Essay on Generation Gap | 10 Lines, Short Essay & Speech

We have provided below, long and short essay on generation gap in English for your knowledge. Generation gap is simply a difference among the people of various ages and times. It is the difference between younger and older generation, in terms of ideas, culture, behavior, thinking patterns etc.

Here we have written short & Long essays on topic younger generation, definition, causes, impacts and ways how to end younger generation. After reading this essay you will be able to understand the core meaning and message of generation gap and its impacts. This essay will help all class students including middle, high school and college level students.

What is Generation Gap?

The theory of generation gap dates back to the 1960s.  A growing number of younger generation has been observed questioning and going against a great deal of what their parents believed.

Essay on generation gap

The topics covered included their religious beliefs, political views, moral judgments, relationship advice, as well as the type of music and shows they prefer.

A number of sociologists have studied the differences that exist across generations and observe how generations separate themselves from one another in different situations.

Essay on Generation Gap | Causes & Impacts | How to End Generation Gap

A generation gap is a natural phenomenon. A study on the subject states how one generation is liable to be different from the other.  In a sense, it’s a good thing as it’s how the human species is evolving.

Impacts of Generation Gap on Parent Child Relations:

New ideas and points of view are always welcome. We can evolve at different levels with this. However, many a time, the different views and ideas of two generations, particularly parents and children, can lead to clashes. It has grave impacts more than Lying, trust deficit and relationship stress.

Many strained relationships have resulted from this clash. There are high expectations of parents when it comes to their children. They have an image of their child based on tradition, values, and the way the other kids in their extended family behave.

The problem arises when a child has a bent of mind which is entirely different from theirs.  At this point the conflict begins. But this doesn’t mean they’re always wrong.

As elders, they will certainly provide great guidance to their children and sometimes take the right decision for their kids. It is sad how the generation gap has been a cause of numerous estranged relationships.

How to end Generation Gap?

Parent-child relationships are the most wonderful relationships on earth. It requires love and care. A disagreement in opinion leads to strained relationships, and it makes me sad to see how that is the case.

Many elderly people claim to be better judges and decision makers than the younger generation, although they are often made to feel like the perpetrators. You have to realize that neither is completely wrong nor completely right in what they do.

Different generations define right and wrong differently in this case. Here, acceptance and understanding are needed.

Older people need to realize that the mindset of their children differs from their own. Instead of blindly imposing their rules and ideas on their children, parents and grandparents should pay attention to why their children behave the way they do and why they have an opinion different from their own.

Children, on the other hand, must respect their parents, which requires that parents become friends with them to understand their psyche.

Parents must trust their children and let them know what they think. Children must be open to feedback and understand that their advice isn’t wrong. Only then will they be able to advance in their lives.

It is vital for parents to allow their children the space to make their own decisions rather than micromanaging their every move. However, in order for the younger to respect certain boundaries, parents must also set them.

Parents and children must maintain two-way communication in order to maintain a strong relationship. Both parties should discuss any issues and listen to each other rather than debating against them.


People born in different ages will be different from one another as the world is constantly changing. We must respect one another for our individuality and not impose our beliefs and ideas on one another.

Short Essay on Generation Gap For Students

Individuals born in different ages differ from each other in various ways. The world is changing rapidly, so differences between people born at different times are inevitable. For example, people born before India’s independence are different from those born today.

It is no wonder that there was a gulf between the two generations in the way they viewed and thought. There was a drastic difference in the whole cultural, economic, and social milieu each generation lived in.

There is a generation gap between two generations. Society changes continuously and so do lifestyle, ideologies, opinions, and beliefs of people.  New ideas emerge as a result of this change, breaking down the stereotypes which had been ingrained in the society.

However most of the time it causes conflict between two generations. Generation gaps often hurt parent-child relationships. It has been observed that the young tend to be more independent, while the parents try to impress their values and ideologies on them.

Some relationships have suffered due to generation gap. Many parents and children have clashes due to divergent opinions, which is only natural due to the generation gap.

