Essay on My Favorite Subjects [ English, Science, Math ] For Students

The subject is one course or domain of study that we like most as compared to others. In schools, different subjects are taught like, English, biology science, Maths, history, and languages like Hindi, urdu, Marathi, etc.

There are various reasons to why I like or why favorite subject is English, Math or science is? We will try to understand in simple words, 10 lines or more sentences, in short & long essays & paragraphs about My favorite subjects, here below.

Essay on My Favorite Subject | My Favorite Subject Essay for Children & Students

When we choose a favorite subject then it helps us to stay focused on the course of our study. It adds meaning to our life and we become committed to learn new things about that subject.

My favorite subject is English because I understand it very easily. Since my childhood, I have a habit to read English newspapers and magazines.

Essay on My Favourite Subject English, Maths & Science


My mother had a habit of talking to me in English and she used to read me stories at night. She also bought many story books for me to enhance my vocabulary.

It is because of her good parenting that I am efficient in my subjects. Today, I can read and speak English fluently.

Why English is My Favorite Subject?

English is my favorite subject because I never have any difficulty with it. Learning English has no doubt improved my learning capability.

It has improved my inner and outer personality as well as my mental growth. There are lots of competitions held in my school which require speaking English like debates and skit competitions.

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I participate in every competition. My English teacher gives five new vocabulary words to whole class to learn at home every day. We have to give test of these words at the beginning of every week. I often use these new vocabulary words when I write or speak with others. I learn new words at the end of each chapter in my class too and then I use them in my essay writing. My vocabulary gets better as I progress with each chapter.

Most of the English books in my course also have pictures illustrating the main plot. These pictures help me to understand the story more easily.

While English is simple to me, some of my friends have great difficulty in understanding some words. They get stuck with some sentences and often give up.

I help these friends too when they get confused like this. An advantage that I have being good in this subject is that I do not have to spend a lot of time on it and I do my homework quickly. I can talk with all people in English with confidence.

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English helped me to grow as an individual and improved my literary skills. Through English, I developed an interest for writing.

I enjoy writing essays and articles. It helps me to use accurate words and sentences. I also love to read fictional stories. They always have a lesson in the end to learn from. These lessons help me in real life and help me to make wise decisions.

It is very important to know and have grip on English language because it is used normally in every field of life. After completing my school education, I want to choose English subject as my major. Learning English is a good step to improve personal and professional status in a society.

Once I get free from my studies, I want to train those students who cannot afford to study and I will help them to learn English. My favorite subject will give me an opportunity to remove illiteracy from society.

I enjoy English and it has also helped me to decide a career path on to becoming a writer or teacher. English is a very simple and interesting language so that is why it is my favorite subject in school.

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Every subject teaches us something new other than just book knowledge which leads to a better perspective in life. For me, English is an easy subject because it improves my reading and writing skills.


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