Essay On Newspaper, Importance & Advantages For Students

Newspaper is an important part of our lives. It keeps us connected to the rest of world. The following essay and Paragraph discusses its importance, advantages and disadvantages in our lives. The essay is helpful for children & students of all class all level students.

Essay on Newspaper For Children & Students

Newspaper is a compound word, first four lettered word news stands for North, East, West and South, all the reports from four directions are printed on a paper which is called a newspaper. Essay on Newspapers, importance, benefits for children & students

Newspaper is a medium to supply news of all over the world to people. The political, social, religious and economic issues of the world are spread through newspaper among masses. Newspapers have educational and informational value.

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It contains different kinds of advertisements, social, historical and political events and issues, moral stories, short stories, religious teachings, articles written on current national and international issues, legal opinions, comments, views, sports events and information.

Apart from that the newspaper also provide us news and information about matrimonial, job vacancies, lost and found, competitive exams test results, admission dates, schedules and book reviews. In addition to that the newspaper also serves us with  jokes and riddles, weather forecasts, horoscopes, cartoons, crosswords and public notices etc.

Importance of Newspaper in our Life

Information and knowledge are needed to every one, it is necessary to remain updated with the issues of the world. Newspapers provide us everything, one who reads it daily possess a lot of information of the occurrences of whole world.

One can decide better keeping in view the situation of world. It is an authentic source of information related to several aspects of life. Newspaper are published and released in different languages, one can find newspapers in national and official languages of the nation. It serves the needs of society.

It offers freedom of expression, one who is oppressed or inflicted with any misery from any one, he or she can voice through newspaper. As newspapers are medium of direct contact between masses and leaders of the state. It is a basic pillar of democracy because it is crying need of the hour.

Advantages of Newspaper

The biggest advantage of newspapers is to candidates who aspire to appear in competitive exams, current affairs is a compulsory subject. Those who read daily newspaper they know current affairs and issues of the world well.

Parents and teachers must inculcate habit of reading newspaper daily in children so that they know the current political, social and religious issues of nation and whole world.

Unemployed people find easy access for applying in different government and non-government sectors because job vacancies are advertised in newspapers. Daily habit of reading newspaper makes man a good reader. One who reads it daily learns good reading and communication skills.


The world is moving fast, it is developing and progressing by leaps and bounds, successful are those who are in touch of technological advancements and latest developments of the world.

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Those who desire to succeed and make a progress must remain up-to-date. Only a daily reader of newspaper live abreast of advances and progress made in the filed of science, education and technology.

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