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Social Media is the most powerful medium of communication in 21st century. Read here Best Essays & Speeches topics on Social Media, origin, history, impacts, advantages and disadvantages for students, youth with detailed examples, points, lines,quotes and references.

Social Media | Essays, Speeches, Paragraphs | History, Role, Importance, Positive & Negative Role in Our Life

We have attempted Essays on Social Media for Children & Students. The essays are well written with outline, introduction, conclusion, heading and subheading with argumentative & persuasive style.

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1. Essay on Social Media, Origin, Importance & Impacts on our Life

Social media is the medium of communication in modern age. It is characterized by fast internet based communication where millions of user interact and intercommunicate with each other through different social media platforms. It is the sort of communication that is driven by internet, smartphones, computers, tablets etc.

It is one of most effective, expressive, powerful and persuasive means of communication today. Social media has widespread, social, economic, political and ideological impacts in our lives. It is touching almost every sphere of our lives. In the world of today none is immune from it.

Essay on Social Media, importance, advantages & disadvantages for Students

The Social Media  is the greatest platform of learning, awareness and information. It plays an important role in education, economy, marketing, policy formulation, politics, personal as well as in social life. It has the greatest impacts on students and youth, indeed.

In the world of today, social media is used to share information via Internet with the help of modern devices like computers, tablets PCs, smartphones etc. Over the course of past decade, social media has grown tremendously. The information, ideas, knowledge, news, facts etc are spreading at a faster speed

Gone are the days when sharing information to the distant lands was very hard and most of the times it was impossible. The mankind had to walk miles to spread the news by words of mouth. The medium of communication in those days were handwritten books, pamphlets, banners, or by words of mouth.

Now we have entered into a period where information flows freely from ear to ear in a matter of few seconds thanks to internet and modern means of communications. Social media has made possible the exchange of information by facilitating people’s interaction online. There are thousands of website, mobile apps serving as social media platforms. Those platforms help people to exchange knowledge, ideas, facts online via internet.

2. Impacts of Social Media on Youth Essay

Social media is the game changer in today’s world. It plays a pivotal role in our lives. It has facilitated the sharing of information, ideas, knowledge, facts, etc very quickly. It plays an important role in our social, economic, political and educational life. Gone are the days of print media now it is replaced with social media

It is one of the effective tool that helps us understand and assess ourselves for a positive collective development. But, as we know, every coin has the two sides. Likewise, the social media has positive as well as negative impacts as well in our lives.

Positive Impacts of Social Media

Social media offers a lot of benefits to mankind. As stated earlier, it has entered into every walk of our lives. It has made education, knowledge and learning easily available and virtually accessible.

Accessibility to education has become quite easier, where anyone can get education from any part of world with instant access to books, lectures, notes and everything related to it. On economic front it has given growth to e commerce and pushed the economy to the new heights of benefits. On political fronts, it has facilitated close access between the public and the administration.

People can access their elected representative online, anytime. It has made the sharing of knowledge, belief and ideas very quick across the globe.

Negative impacts of Social Media

The Social media is a double edged sword. It has its negative impacts as well. It has given rise to hatred, pessimism and loneliness. The youth are highly impacted from it. The new face of internet addiction has produced the severe social and psychological issues for youth.

In addition to that, social media has proved to be a tool of propaganda and blackmailing. It has been repeatedly abused. The cyber crimes are the new face of social media and internet culture. Therefore, apart from positive impacts, social media has a lot of negative impacts in every walk of life.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Essay

Social media, as a medium of communication of the world today, has got the tremendous importance these days. With the help of it the information, ideas, knowledge, cultures, philosophies, etc are flowing freely from one part of world to another.

It has greatly impacted our lives. It has both the good and the bad impacts for human being. Let’s briefly explore the pros and cons of social media today

Advantages of Social Media

Social media has a lot of advantages in our every walk of life. It has the great, social, political, economic and educational impacts in our lives. Few of its benefits are listed here;

1. Knowledge and Awareness has Increased

With the help of Social media, the knowledge and awareness levels of people have increased. We can know and understand the issues of any part of this world.

It has become easier to build consensus on important world issues like climate change, global warming, drug addiction. It is with the help of quick communication today that mankind has started to understand and act against the real challenges of life.

2. Quick and Instant Interaction

The fast communication of the world today has made possible the quick and instant interaction among mankind. We can interact with each other quickly for our collective benefit.

3. Benefits for Education

With the help of Internet and quicker communication, the education has spread far and wide. Billions of people around the world, now have access to learn and understand the things. Internet has made available all educational resources like books, lectures, audio visual content etc. It is the greatest achievement of social media in the world of today.

