Essay on Lying | Effects of Lying on our Life

A lie is a statement made by someone that is false and that the person making it knows is false, especially with the intention to deceive others. In common understanding, a lie is, therefore, an intentional untruth or concealment of the truth, told in order to damage another’s reputation or evoke certain feelings from others.

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Essay on Lying | Effects & how to get rid of Lying Essay

Lying is the act of saying something that you know not to be true or that can be shown to be untrue by credible evidence. It is also making a statement that the person knows will be misleading. When an individual puts their self in a position where they are asking for help, knowing full well what the outcome could bring about, could lead to lying with the intention of protecting one’s self.

This is an integral part of any defense and can be very beneficial depending on how it is used and what evidence there is against the individual. Lying in a legal setting has many different consequences, some more harmful than others; however, none are without consequence.

Importance of Speaking truth in Life

People should speak truth to each other, but lying is not always bad. We all tell small lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to make things easier, and we expect that other people will do the same. It’s a fire that causes great harm in life. Lying becomes a problem when it is frequent or prolonged enough for a person to be thought of as a liar. People might tell little white lies to avoid difficult situations, but generally speaking, telling the truth is preferable. If you are tempted to lie think about what effect it will have on other people and whether it is really necessary.

why people tell lie?

People tell lies for many different reasons. Some common reasons are to avoid getting in trouble, cover up an embarrassing situation, or to cover up the fact that one is lying. Even though covering up a lie can be done easily by just telling the truth, people often try to cover up the lie with another lie. This seems like an easy solution, but it gets very complicated and can get the person in a lot of trouble. Because of this, people often try to cover up lies with yet another lie.

Effects of Lying in Personal & Professional Life:

Lying can have a negative affect on both personal and professional life. Lying is the by product of jealousy, anger and resentment. For example, if an individual is attempting to buy a house or car from someone, they may be mislead or tricked into buying something that they do not want or cannot afford because the seller told them what they wanted to hear. On the other hand, lying in a professional setting can cost someone their job. For example, an individual might lie about having experience in order to get a job where they are required to have the experience. If the employer finds out that the individual lied on their resume, they may get fired because of it.

Why truth is good than lie?

The truth has been said to be the most valuable commodity in the world. When people tell others about events that have taken place, they are sharing their version of the truth with those who listen. In order for the listener to fully understand what is being told, they must believe that what they are being told is indeed true. If it can be proven that what was said is not true, the listener must then disregard the information as false. This can lead to communication problems within relationships and society as a whole.

Ways to Get Rid of Lying 

Many people struggle with lying, even if it is for seemingly good reasons. The truth however demands sacrifice, wisdom and sagacity. The best way to break the habit of lying is to practice telling the truth. While this does not mean that they need to go out and tell everyone they meet about their problems or secrets, they should remain truthful in the comfort of their own home. Practicing daily and telling the truth to those closest to them is a great step towards honesty and will help immensely when it comes time to tell someone larger truths.


Lying is a normal and very prevalent thing in society. Almost everyone has told at least one lie and many people tell several every day. While the consequences of lying can be quite severe depending on the person, those who find themselves often telling lies only hurt themselves more than anyone else with their fabricated words.  By speaking truth to others and practicing the same speech with those closest to you, one can rid themselves of their lying problem and become a truthful person.

Truth is good than lie because truth has many benefits like help us to save money , time , energy etc . It has the long term rewards.  But lie does not have any beneficial point in our life. There are some disadvantages for lies like it increases mental pressure and causes great unease in life.


Is Lying Ok sometimes?

Is it okay to lie sometimes? That is a question that most people ask themselves at some point in there life. Is it always better to tell the truth no matter what, or should you be able to lie when needed? There are several reasons why telling a lie can be beneficial and they all depend on the reason behind the lie and how good the lie is.

Many people wonder if it is okay to lie sometimes for personal reasons, so they can keep themselves out of trouble. This is often referred to as a white lie because it usually doesn’t hurt anyone, but instead help someone else save face or feel better about themselves.

Why people tell lie to their parents?

Some people are only children. So, they want to make their parents happy. They tell lie to their parents so that the parents would not feel sad or angry at them . Some of them have already lost their father or mother. So , they do not want their other parent to lose him/her too .

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