Essay on Media | Role of Media Essay For College Level Students

Media is the important pillar of society. It has great positive and negative impacts of society. In any way we can never deny the role, power, importance, advantages & disadvantages of media in every walk of our life.

For that, we have tried to write short & Long Essays on topic media covering all important points like; power of media, advantages & disadvantages of media, types, role & impacts of media in our lives.

These short & Long essays are quite helpful for Children & students of Primary, middle, high school & college level students in 100, 200, 300 & 500 plus words essay on Media.

Essay on Media | Types & Role of Media in Society

We live in a society that depends on information to keep moving in the right direction. Media has that power to influence peoples’ attitude and perspective about many issues.

It has power to groom the society and lead a country towards success. It would not be wrong to say that media plays an important role in any individual’s life by providing information about anything, from politics to entertainment.

Types of Media

There are two types of media; print media and electronic media. Print media includes newspapers, magazines and books whereas electronic media includes television, radio and radio.

Role of Media in Society

Now a days, our life is surrounded by mass media. We start our day by reading newspaper while having a cup of coffee, we see television to get an idea of what is happening in the world.

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We can have access to every information with just a flip of tv channel or turn of newspaper pages. Media covers all categories of our interest including weather, health, politics, science, geography, fashion, entertainment, war etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Media

People working in media risk their lives during live coverage of incidents just to update us. They do not care about their own life, they deliver us latest information even if there are floods, earth quakes or protests. If there is no media coverage then this entire world would plunge into ignorance.

Our minds are under the constant influence of media. It can make people change their opinions about many things. We get a lot of ideas about our daily life through advertisements like what we should eat, buy or wear.

We learn about our role models by hearing about their great deeds through media. The electronic media also brings us awareness about political, cultural and religious life of every country. It is because of media that even a domestic woman can learn about cooking, education and important health tips. It helps to build our knowledge and change our perspective about certain things.

Media has much power to criticize the wrong doings of government. We learn about all the policies of government and how is the relationship of our country with other countries. There are various talk shows where government officials are invited and questioned about their role in the improvement of country’s condition.

It forms a link between government and people. Many corrupt people are also exposed because of media. It would be not wrong to say that media has played an important role in strengthening the society. Media plays a huge role in protecting and promoting the cultures and traditions of its country. It spreads happiness and peace through its entertainment programs.

However, there are some flaws in today’s media. Unnecessary coverage of events has now become a trend. Moreover, there are several programs in which media twists the whole story just to gain more audience. They exaggerate certain issues in order to gain more hype for their channel’s benefit.

The ways in which media is contributing for the betterment of society are remarkable. However, media is destroying its image in the eyes of people because of these issues. Therefore, media should deliver true concept-based stories without exaggerating it because media is the only platform which act as a catalyst for bringing a positive change in society.

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Media is a platform to update us with true facts and information of the world. Without media, we would have been left far behind in the race of life. However, media should be fair and free in order to bring a change in this society and mindset of people.

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