4. Growth of E commerce

The economy has touched the new heights with the introduction of social media. The new eCommerce is on the rise. People can buy and sell online. It has great economic benefits.

5. A forum for Collective Voice Against Injustice

In earlier times, it was quite easy to suppress the rights of people by suppressing their voices. Nowadays, however, with the help of social media, people can stand against tyranny and injustice. People can raise voice against injustice. They can get united with the help of online platforms and demand collective justice.

6. Political Awareness

Social media is an effective tool to raise political awareness. People can know and contact with their elected representatives. It helps in selecting the right person for vote.

7. Help against Corruption and Injustice

Corruption and injustice can’t be done openly today. These days people walk with the power of social media for their rights. There are countless cases where social media helped people against corruption and injustice for their rights.

8. Girls Education

Social media has given the power and voice to the marginalized and neglected section of society. The topics like women rights and girls education is echoing everywhere. In many parts of the world social media helped changing mindset against girls education. Now the girls have started to get equal rights and education.

9. Minority Rights

Social media has helped protecting the minority rights. It is an effective tool where people can raise voice for issues like minority rights etc

10. More Aware and Responsible Citizens

The informed and well aware citizens are the best part of a country. The social media has helped increasing the understanding and knowledge of people regarding their role and responsibilities to the country. The truly well aware citizens and law abiding citizens are the asset of a country.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Social Media has a few disadvantages ad well. Few of them are discussed below

1. Privacy Issues

Insecurity and lack of privacy protection are the main disadvantage of social media. With everything public on social platforms, the privacy of people could go manipulated for negative uses. We share many things on social media without caring about our data and things related to our lives. This could be dangerous for us.

2. Internet Addiction

The excessive use of internet has created a lot of problems, especially for youth. The problems like youth isolation, individualism and lack of interest in real life etc, are the most worrying problems created by social media

3. Family Issues

Due to excessive internet addiction and lack of interest in real family matters, many families are being disturbed. The family system is being destroyed by the internet culture today.

4. Lack of Respect & Honor among Youth

Earlier there used to be the culture of respecting the elders and seniors of members of society. But now, due to the impacts of internet over the minds and thoughts of youth, the old culture is dying. The youth are getting intolerant, hateful and meaningless in their lives.

5. Inferiority Complex

The rise of social media usage have given rise to fake lifestyles trends. The fancy world of social media is creating the negativity and inferiority complex among youths.

6. Cyber Crimes

The online digital crimes are the new challenge to the world today. Nowadays, the frauds, deception, hacking, misusing of personal data etc are taking place in online world. The new wave of cyber crimes have shattered the lives today.

7. Cheap Products Selling

Though the internet and social media has made online buying and selling easier. But there remain the issues of cheap products selling with double price tags to deceive people. As a result, the people are loosing their trust in online shopping.

8. Hate Speech

With the misuse of social media, the issues of blasphemy and hate speech are on the rise. Taking the name of freedom of expression, the religious values of people are targeted. As a result, the society become disturbed and destroyed.

9. Ideological Issues

Every single man on this planet belongs to an ideology. The difference is the part of nature. But, unfortunately, by misusing social media the issues like color, caste, gender, religious and linguistic affiliations etc are targeted. It further gives the rise to social stress and chaos.

10. Propaganda and Black Mailing

Social media is a powerful tool to change the mindset, thinking and approach of people. That’s to say, it is an effective tool of propaganda by various self interested groups. People are misled and are made to believe in unreal things for the advantages of others.

Therefore, it is amply proved that social media has lot of impacts on individuals, youth as well as old senior members of society. It has tremendous impacts in our social, economic, cultural, educational and religious lives. It is a double edged sword with both the negative as well as positive impacts on our lives.

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Speeches On Social Media For Students

Social media is the greatest power of today.  Social Media, internet and networking has greatly impacted the life today. Social media is a powerful force It has many advantages as well disadvantages. In every field of life including, education, health,economy it wields great power. It should be used wisely and responsibly.

Best Speeches on Social media, origin history, power, information, blessing or bane, addiction, negative and positive impacts on youth and students life.

The essay and speeches with introduction, outline, quotes and examples for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th level students. Read online, download pdf, comment and share with your friends

1. Speech on Social Media; Impacts, Advantages & Disadvantages

Social media is a modern trend. Social media is an online community that allow people to develop profiles of their backgrounds and interests, communicate with friends and strangers and sharing of thoughts and photos with each other. It has changed our lifestyle and has changed our ways of interacting with people.

