Essay on Unemployment, Causes & Impacts, For Students

Unemployment is the real issue of this world today. The following essays & Paragraphs on topic unemployment is written for students with quotes & examples. These essays focus on definition and concept of unemployment, causes, impacts & solution in simple and easy to understand words.

Unemployment Essay, Causes Impacts & Solution with Quotes & Examples For Students

Unemployment is a condition in which educated, talented and skilled do not get job, their skills, talent and education go wasted. In broader sense it is also defined as the situation of the nation where people are compelled to work out of their respective field.

Lack of opportunities in different sectors of the country leads to unemployment. Throughout the world several types of unemployment are found, there is seasonal, open, disguised, technological and structural unemployment in the world.

Carlos Saavedra lamas has said that Unemployment is a great tragedy, the man who goes about hopelessly seeking work in order to earn bread for his children is a living reproach to civilization”.

While James Addams believe that “Of all aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment”. Unemployment is unacceptable from every point of view.It causes the doom of the nations.

Major Causes of Unemployment

Increasing population is the leading cause of unemployment. Government and private sectors collectively can not help afford to provide job facilities to all. As there are some countries which are developing, at this stage it is beyond of their reach to engage all masses at work and provide opportunities to their new generation.

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While the global rapid technological change has also created unemployment, as works are being carried out through machines in most of industrial and agricultural sectors of the world.

Instead of hiring or employing people, machinery is used. Computer technology has reduced manual work thus many who are not efficient in technological skills hardly find work. Causes of Unemployment Essay

Lack of quality education and skills for employment is also a cause of increasing unemployment. Half of the educated people lack computer, management and communication skills so they don’t get jobs in many of the advanced government and private sectors.

Apart from it companies and different sectors can’t afford good package to employees due to rising cost thus many either leave work or start searching any other opportunity cash their talent.

Impacts of Unemployment

Unemployment has become a global issue, it has negatively affected the social fabric, as poverty, political instability, child labor, escalation in crime rate are output of unemployment.

Due to unemployment people can’t meet their financial obligations like food, clothing, shelter etc therefore they become homeless and live below poverty line.

It also make people psychologically ill, they become victim of depression and mental retardation. These problems leads to suicides, assaults, diseases and deaths. It affects the health, life, economy and community of the country. It makes communities demoralized and paralyzed.

How to Control Unemployment

This problem is getting more worse and drastic because highly talented skilled and educated are willing to work on low wages, even they join low category jobs instead of their high educational standard.

There is lack of seriousness, government pays very little attention to resolve this issue. The government must try to establish some cottage industries where skilled people find job and work to earn their bread and butter.

There is need of creating opportunities at government and private sectors for people who are not employed any where. There is acute poverty around here and there. Their capabilities and potentials must be utilized to help meet the demands of the future.  If government will take serious notice to this issue, government can help reduce the level of unemployment.

Government must grant unemployment insurance or financial assistance to unemployed people so that they start their work and earn to feed their empty stomach.

There is need to reform educational system so that new generation get quality education and proper skills to help meet the demands of future. The scientific knowledge and practical information should must be introduced for the better job opportunities in the country and abroad.

Industrial development can also help reduce level unemployment, it will help to improve national income and the living standard of people, rural cottage industries must be developed and handcraft work can also provide work opportunities to unemployed people.

In this way import of foreign goods will go down and exports of goods at international market will not only improve economy of the country but life of the people too.


Unemployment is one of the major issue that the world is facing these days. It can only be properly addressed with the rightful strategies applied by the Government

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