Essay on Football | Short & Long Essays & Paragraphs on Football

Football is one of the popular sports all around the world including India. I has a wonderful history, rules & regulations, practiced all around the world in different Football matches and Tournaments.

The following essay focuses on football as a favorite game of students with outline, introduction, quotes and conclusion for all class and all level students.

Essay On Football For Children & Students

Football is the international game, it is played, liked and loved in most of the countries of the world. This game originated from England. The rules and laws of football were first set by England. Some believe that it originated from a small village of Italy named as Rugby while other believe it started from China.

The first football club was established in England in 1789. FIFA WORLD CUP is the biggest and most celebrated tournament of football, it is held after every four years.

Importance as the Favorite Game

It relieves stress and is good source of physical exercise. It not only keeps player fit and healthy but teaches values of discipline, leadership and unity. One get a lot of excitement and thrill by playing and watching this game.

It is a game of stamina and potential. When someone start playing this game the extra fat and calories of body are burnt, thus the physical health is improved. One learns team work by playing football.

It is of great importance because it promotes peace and unity among different countries of the world. As it is a global game, when players of different countries play together, they forget enmity and live in peace.

Those who are good players, once they earn recognition they can be selected into international teams of the world. To be good at this sport one need to play in regularly.

When international matches of football are played in any country, it becomes a source of income and increases economy of the nation. It is one of the most watched games of the world, it is watched in around 200 countries of the world, those who play live channels through internet they earn too much.

Essay on Football For Children & Students

Rules of Football; How to Play the Game

It is an outdoor game. There is no involvement of hands, it is played by feet so it is called football. It is a ninety minute game, divided into two halves of 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes there is 15 minutes break. It is played between two teams, each consisting of 11 players. There are two referees in this game. It is played in a rectangular shaped field, divided into two equal parts. There is a goal keeper, except goal keeper no player is allowed to touch hand with ball, if hand is touched penalty is charged on the team.

All players play in the field, players of each team try to score more goals and prevent goals of opposite team. The team which scores more goals wins the game. The players can use head and chest to score a goal or to prevent goal. When the ball kicked by any player goes outside the sideline then it is thrown back into filed by the player of opposing team.

Football is a spherical shaped of 28 inches circumference. If any player commits any foul means touches ball with hand or try to deceive player or in case of misconduct between players the referee gives free kicks and penalties.


Football is the game of stamina and energy. It is the wonderful sport that teaches us a lot of practical lessons to be followed in our life. I love football to a greater extent for this very reason.

Paragraph On Football | Short & Long Paragraphs On Football For Children & Students

Football is very popular game all around the globe. It is favorite game of millions of people around the world. It is played with feet, that’s why it is named as football.

There is a set of rules in this game. It is also called soccer. Football is the national sport of Brazil. This sport originated from Rome. The international counsel of football is called FIFA.

After every years a great event of matches called FIFA world cup is organized. In this mega event many teams of world participate to win the trophy. Football is a compound word, there are two word in it, foot and ball, it is named football because there is only involvement of feet in this game.

Importance of Football Paragraph

The world famous football players are from Spain, Brazil, Africa, America and Argentina. Manchester, Liverpool etc are the world famous teams of football.

There is a big craze of this game, every year many young come forward to play football to make their career. There are uncountable diehard fans of football. They support their teams. Good football players earn good and fame, they get respect in the eyes of people, the famous players of football are favorite players to people.

About 21 football world cup tournament are played till 2018, Brazil is the leading team. Brazil has won five world tournaments of football while Germany and Italy has won four times each.

Both playing and watching football sport is full of excitement and entertainment. In just last ten decades football has earned too much popularity and has become favorite game of millions all around the world.

It is an interesting game, football is called the sport of stamina. It requires more power, stamina and energy. It is very famous outdoor sport among children and youth. Rugby and basketball games are similar to football. The only difference is of rules. This is very beneficial sport. Football requires both physical and mental abilities.

One should be physically and mentally fit to be a football player. A football player is always active and energetic, it keeps man fit and improves cardiovascular system. This game teaches discipline, team work and patience.

How to Play Football Paragraph

A football match is played for 90 minutes only. In between the match means after 45 minutes, the 15 minutes break is given to players to rest.

The football ground is 100 to 130 yards long and 60 to 100 yards wide. At both sides of the football field there is one goal post, by hitting ball in the post the goal is scored. The match is played between two teams, there are eleven players in each team including a goal keeper. Only a goal keeper can touch hands with the ball during the match.

If except the goal keeper any player of team touches the ball during match it is considered foul. In a football match the players try to score more goals to win the match, the team scoring more goals wins the game.

The players kick the ball with their feet to pass the ball and to score the goal. Players are not allowed to touch hands with ball, if they do so penalty is charged on team. Players can use head and chest to kick the ball, they have to be very careful while playing. When a player kicks the ball into opponent’s goal post a goal is rewarded.

There stand a goal keeper in front of each goal post to prevent the ball to enter into goal post to save the goal. A referee who monitors players during match, he judges the goal scored by the players and decides whether it is scored fairly or not.

If both teams doesn’t score even a single goal in 90 minutes them extra 30 minutes are given and finally five attempts of penalty shootouts are given to each team, the team scoring more goals wins the game.


Football is world famous game, there is hardly any country in the world where this game is not played and liked. This game is very good for health, it keeps man fit and fine.

Playing football is an effective way to lose fat, because in this game all body muscles work and by running behind ball continuously help lose extra body weight and fat.

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