All people have developed their interaction through social media. Our communication is entirely done through social media. With the advance in technology social media is changing its modes, there are various social apps widely used nowadays in order to communicate with people all around the world.

Speech on Social Media, Advantages & Disadvantages for Students

The world has become a global village, social media has connected people very tightly. Specially the youth is highly inclined to the use of social networking. Social media has positive and negative impacts on our youth.

Positive Impacts of Social Media

Social media has numerous positive impacts on the youth. It  allows for creative expression by using tools such as blogging and messaging on posts and stories shared by the users. It also  helps improve faculty of reasoning and help learn a lot about different types of people.

The communication with friends and strangers help develop our mental horizon, and also help youth to create good friendly ties with diverse groups of people. Some users share poems, stories of past and scientific inventions and discoveries that are emerging in the modern period.

The youth, in this way, learn about literature in different languages and specially the most rich genre of literature poetry. Sharing couplets and poems help boost their interest of reading literature.

Social media is also used to discuss various educational topics among friends. The youth use social media to discuss different topics taught at colleges and universities.

Students use social networking to discuss homework and assignments assigned at schools at colleges The use of social networking helps improve technological skills of students and exposes them to many diverse views about things. It allows learning of cultures from users all around the world.

All social apps like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat,MySpace have a positive impacts on young adult’s lives helping them be more empathetic.

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Youth

Nowadays it is believed that our youth has degraded all the values of life being in touch with social media. All norms and ethics of life are rarely found in youth, the youth has forgot to develop interest sitting with parents and developing good relations with relatives and family members.

Specially the youth is getting addictive of social media, the use of social networking is leading to poor sleeping patterns. Nowadays the youth has learnt to make cheating in exams through social media. Instead of learning and studying youth is dependent of social media to use as a medium to copy in exams.

By doing so youth not only drop in grades but their studies is retarded and their curiosity of learning is declining. Many children have become the victims of cyber bullying that has caused them a lot of harm.Prolonged use of social media is harming heath of the youth.


Social Media is the most powerful too today. It has revolutionized our lives. Therefore, its power should be used wisely and sensibly for the development, progress and prosperity of our lives today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the social media in easy words?

The Social media in easy and simple words, refers to the modern means of quick communication, sharing of information and ideas globally. The popular platforms of social media include Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, We-chat, LinkedIn etc. The Social Media is powered by Internet via the global use of technology including smartphones, Tablets, Ipads, Laptops etc.

2. What is Television & how to Write an Essay on Television?

Television is the medium of communication of modern day world. It has a great impact on our lives in varying ways. It provides news, views, information, ideas, programs, documentaries  talk shows and entertainment to the audience  The Essay on Television, importance advantages & disadvantages is a detailed attempt to describe everything about the Television.

2. Why is social media important and What are its Uses?

Social Media is very important tool in our daily life. It Plays a great role in our Individual as well as Public Life. It facilitates the propagation of information, ideas, facts, news and matters of public interest.

It is important in education, economy, democracy, in policy formulation and in every walk of our life. Social media uses the power of public opinion.

It is the voice of public. In democracy, it is the public that drives every important matter of public life. Therefore, Social Media is very crucial in almost all walks of our life.

4. What are the advantages of social media and how it affects our life?

Social media has a lot of advantages. It facilitates education and learning easily accessible to everyone. The education has become cost effective with easily accessible all material and stuff of education available online.

It plays a crucial role in economic life. The growth of E-commerce, digital marketing, blogging, freelancing etc has been made possible with the effective use of social media. It helps the policy formulation to the state and global level.

It is an aid to democracy, freedom, justice, human rights and equality. Social media has channelized the use of public opinion. It can mobilize the public for any cause, instantly without any hurdle or whatsoever.

The effective use of social media has shaken the dictatorships, despondency and global injustice around the world

5. What is social media used for in today’s society?

In today’s society, the social media is a powerful force that impacts almost every walk of our life. It helps in education, economy, democracy, justice, freedom and equality for all.

6. Why is social media important for students?

For students, the social media is an effective tool. It helps students online real time group studies, sharing of knowledge, notes, stuff, lectures etc online.

Students get help from each other. They learn from the experiences and ideas shared via social media. The social media group and learning communities are an effective tool in organizing students for an effective education.

7. What are the negative effect of social media?

Apart from many benefits, the social media has few dangers for society. The negative impacts of social media are many including, lack of privacy, online harassment, blackmailing, cheating, cyber fraud, excessive individualism, other physical and mental health issues. Social media is double edge sword. The point is how we use it for ourselves.

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