Essay on My Birthday | Ten Lines & More Sentences For Students

The birthday is the most memorable day in our lives. The birthday of brother, sister, friend, mother or father etc are celebrated in great fun and joy.

I have written short & Long Essay & Paragraph on my birthday, my birthday story, 10 lines, more sentences & few lines how I celebrated my birthday.  This essay in English, in 100 & 200 words is very helpful for children & Students of Ukg kids class 1,2,3,4,5 class primary students

Essay on My Birthday | Ten Lines & More Sentences | Short & Long Essay on My Birthday For Students

Birthdays only come once in a whole year. Everyone waits eagerly for birthday and celebrate it with great joy. It is a very memorable and special day for a person.

It is one of the ways to gather friends and spend some quality time with them. I also wait eagerly for my birthday every year.

Essay on my birthday For Students

My family always pretends that they do not remember my birthday but I know that they secretly plan my birthday party every year to surprise me and make it extra special.

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My Birthday Celebration | How I Celebrated my Birthday?

My birthday falls on 17th of June every year. My family gets more excited for my birthday than me. On my birthday, my parents invite everyone to our house.

Every year, my siblings plan a surprise theme party for me. Last year, it was a Halloween theme party. They all plan this secretly without even giving me any hints.

At 12 o’clock, everyone comes to my room bringing my favorite chocolate cake. I make a wish, blow the candles and then cut the cake. In the evening, everyone gets dressed for the actual party.

My family invites all my friends and teachers too. I welcome everyone and make them sit in my lounge that is beautifully decorated by my siblings.

Everyone is so happy on that day. All my friends and relatives bring gifts for me that are nicely packed in colored wrappers. My siblings pile up all my gifts in one corner and then we get ready to play games.

My father becomes the referee of all games. We play musical chairs, Pictionary, dumb charades and many other fun games.

My dad also calls magicians and joker to add more colors to my party. The magician shows us several tricks. Everyone enjoys so much.

When everyone has finally arrived, my dad brings the cake. He knows that I love chocolate cakes so he always brings delicious chocolate cakes for me.

Everyone sings “happy birthday” as I blow the candles and cut cake. Everyone hugs and wishes me a bright future. My mom prepares delicious meals for everyone.

The guests are served with cake pieces, juices, snacks and sweets. Everyone enjoys the food very much. I also have a lot of fun in eating and chatting with my friends.

As it gets dark, everyone starts to leave. My parents distribute toffees and chocolates among my friends and relatives.

On every birthday, my father has a habit of taking me with him to charity home too. My father has always taught me to remember poor people in our special days.

So, on my every birthday, I go with my dad to charity homes to share sweets and gifts with them. The happiness that I feel after giving them gifts and seeing their smile is an indescribable feeling. It feels very nice when people to whom we distribute gifts, give us blessings.

At night, I open gifts with my siblings. My favorite gift is the teddy bear which was gifted by my mom last year. I sleep with it every night. I am so proud to have such an amazing family in my life who celebrates my birthday with so much excitement.

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I always look forward to my birthday because I feel very special on this day. I am always super excited for my birthday because my family makes this day very special for me.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with such an amazing family who celebrates my birthday in such a grand style. My every birthday is celebrated differently with more amazing ideas. I will always remember and cherish these amazing memories.

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