners to save water.

6. In fun parks, big malls and clubs it should be ensured that water is not misused. People should be careful and well educated about the value and worth of water.

7. Water saving should be a national policy and a collective habit. The state should ensure that all of these steps be applied strictly to ensure water conservation.

Dear friends! The value of water can’t be measured until we feel it. Though the water is a natural gift but the nature is not generous to all. If you look around the world, you will find many parts of this world that are struggling to face water scarcity and water crisis.

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The safe, clean drinking water is not available to billions of people around the world. There are many parts around the world where famine and droughts have persisted since decades. The world is not as green as we look around here. There are millions of stories to recount.

Therefore, my friends, please give a call to your conscience and start applying the water conversations methods. The selfishness is not the way of humanity. Think about your future generation and the world around. Our children shouldn’t inherit a world where the water is scant and unavailable.

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