Good Manners Essay | 10 Lines, Short Essays & Paragraph for Students

Good manners are the meaningful part of our lives. They are the pride of mankind. The following article discusses the essay, Paragraph & few more lines on Good manners & their importance in our lives. These essay are wonderful, quite helpful and useful for children & students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10th level students.

Good Manners; Meaning, Value & Importance | Essay & Paragraph for Children & Students | Quotes, Images & info graphs

What if everyone acted what he liked? As the nature of a man is uncontrollable, he could have done the worst things ever. To live in such a community would have been unbearable.

The conscience and ego of man with so many things in his nature like hunger, lust, greed, etc would have made this world a living hell. Therefore, to live in a community, mankind need to understand the others.

What are Good Manners?

Manners are thereby, the rules of conduct or behavior for a man to enable him live in a society. Good manners teach a man how to behave, respond or act in specific situations. They are the essential parts of human life without which the human life, progress and prosperity would have been impossible.

Basic Good Manners

Good manners are the good habits in fact that are taught to us since our childhood. The basic good manners include being respectful, sincere, loyal, truthful, honest, committed, careful and kind. Since the human nature is flexible. It can accept good manners as well as bad manners.

Essay on Goo Manners, its role & importance in our Life

Therefore, it is essentially stated that the good manners should be the part of a child’s socialization. Man should know the good habits at home, good manners at school, office, or even at public places.

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2. Essay on Good Manners in School

A man is known by his character and his company. A man with good manners would be respectful, characterful, kind and lovely. Because, the character is thing that you can’t hide for long.

It is the part and parcel of human nature. The good manners are good habits that make a good, responsible and realist man. Good manners are like the precious possession of a man. They are the important part for the good social behavior. They make a man lovely, respectable and known to all.

The children with good habits are liked by all. However, as stated earlier, one can’t adopt good manner quickly. Good manners need to be inculcated into the children since childhood. Habits are the repeated social behaviors. The good habits take long to develop. Therefore, it is essential for parents to teach their children the good manners since childhood for a happy and respectful life.

The good manners are very important during the life a student. As the man is known by his habits and manners therefore, the good manners of a student reflect how well he is socialized. A student with good manners is respectful, kind and caring for others. He loves and studies and he value his work. They are liked and loved by teachers as well. That’s why the students with good manners always come first in their schools.

Punctuality and discipline are the most important values of good manners. A student with the sense of discipline, dedication and punctuality always becomes successful. He knows how to manage his time and his work. He sorts out the things that work best for him. He is always optimist, respectful, helping, caring and kind to all.

The good manners teach you to become helpful and kind to everyone. A student with good manners is always willing to help others selflessly. He is conscious and careful about others. He never sits idle rather he likes to devote his time for the good of other students. He earns the true respect in not only in his classroom but through out the school.

List of 10 Valuable Good Manners in our Life

Following are the list of good manners for students in a school. These 10 good manners would let us to have a complete idea of good manners and their importance.

1. You must give respect and honor everyone, to your juniors as well seniors, irrespective of color, creed or caste.

2. Be helpful to others, do not expect any reward or something for your help. You need to be selfless, true and kind.

3. Accept your mistakes openly and let yourself open for any change. Appreciate the right things in your life.

4. Always say thanks for everything to others. Small words of thanks and gratitude pay a lot.

5. Forgiveness is a virtue. Always keep your heart clean and forgive others.

6. Be sincere, dedicated and committed to your goal. Work hard and never complain.

7. Always speak truth. You should be straightforward and true in your words.

8. Keep cleanliness next to your heart. Always stay clean and prefer it in your life.

9. Always obey the rules and discharge your responsibilities obediently.

10.Always take permission whenever you need anything or stuff of other to use.

The society is made by human who live together with respect and care for each other. Every society has a culture for itself. The good habits are the good expectations that a society wants from you. Good manners vary for each situation and they need to taught to since childhood.

Being the parents it is your responsibility that your child should know how to behave at home, at school, classroom, at public place during shopping or while meeting with strangers etc. The discipline and good manners are the way to a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life. Therefore, we need prioritize and practice in our life.

3. Ten (10) Lines on Good Manners

1. Good manners are like good habits that mean a respectful and careful social behavior.
2. Good manners are the rules that tell us the right things in our life.
3. Good manners are very important to become successful in our life.
4. They teach us to become honest, truthful and loyal to the goals of life.
5. Good habits make us to become hardworking, careful and kind to others
6. The person with good manners is respected while the one with bad habits is rejected by all.
7. They are like the good habits that we are taught in our childhood.
8. Good manners teach us to accept our mistakes and do more hard work for success.
9. Cleanliness is also the important part of good manners. We should accept and appreciate it.
10. Good manners should be adopted by all of us to become a good citizen of our country.

4. Paragraph on Good Manners

Manners are the essential part of human life. The society as a whole is composed of people who live together with a certain rules and regulations for social behavior.

The manners are defined by society itself. The society tells us the good and the bad manners. Therefore, good manners are those behaviors that are liked and preferred by the society for collective social benefits. The society where we live gives us a culture that defines expected social behaviors. Every society has a culture that is learned and shared by the members of society throughout the life.

Good manners are the good habits that are taught to us by our society. They are very important in our life. They serve as the guidelines for the rightful conduct in our life. Good manners are the part of good character. They reflect the real personality and strong background of a man. A well behaving man would never allow the wrong over the right, he would respect, love, help and take care of everyone.

He would believe in equality, justice and freedom. He earns respect and dignity everywhere due to it. Whereas, the bad manners give disrespect and degradation. Therefore, the good manners are liked and appreciated by everyone over the bad manners.

Good manners are very important in our life. The nations who have good manners, are very developed and progressing. It is the only secret of success of many developed countries today. Good manners teach us to be true, loyal, committed and passionate about our goals.

They make it possible our ways to success and superiority in this world. Certainly there is the success and growth in being honest, dedicated, humble, loyal and truthful in all purposes and in all means of life.

Good manners can never be had quickly rather they are to be developed gradually. They are the parts of human nature and, therefore, they take their time to be completely absorbed into a man. It is very important that we value good manners in our life.

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The parents should feel their responsibility and act accordingly to let their children learn good manners. Children can learn good manners at home, school and from the company of their friends and well wishers. Therefore, good manners are very precious elements of life without which the life has no meaning and purpose.

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