Thank You Speeches For Farewell [ 4 Best Written Samples Speeches ]

We often have to say good-bye to some of our co-workers… but composing ourselves and delivering the right speech isn’t always easy. Particularly when you are being recognized for your contributions to the organization by arranging a farewell party, you find yourself short of words. You need to say something truly meaningful beyond the standard “thank you for everything”.

You should thank your coworker or friend for the support and co-operation they have shown during their relationship with you with a heartfelt speech.

Thank You Speech For Friend, Colleague, Function, Party or Event Thank You Speeches For Farewell

In examinations, students are sometimes required to come up with a speech on that topic. Therefore, we have written these sample speeches to help students further in studies

You can choose from four (4) thank you speeches for farewell.

1. Thank You Speech For Farewell

My last day has finally arrived, when I’m standing before all of you to deliver my final speech.

At the time I was preparing myself for this day, I had a lot of imaginary speeches prepared about my experience, my learning, my relationship with my bosses and coworkers, time spent in canteen, cafeteria, etc.

As the actual moment has arrived, I can think of only two words, i.e., ‘Thank You’ I can’t tell you how great my last 15 years here at ABC Company have been. I began my career here as a fresher after completing my MBA and worked as an HR executive. After several years, I was promoted to HR Manager and I learned several aspects of the HR Department.

It was my leader Ms. X who spurred me on and helped me achieve this point. Several others have assisted me in shaping my career in a successful way. Thanks to them all specifically my manager, Ms. X, for disciplining me to improve my skills when I did stupid things, motivating me when I felt disheartened and for everything she has done till now for me.

ABC Co. has also offered me some wonderful benefits including my friends/coworkers who always gave me tough competition and an inspiration to succeed. The technology team has also provided with great support from the backend. I have troubled them several times by asking for complicated and intricate details at odd hours. Despite that, they always provided me with that. Thank you, you guys have contributed greatly to my success so far.

You have appreciated my suggestions for employee engagement programs, as well as arranging for the logistics to make them materialize. Thanks to the administration team as well for their help throughout. Particularly the transport team needs my gratitude for all the work they have done for me and everyone in the organization. There have been times when I’ve had to push due to urgent deliverables and they’ve relieved me by arranging taxis.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff at the canteen and cafeteria who provided me with fantastic treats. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and I am excited to use what has been imparted to me to enhance my future endeavors. I will definitely miss the time spent here and will utilize what I have learned from it for a lifetime.

Thank you all

2. Thank You Speech For Farewell to Colleague

Respected board of directors and dear colleagues,The fact that today is my last day at this company is clear to everyone, as I’m moving overseas for graduate studies in the U.K. The decision to leave behind my prestigious job and undergo a great learning opportunity in a foreign land may sound cliché, but in reality I regret making the decision.

My decision to take this step forward required careful thought and planning. However, it had to be taken.It gives me great pleasure and a sense of achievement that I have worked for the company for the last 6 years, and I have developed a bond with my co-workers in these years. This Company employees are my second family as I have grown up with them and have experienced both good as well as bad times.

Therefore, let me take the opportunity to thank you all for being the best co-employees and friends I have ever known. I will never forget each one of you for giving me your help and support whenever I needed it. Competition has always been an important factor, but never did we employ unfair means to attain success. We all worked in tandem with our co-workers and paid due regard for each other.

So I want to give you my best wishes on the last day of my employment by urging you to keep up your team spirit and dedicate yourself to helping this company thrive even in these challenging economic times. In addition, I would like to thank my company for providing me with a wealth of learning opportunities that made me a confident and well-rounded person.

My confidence grew since my seniors and team members helped me succeed. However, I became unsettled at first with the additional responsibilities and challenges, but with their support, I achieved my goals and succeeded. If I were not given the job of an Assistant Manager in sales, I may not have reached my full potential. My confidence level increased and of course I learned how to communicate well with clients.

I developed patience and problem solving skills as a result of my job. Furthermore, I learned how to assess my clients’ needs and negotiate with them on their terms, while also benefiting our company at the same time. In my personal life, I will be in dire need of these skills as well.  In the future, when I am leaving my current position, I would like you to remember me for all the good times we’ve had together and forgive me for any wrongdoings.

