Essay on Importance of Reading | 10 Lines & More Sentences

The reading is joy, a value and life. The reading is important and the reading leads to success. The books are the treasure of knowledge.

As taken as the hobby, book reading is of pivotal importance. The following Essay & Paragraph are written on topic importance of reading in 100, 150 and 200 words, with quotes, in simple words, is important for children & students.

Essay on Importance of Reading For Children & Students

Books play an important role in our daily life as a teacher,friend and a helper. It is a really good habit that helps us to learn new things.

Importance of Reading Essay

There are few people who are aware of countless advantages of reading and those people make this habit a part of their daily life. There are lots of books available in market, all we have to do is select a book of our interest and read.

Effects of Technology on Reading

Now a days, with the advancement of technology, E-book reading is of great help to all book lovers. Instead of physically carrying a book everywhere, it is very easy for a person to store book in phone or laptop that he carries on daily basis. This has helped a lot of people who love to read even at public places.

Importance of Reading

Importance of reading cannot be neglected. It is the first thing that children are taught when they go to school. It is because of reading that a person improves his understanding, becomes creative, improves his self-esteem and enhances his skills.

When a kid develops a habit of reading, he becomes more focused. Reading some pages of a book on daily basis helps in concentration which helps a person to score well in every field. That is why, a kid who has a habit of reading is smarter and efficient than the kid who does not read.

Now a days, even educated people do not have a habit of reading. Instead of reading, they like to spend their leisure time in unhealthy activities.

They prefer to go out or party rather than spending time to gain knowledge. These things are taking a person away from a successful life. Therefore, it is very important to stay away from all these activities and develop a habit of reading.One should start this habit by choosing the subject he really likes. With time, he will get addicted to reading and this will increase his interest to read more.

Reading helps a person to develop positive approach towards life. A person who likes to read never gets bored of it.

In fact, book reading is a source to defeat loneliness and boredom. It relaxes our mind and soul. There is nothing better than sitting comfortably on chair, sipping coffee and reading a book.

It improves our character and enlightens our mind.It makes our mind active and gives us the strength to handle every situation wisely.

It is also a fundamental part of myself-improvement which helps a person to create a better path towards understanding of issues and decision making.

No doubt, reading helps us to perform well in academic but its benefits are not just limited to academics, in fact,reading also helps a person to gain experience.

When a reader reads any book, he is exposed to various experiences because books are written by different people who share their experiences.

These books contain successes, failures, motivational quotes and advice of those people. By reading these experiences, he gets closer to success because he knows which mistakes to ignore during his struggle. So, he avoids the similar mistakes made by other people along his path. That is when he takes his first step towards a bright future.


One of the best habits that a person can possess is reading. It is a great habit from learning point of view which helps in improvement of speaking and writing skills.

This habit should be developed in children from a young age. It is the duty of every parent to develop this habit in their children from childhood because the benefits of reading are irreplaceable and countless. It is still not late for us to develop this habit too.

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