Paragraph On Generation Gap For Students

In general, the generation gap refers to differences in beliefs and ideas between people from different generations. It is a common phenomenon that has lasted for centuries. Parents, grandparents, and children often differ in their viewpoints regarding the subject.

The generation gap is usually a source of conflict between children and their parents, but it can also be an interesting phenomenon. If not for this gap, the world would have been quite dull. The different generations set their own fashion trends, introduce their own slang, influence the development of science and technology, and come up with new ideas.

There have been many changes in society due to the generation gap, especially in India where the joint family system has been prevalent for centuries. Nuclear families have been introduced in India recently as a result of the generation gap. Oftentimes, people today crave privacy and desire to live their own lives, and the joint family system hinders that. Therefore, many people are opting for nuclear families. As a result of the generation gap, many changes are occurring on various levels in society.

Generating gaps have their own pros and cons, as with most things or concepts on earth. In order to bridge this gap, we need to develop understanding and acceptance.

10 Lines & More Sentences Essay on Generation Gap For Students

  1. People from the older generation often view the younger generation with skepticism. 
  2. There is no connection between them and the younger generation
  3. Their time, they feel, was the best, because youth used to value their elders, and elders used to be more obedient to them than now. 
  4. Many reasons explain why the generation gap is growing day by day
  5. Instead of widening the gap, we should bridge it. 
  6. There are already so many people in it that it seems that they live in separate worlds, without much concern for each other, because it is so wide already 
  7. As elders, we must practice a sympathetic approach toward our younger generations in order to overcome this generation gap 
  8. Youth should also realize that they have no experience in life. 
  9. Therefore, it is important to listen to your elders and what they have to say. 
  10. The generation gap in foreign countries like America and Europe is so great that young and old do not like to even live under the same roof. 
  11. Our young generation needs good values so that they can stay grounded and stay rooted to their roots

Speech On Generation Gap For Students

Dear Students – I hope you enjoyed your summer camp. I am delighted to hear from our students that the summer camp organized by us was thrilling and everyone learned a lot. Now let’s get back to your studies and your classroom!

When asked about my experience as your class teacher, I would say that it was a mixed one for me. The experience was enriching with new activities, new places, and fresh vibes. A certain amount of friction arose between teachers and students, however. I once felt that there was no compatibility element after I moved out with you all from the school boundaries, despite the fact that your class is well known to be higher secondary class and we teachers share great understanding levels with you all.

Consequently, I would like to speak briefly today about the generation gap in advance of the regular class work. I see many students experiencing that gap between them and their teachers, and it’s a very serious issue. We understand your age and what you may like or dislike as students. But maybe you students could consider adapting yourself to your elders around you and not the other way around.

I guess not! In situations in which people of different ages come together, there is a natural generation gap that arises. As a result, it is essential to respect an age difference and eventually a generation gap. As long as two people are trying to understand each other’s thinking processes and ways of looking at things, they may learn something from each other in the end.

There are things that are good and bad from the past, as well as things that are modern and worth embracing. You need to be able to distinguish between what is worthy of embracing and what isn’t.

It is impossible to escape the generation gap, as you will always encounter people of different ages and beliefs wherever you go. There is no difference between the generations, only a conflict of opinions. Young and old frequently engage in conflicts of thoughts. Based on their experiences, experienced or what you might refer to as old people gain a more wise perspective of life that today’s generation finds outdated.

Instead, today’s younger generation, with no such experience of life, acts impulsively and follows their instincts rather than their judgment or discretion. Consider the case of a family traveling by car. The young son will drive faster since it will give him excitement. However, a parent or grandfather would likely drive at a slower speed due to their concern about any mishaps they might encounter.

There will always be a difference in thinking between people of different generations. Families and institutions where young and old people live together demonstrate this difference. Being amiable, patient, and receptive to others around you is the best way to handle such an issue. Elderly people are mature and often adaptable, able to mold themselves to the needs of younger generations. I believe that when you grow up to be adults, you will observe a change in your attitudes. You will respect your elders’ views and probably start looking at things differently.

You should try to adjust yourself in every circumstance – it’s the marker of a great personality.

Thank You!

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