Additionally, I would like to express my good wishes for the company and sincerely hope to see more exciting and interesting projects in the future, where you can further develop your skills and knowledge. Your friendship and support are much appreciated!

3. Thank You Speech For Farewell in Office

Hello everyone,

I wish everyone a very warm good evening. Hope you’re all doing well! The entire three years’ journey flashed back in those three minutes while going through the passage from my seat to entering this room. Tears, smiles, goosebumps, everything rose up at once in those moments. Each and every special moment that I experienced, from interviewing to joining through appraisal to promotion, touched me and stuck within me to stay with me forever.

My colleagues, management, and everyone here sincerely thank you for sharing your experience with me and expressing such kind wishes and good wishes for my future.It was wonderful to have every member of the management team supporting me in the decisions, initiatives or actions I took. I appreciate you for always being there for me, and for putting your all into realizing my dreams. My incredible journey of working in this awesome company has enabled me to discover and boost my strengths.

This company has made me a better person, and it’s enabled me to grow more financially.My thanks go to the one who constantly focuses on grooming me in these three years. Yes sir, you are my boss, my mentor, my inspiration, and my first support. I am grateful to you for believing in my decisions and trusting me. Each word you have said has made me take a step forward.

According to many surveys, 60%-70% of employees leave because of the boss. But I set aside that statement after having had the wonderful, incredible experience that I have had through working with you. Ma’am, I am who I am today because of the support and leadership you have provided. Regardless, I am still short of words for each of you to express my emotion. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to share my journey, experience, and happiness with the company.

It is terribly sad to leave this company, but life goes on! Although I do regret leaving such a wonderful company, I know it was  all of you who saw me grow and progress in life. Forgive me for the shortcomings I have had, and remember my good deeds. There are great heights to be attained, and many platforms is our company has to reach. I wish the company all the best for the future. You will be missed! My life has been enriched by this experience and I am extremely grateful.

Good Bye! Stay Blessed

4. Thank You Speech For Farewell Party at Function, Work or Party

It’s my last time on this dais, thank you very much. That in itself makes me sad. It is finally the time to say goodbye my friends. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. While we may not have worked so closely together but, that being said the instance of passing the smile of greeting while passing each other’s desk has been our greatest moment. There is no hope that I can replicate the fun and enjoyment we all shared while working.

The thought of starting a new journey tomorrow is, at the same time, a complete stoppage of my current journey. I am lack of words to adequately express how I feel today. This has been one of the most roller coaster days of my life.

I appreciate your farewell, and I look forward to seeing you all in the future. However, the thought of leaving you is still a bit alien to me. Even though today; I feel complete as I stand here and that I am not alone in the pain of saying good bye. Yet, I may not be able to deny the fact that I have everything I need to make my stint truly memorable.

I am thankful to my boss for inspiring me each second. He believes in me and gives me the motivation to succeed. You have been consistent with your commitment to ensuring my skill development and as a result I am prepared to explore a new field and develop myself for future growth. You have made me a better person through your inspirational words, and your words have changed my life forever. However, without your support and oversight things would have been impossibly difficult because of my team and management.

Your mentor ship enabled me to become the professional entity I am today. Thank you, I am obliged to be under your guidance. I hope to be at least 2% of what you are. Dear Management, I’m extremely grateful for this deeply fruitful journey. Even though I’m no longer employed tomorrow, I’m still standing strong by the side of the company whenever I’m needed. Thanks to Director Sir, GM Sir, and CEO Sir for their guidance and support throughout my tenure. I will always return the gesture received during my tenure here.

I want to thank my dear team; you are a perfect blend of different personalities that make a great team. I am proud of the work that you did for my team. Stay focused and do well; you have many new milestones coming soon. Stay ready and do well. Anyway, I want to let you all know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all in the office. I will miss working here and thank you for everything you have done for me.

Thank you for such a beautiful farewell. I am humbled by seeing so much love.

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