Essay on Book Reading – Value & Importance For Students

Book reading is very important. It is in fact a meaningful and most valuable activity one should do. The books are the best friends. Books are the treasure house of knowledge and wisdom. It is therefore, very imperative, for young old, for children & students, to read books and enhance knowledge. Read following short & long essay on topic Essay on Book reading, value and importance of book reading with quotes & images for Ukg children & students.

Essay on Book Reading | Value & Importance of Book Reading, Books are best Friends – Short & Long Essay For Students


Book reading is very good habit. It has very positive effects on person. Book reading plays a major role in developing of personality. It build’s one character.

Essay on Book Reading for students

Book reading is one of the best hobbies of the world. It has wide importance and a lot of benefits in one’s life. It takes you to another world. Book reading is the best investment of time. They are the treasure house of knowledge and wisdom. One can enjoy a lot by reading books of his interest. Books are best way to gain valuable knowledge.

Importance & Advantages of Book Reading

Book reading is has a lot of benefits. It enhances our knowledge and we can get massive knowledge just by reading a book. It plays a major role in improving language skills.

One can learn new words by reading books. It also makes you write well.  We read about different personalities and stories of their valor and strength in books.

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These stories motivate us to do best in our lives. We learn a lot from lives of these wit people who have served humanity by their sound abilities. The biographies of great ones make us to work hard and keep working till achievement of success. Books take you to new world. We can read about different people and different places in books. It gives us glimpse of different places of world. One has rightly said

[su_quote]“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel with out moving your feet.”[/su_quote]

Books give you right direction to lead your life. We read about different philosophies about life and this gives us better understanding of life. We start to comprehend life and it purpose. Books are the best motivator of life and best assistant for life. They tell you that lives of all the great ones were full of troubles and tribulations.

It is important face all the problems manfully and does not lose hope. One can also know about his interest by reading books. This makes us to choose the career which is according to our deposition and aptitude.

Books are the Best Friends & Best Investment of Time

Book reading is the best investment of time in all ways. There are books for all age groups. One can read stories, biographies, novels, philosophies, religious books etc. we can read books according to our interest.

One can read historical books and can easily know about the lives of ancient people and their ways of living. Books take you every corner of world as we can read the books of different writers from different areas. It gives us chance to know about thoughts of people of different areas.

We can travel of different corners of world. Books widen our imaginations by reading about diverse topics. It enables us to think beyond the limits. Books help us to build our character and lead our life in a better way.

Books are permanent companions. Knowledge we get through books help us in many ways. Books are source of solace for all the people and they find themselves very comfortable in company of books. It makes them forget their worries and engross in the words of writer. Above all, book reading hobby is indeed on of the finest investment of time


Book reading has major influence on the thoughts of man. Thus, it is very important to choose good books for reading. We should choose books that enhance our knowledge and give our life a better direction. It is very important to develop the habit of book reading.

Children should be encouraged by their teachers and parents for reading books. Government should build libraries to develop the interest of people towards books by providing them valuable books. Book reading can change the life of people in positive way.

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