Essay on Importance of English as an International Language For Students

English is an international language. It is the language of knowledge, discoveries, progress and development.

The following essay focuses on its importance and advantages in our lives. This essay and paragraph is helpful for children & students of primary, high school and college level students.

Essay on Importance of English Language in Life For Students

Language is a powerful tool of communication. The ideas and thoughts are shared and communicated through language. As Oliver Wendell Holmes has said that “ Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow”.  Essay on English Language & its Importance and Benefits for Students

English is the first global lingua Franca. It is the international language of communication, business and technology.At present knowledge of English Grammar makes an individual literate. It is one of the most dominating languages of the world. It is spoken as a first language in more than 104 countries of the world.

Importance of English Language in our Life

English is very important language because in most of the countries in this world it is spoken and understood. It is a ubiquitous and common language of the world. It is the official language of around 52 countries of the world. It comprises of 26 letters and very simple and easy language. At school all children are taught English and all subjects except their mother tongue are taught in English.

Nowadays English language and literature is taught more than any other subject. All schools offer English medium classes, one having good command at English find many teaching opportunities in schools and colleges. It is official and widely used language of India and many other countries, it is used as a second language in most of the countries of the world.

It is the dominant business language of the world. At the global market all dealings and exchange takes place in English thus all business communities of the world hire employees those who are good at English.

English is a hybrid language, it helps to learn and understand other languages of the world. It is a mixture of Latin, French and German.

Benefits of Learning English

One who knows good English can work anywhere in the world because it is the language of the science and technology. Those who don’t know English can not use internet which is the powerful tool of modern period.

Those who lack at English remain devoid of using websites in English. When we learn English, we also learn the culture of English people and make our culture rich. More importantly, learning English is not that much difficult. In fact, English Grammar is fun way to learn different parts of speech, as Noun, Verbs and more importantly the adjectives.

All Indians believe that Hindi is their national language but it is very important to learn foreign languages specially English to excel in life. One can easily develop friendship and contact with native speakers of English and can find various work opportunities in abroad.

We need to have contact with our fellow global citizens, it is only possible through English. One who knows good English can find place to work in multinational companies of the world or to enter in global workforce.

The biggest advantage of English language is in understanding the culture of other nations. It is a source of greater entertainment and fun. Those who are good at English can enjoy watching English movies, songs and dramas. English language has got tremendous vocabulary. One can express and say one thing in different words and in different ways.

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There is flexibility in English one find different ways of expression in it. It keep evolving and changing, it absorbs new words and phrases with the passage of time. It continues to change.

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